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Harm Reduction TripSit.Me is looking for help expanding the combo chart!


Oct 25, 2022
Hey there!

I'm utaninja, also known as "uta" or "ninja," representing TripSit.Me (https://tripsit.me/), a platform dedicated to offering essential information on substance combinations for safety and awareness. We're expanding our TripSit Combination Chart at https://combo.tripsit.me and reaching out to the Bluelight community for help for Tripsit Combination Addition Project.

Our goals are twofold:
1. Update the "official" chart with four new drugs: DPH, Mephedrone, Pregabalin, and Lithium.
2. Develop a dynamic chart option that generates custom charts with specific substances upon request.
In the long term, we aim to allow users to report new interactions, creating an extensive database and adding them to the dynamic chart.

Tasks to be accomplished, as outlined on GitHub, include:
- Adding DPH, Mephedrone, Pregabalin, and Lithium to the combo chart
- Cleaning up code
- Developing website interface
- Updating Combo chart generator
- Converting from JavaScript to Typescript
- Database/architecture work
- Implementing Dynamic custom chart

We're seeking assistance from individuals interested in various tasks, from researching drug interactions to data collection and code architecture. Contributing is straightforward!

For more details and coordination, please check the following links:
* Primary coordination document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_n65NibeMNNMBahocEjLe-630hwpSlibbZgDQeDf7Y4/edit?usp=sharing
* TripSit's discord: https://discord.gg/tripsit
* Discord channel for combo chart discussions: https://discord.com/channels/179641883222474752/1168216953924624464
* GitHub repository: https://github.com/TripSit/drugs

Feel free to join the Discord (and other platforms) for project updates! And if you know anyone that might be interested to help, or have any suggestions for people/organizations/other to reach out to, then we’d love to hear it! Truly feel free to give any input that you have :)