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Using? Depressed? Jesus can help


Mar 7, 2023
South Carolina
I was wondering how to get through to a friend of mine. The dude has a few things going for him, and he works a lot...but so much of what has achieved has been the result of catching a lot of lucky bounces. Some people just seem so arrogant and there is no way to reach them.

So I was thinking to myself, "Man, homeless people are better listeners than the educated. Poor people are more humble than the mighty? Rich people have less manners than drug people." Why are so people so tough to reach? Not sure where to find an answer, I asked Jesus, "What's up with successful people?"

But Jesus has been talking about this for thousands of years! He preferred to hang out with drunks and beggars, gamblers, trashy people.


They don't have to be broken down, because they're already broken down. They don't have to be humbled. Jesus preferred to hang out with and associate with party people and street people. Maybe they were easier to reach?

Whatever you're going through, it doesn't matter to Jesus. He will work with anyone.
Yeah the question is why does He hang out with these people..?

Because he wants to save them?

Or because he relates to them?

Their humanity?
Yeah the question is why does He hang out with these people..?

Because he wants to save them?

Or because he relates to them?

Their humanity?

Thank you for being persistent. I actually don't know the answer to this.

I ....just think that it's the easiest to talk to people who are down on their luck. Can you imagine speaking up to like Elon Musk or someone? They would just nod and smile along with what you're saying, but I would bet he's just waiting for his turn to talk.

I'd rather chat with the rabble. I like blue collar people. Maybe a fair question is, who would you rather ...hang out with? I guess.

I feel like Jesus spent little enough time in places like Universities, or arguing with the (very Roman) govt., or even socializing with his family.

He was documented, at great expense to his followers, that the things he liked doing was hanging out with his fisherman buddies (FACT!), and goofing off in an alley with people that all of the sparkly people of society called losers. That's what we know. I was going to say that he liked preaching to ...groups of peasants out by the lakes and things, but he seems not to have actually liked his job. He spared no energy to complain to his friends that all of his fans didn't understand his work!

Our Prince the Lord Jesus was very emo. And didn't really bottle it up. I'm prepared to believe we know exactly what he was thinking, even if we...perhaps don't get him either. Maybe it's about empathy?


No one understands my art!
Ahhh... the ol' Jesus paradox; try to do the right thing and get killed for the effort(s).
Maybe it's about empathy
Can relate... it almost got me 6 feet under and had no idea what was going on.
Made a thread about Toxic Empathy and it went sideways as a MF so deleted it.
Therapist assured me it "was a thing" and she guided me to a more healthy way to deal with it before being promoted and taken from me.
Still... the selfishness of our societies are quite bothering to me but I find comfort in that we will go through another mass extinction and the roads made straight again.
I need help jesus who do I talk to?
I mean ya gave me a great therapist but she gone now....
Is it gordonliddy by chance?