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Feb 8, 2006
In the mountains
Greetings trip report readers. We've decided to begin a new section of the forum, inspired by the implementation of the new searching/tagging system, where we feature some of our most prolific and well-spoken report authors. I'll start with a few good ones and this first post will serve to keep an alphabetically-sorted list of names with links. The links are set up such that it will always return all reports written by each user, even when they submit new ones. This way, people who really consistently write valuable reports can be more easily found and featured, and people who like reading trip reports may gain access to new ones you've never seen. :)

Please feel free to post in this thread and make suggestions for additions!

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Shadowmeister, you should link to your own reports here. No need for false modesty - if it weren't for your reports (and MGS's) I would never have joined Bluelight.

Blue Dolphin also has some good reports, if I remember correctly.
I will but want to wait til I change my name back. Well, whatever I'll just have to remember to change it back when I do.

Good call on Blouedolphin. And MGS
Question: when you click on my link up above, do you get threads started by me that are not in Trip Reports or the archive? Or is it limited to TR and its subforums? I am getting all threads in all forums and it's not supposed to do that, but it might be because I'm a senior mod.
Yeah, it brings up all posts, not just TR forum posts. I meant to mention that
Man I've followed the docu for vBulletin exactly, it shouldn't be doing that. Bummer. Well, we're going to be moving forum software sometime soon and everything should work better.
Man I've followed the docu for vBulletin exactly, it shouldn't be doing that. Bummer.

The documentation is wrong and/or out of date, "forumchoice" was changed to "include" at some point during a beta test but I can't remember for which version (maybe when 3.0.x or 3.5.x series came out) you specify forums via include like so:


Also you'll want to use "exactname=1" to limit this to just the users you want to include otherwise it'll include every similar name in the search results.

Edit: Well now it's attempting to limit the forums but still pulling results from all of them. Not sure if this is because of the cache or one of the settings. Might have to poke around search.php to see what the issue is. I ran into this problem years ago myself and remember spending a lot of time working on getting it right. There is some undocumented behavior in the search engine. If I remember how I fixed it I'll reply again.

Edit: I just noticed we aren't running standard search here. There seem to be some modifications installed or the search engine underwent major changes after the 3.x.x series (I don't know how 4.x.x works). Something is probably overwriting the default behavior or it was broken by the dev team that took over the later releases. You might have to code around that to force this to work like you want.
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Hmm, thanks. It's weird because if you manually go to advanced search and select forum(s), it does limit the result to just those forums.

We're upgrading to Xenforo "soon", which I suspect will work better. I've got no access to the Bluelight code but I can ask about this.

ORs don't seem to work as expected either.