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Opioids Utilising Kratom for Opiate Withdrawal

I think that once you stop the kratom your w/d will be very mild. I did something similar but with bupe and tramadol. Both tramadol and kratom are much weaker than bupe/methadone. I had a really hard time getting off the bupe from a small dose. But after being on tramadol for 3 weeks I barely had any w/d symptoms. They really were nothing compared to previous w/d. I was really surprised how well this stepping down method worked and how painless it was.
BollWeevil, how bad were the kratom withdrawals ?

How much time did you stay on kratom ?


The kratom withdrawals were pretty much imperceptible and that was after a month straight on it, maybe a little more. Maybe a slight agitation or restlessness was present, but it was nothing that I identified as a withdrawal.

If you're using tinctures or extracts, that's another ball game that I'm not familiar with. What I was using was premium Bali micronized kratom leaf, about 6-7 grams per dose (12 "00" caps or so) at the highest point...
After reading through this thread, all I can say is congratulations on your taper. You're doing fantastic and you are truly a success story. Great work, man.
You were smart to get down to 5 mgs before starting the process, congrats on getting this far!Do you think kratom would have assisted had your dose been significantly higher?

I really wish I had heard of this Kratom 35 days ago when I stopped my daily ingestion of 35 mgs of m'done and supplemental bags. Every 7th day I required a down day with H to give myself "strength" for the next week. I'd get a full night of sleep, eat very well, and get a much needed physical and psychological break from the pain, congestion, dysphoria etc. Unfortunately I fear that this is extending my WD experience.

At this point, I don't need another "day off" with a strong opiate and am interested in very low doses of Kratom. My worst WD symptoms have (finally) alleviated but my sleep is totally fucked and I still get cravings. I'm curious to anyone who has experience *Would this be a poor choice relatively late in the WD process?* Specifically, will this lengthen the WD experience? Would you have considered it an unnecessary risk for new addiction?
Venus, Kratom would probably help you with sleep and cravings at this stage. Your tolerance is probably not to high if you're not taking daily.

However, you shouldn't dose it round the clock since it is still an opiate (although a partial agonist). It is certainly better than scoring dope though.

I totally understand your situation - I am 100% sure I would have done the same if I didn't have Kratom. I just can't stand the endless methadone withdrawals.
coming off opiates, kratom helpful?

has anyone here ever tried utilizing Kratom to help with withdrawal symptoms from opiates? I haven't researched people's general opinion of Kratom on these boards...for me its sort of, kind of, in an absolute pinch OK...but right now I'm considering anything that will help me through.
I swear by it. IMO, it is the perfect intermediate between actual opiates/ opioids and being sober. It's like the coffee of the opiates. It can be mildly addicting if you use for really long periods of time or try the tinctures/ extracts (which I very much dislike), but otherwise, addiction really shouldn't be an issue. I recommend using premium powdered/micronized kratom leaf (Bali is my personal standard: Cheap and effective!), and using gel gaps to get it down nice and easy, seeing as you need a few grams of the stuff to be effective. Some people make teas and drinks which kick in quicker, but I find the taste to be absolutely horrible. Also, don't try to mix into liquid if you don't have an electric mixer because the kratom will not want to blend with the liquid at all. Do one of these methods, though, and you will almost certainly be relieved to a pretty significant degree from any withdrawals you are having.

There's another thread around herer discussing the best ways to come off opiates, but since this one is specifically directed at this method, I'll leave it open for discussion to hopefully ensue...
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kratom can be a great tool for getting off opiates, it's like weening yourself off them..
opiates -> kratom -> clean %)

(if it was only that easy tho).. there will still be some uncomfortableness but the kratom will help minimize w/d's.

Kratom is a miracle plant IMO. Helps TREMENDOUSLY with WD's. As previous posters mentioned, it's a wonder plant that can be used to help get you clean from opies.

The strength varies greatly based on what kind you buy. It can be a bit overwhelming when seeing all the different plants and vendors out there, but once you get into it a bit, you can spot the similarites between vendors. It's usually similar stuff with different names.

A good, plain leaf bali powdered blend will help a lot with the lethergy, sleeplessness, the shits, and more when coming off the ops. There are more benefits with using extracts, a popular one being UEI (ultra enhanced indo) but that stuff can be VERY addicting. I know first hand. Best to stick with the regular blends. If you get into extracts (like UEI), and even for the plan leaf powders, it's great to have a scale. Lot's of vendors sell cheap, $20 scales, and they are AWESOME and IMO essential to measure out a proper dose. That way you can keep better tabs on what you're taking, and take similar amounts. If you really truly want to get clean, a scale helps keep you on a detailed and planned taper...

Hecka long post, haha. But yeah, kratom ROCKS.
Kratom's great for opiate w/d. If you don't have a large habit, good kratom makes withdrawal a lot easier - before using subs, I maintained with a combination of Kratom and Kava root, and it worked well (although my tolerance eventually got way too high). Be careful on your sources, though; there's a lot of variance in kratom's strength, depending on crop, vendor, etc. Avoid headshops, especially.

I would also suggest using capsules. A lot of people seem to think this reduces potency, but packing the caps somewhat loosely and taking them with a hot drink helps - at least for me. There is no way you're gonna be able to keep it down in withdrawal in tea form, anyway - that stuff's unbelievably nasty. o_O
I think it really depends on what your habit is like. In my experience, kratom is NOT helpful in the least during w/d. It may have been useful about a year ago, but now that my tolerance is much higher kratom just makes my stomach hurt. I'd like to ask what your tolerance is like and what you are used to using on a day to day basis.

The good things about it (if your habit isn't too large) is that it isn't that expensive, it 'can' rid you of the worst of symptoms, take a LITTLE of the edge off, it's legal.

The bad: it tastes nasty, can make your stomach ache a million times worse, doesn't work well if you have a moderate to high opiate tolerance.

It's never had that effect on my stomach. It does taste like hot B-Hole though...I don't taste much myself. I'll do the ol' toss n wash. Take a mouthful of the juice of your choice, drop spoonful of kratom into juice puddle in your mouth, and then just chase more with the juice. I don't taste but a hint of the yucky stuff.

I dunno. I have a buddy who has taken the UEI (expensive, STRONG stuff) even after H binges, and he said it helped keep the serious WD's at bay. I'd say that I have a moderate to high opiate tolerance, and the UEI kratom has saved my ass tons of times...
Something worth being said: You can do too much kratom, just like any other opiate. I learned this the hard way when I was trying to wean myself off oxycontins. I approximated given my tolerance and did wayyy too much. To this day, 2 years later, I can't even think about kratom without feeling really queasy D:.
I've had that happen before...

But it's weird. Usually Kratom has sort of a "ceiling" for me. Take UEI for instance. I can take 2 grams at a time, and feel great...Sometimes days where I take 6 - 8 grams, real nice. But it seems to be that if I take more, it doesn't do anything for me.

I've had days where I've taken (hold your breath) about 20 grams, and it didn't do as much for me as a day where I took 6.

Weird little plant kratom...
^ Dear god, I'd be dead, lmao.

I don't really remember, but the night I overdid it with Kratom, I think I was doing caps of GHB as well. I don't really remember the night, I passed out at one point. The only strong memory I have of the night is telling the cab to pull over so I could vomit, on the way home during the sunrise.

Awful night, but there's a strange bit of pleasant nostalgia with the memory.
kratom works "OKAY" But the only thing that kinda makes its not very useful is the fact that the effects from it only last about 1hour