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Welcome to the 'Bluelight Images' forum


Director of Site Operations
Feb 22, 2000
Getting to the point ...
Hello everyone! This is an open call to our vast membership to find those with some skills when it comes to graphic images. As a site, we have always relied on volunteers, and this effort was picked up early in 2021 by a few of our staff members to fill the needs of the site in creating various images. Several of those staff members have since moved on, so we're moving this working forum out from the hidden staff areas and making it public so any member with the time and inclination can help us when the need arises. A few key points:

This forum is NOT for member requests for their pet projects, instagram accounts, or other personal needs. This forum is specifically for images needed for Bluelight's purposes.

The two primary types of images we would generally request are Research Banners or Front Page images, although we may at times also ask for some help getting a background image for a particular forum's header area. For more info on those:
These are 550x50px in size, typically jpg or png format. We put them in rotation at the top right of every page. These are typically researchers we've agreed to help, and they have a survey needing us to advertise for it. If they don't have a banner of their own, we may put out an open call here for folks to make one for this purpose.


These are 1200x400px in size, typically in jpg or png format. On our homepage, or Front Page, you can see the top center is dominated by a slider that rotates through featured threads. We promote select threads to be featured on that homepage slider area, but quite often have to come up with an image on the fly. If you can offer one better, or if we put an open call to help create one, any submissions are appreciated!


I'm not aware of an image size requirement, as the site has been dynamically adjusting whatever is there, though larger images shrink better than small images getting blown up huge, though I suspect you know that already. Most forums have some sort of header space, often with a background image and a bunch of links relevant to that particular forum. Not all forums have such a header, so if you'd like to offer a concept up for such a blank header space, we'd be open to it. And, there will be times we want to rework a forum, so we may put an open call for ideas or concepts at that time as well.


Additionally, there is a base set of images created for us recently by the member @immakingthelogo which I will upload and make available should anyone need to reference them for some of our requests (I'll edit this post once I make them available for download and use).