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Cocaine using electronic cigarettes to smoke cocaine HCL


Feb 26, 2010
can you put coke HCL into an electronic cigarette and smoke the coke?

Correct me if wrong pls: smoking coke is a waste b/c it burns at around the same temp that it vaporizes, unlike crack/coke freebase, which has a large diff in temps between its vapor and burning points--thus smoking crack with a lighter is feasible. SO, there are electronic cigarettes that heat a solution of PEG and nicotine until it vaporizes. These gadgets have cartridges that contain the solution and when empty, they can be re-filled with more solution sold in bottles.
The type I am referring to is a bottle the size of a "Visine" bottle. You squeeze a couple of drops out of the bottle and into a hole on one end of the cartridge, allow it to absorb (like when refilling a Zippo lighter), screw back into the heating element of the fake cigg and you're ready to go.

SO, what do yall think about: mixing cocaine HCL into the solution, re-filling cartridge with laced solution and then smoke fake cigg as usual?
Would it work?
Has anyone tried this?
How hot do these e-ciggs get...would they just vaporize the coke or burn it?

I know you won't be able to get rocked from this, but if you could get 1-2 good hits and be able to do so in open, in public, even on an airplane, then it would be worth the effort IMO

Thoughts, experience, comments?
Have done it, many times. Maybe it's not efficient, but I can definitely tell when I'm coked out. Feels more like IV coke than smoking crack.
Make a solution like you're prepping a shot, and put it into the part that absorbs the tar oil. I've also made heroin solutions and "speed balls" for smoking by combining them both.
EDIT: didnt see you wanted to smoke it in public. Don't forget heated cocaine has a very distinct smell, even when using an e-cig
Could you not just use an incense burner? or would that just leave goop in it and dirty up/ruin the pipe? I've never done H, so sorry if I seem dumb about it.
What is an insence burner? Are you talking about an "oil burner" AKA meth bulb?

And to "F33lg00d",
By pg2 are you refering to vapor temp of PEG? Or how hot the e-cigg gets?
^ They were referring to the e-cigg temp.

"The temperature of the heating element in each e-cigarette was determined by inserting a thermocouple and then activating the e-cigarette by drawing air through it. These temperatures ranged from 40 to 65°C." [source]
Correct me if wrong pls: smoking coke is a waste b/c it burns at around the same temp that it vaporizes
Right. So either the e-cig will get that hot, and you'll waste most of the coke, or it won't get that hot, and the solvent will evaporate and leave the coke behind, and you'll waste all of it. You could probably do it with freebase, though. Being coked up on a plane sounds awful imo.
why? i'd whip that shit right out on that tray that flips down for food. break open my sack, cut some lines, and boom baby! get ready for the time of your life! put on some loud music and just talk the FUCK out of the person next to you. if you are successful, then you will be dealt with by the air marshal. he will probably search you, and that's when you have to stick your stash up your ass. trust me, none of the good stuff will get harmed...when you land and are in the clear, pop a squat, push and voila!
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Things have changed in the last 3 years.

Now they have atomizers for dry herb and wax that burn the stuff, not just vape. It really does turn into an electric pipe but far more sophisticated.

I have picked out the yocan exgo w3 wax atomizer with nero technology . It has no wick or coils. It heats a foil that covers the bottom of the boil up to 1300 degrees in 1 second.

Then I decided on the itaste mvp 2.0 which has variable voltage and wattage. It lasts forever and can even charge your cell phone to boot.

As for the smell, I have decided to use either the zig zag smoke aroma e juice or a chocolate kind and claim its an e cig when I am out and about.
Hey, i know this is a really old thread but i just stumbled onto it and was curious as to the outcome ?
Has anyone thought of dissolving it in alcohol as u do with weed to make oil, would this even work or will i be throwing a couple of hundred ££ away ?
Wow you could've easily read this thread..... Yes it works, but probably inefficient. I would assume the heat would freebase the coke before vaporizing it as one does when heating the dmt-acetate jimjam (full spectrum mix) to get freebase jungle DMT outlined in the Q21Q21 Non toxic foodsafe DMT extraction tek.

I'll add there are many hash oil cartridges dissolved in things like pg or packed pure. Look up the pure gold hash oil company or bloom farms for a good choice. I'm assuming they use the drip cartridges as most hold hash/hash solution in a tank suspended above the coil with something to prevent it all from spilling in and instead dripping onto the heating coil. For straight hash be it solid or oil can be dropped directly onto a coil (preferable wrapped around ceramic not wick) while if you want to use s juice tank you'll need to dissolve the hash into a juice solution although very viscous hash will work in these carts it is not recommended as it can easily clog and run into complications unless you know what you're doing. If you try to mix hash into a solution it will take at least a couple weeks to evenly mix with a lot of shaking and agitating maybe a little heat as well to mix it up.