Welcome to the new Bluelight

TheLoveBandit tells me that this is version four of Bluelight, some of you with longer memories may be able to tell us exactly which version this is.

Firstly, immense apologies for the delay, we expected to be back a few days ago at the latest but teething issues meant that it's stretched out to now. Please understand that Bluelight hasn't undergone a major upgrade like this in a Very Long Time and that this update was desperately needed. Secondly a huge amount of thanks to chr1.5 and hoptis, we could not have done this without their efforts and also to all the senior staff involved. Thirdly, a huge thanks to our hosting provider who not only helped in setting up the new server but were available to us at all hours.

In regards to hardware, the site has been moved to a new server with a much faster disk. What this means is that hopefully we'll see an end to the lagging and timeout issues plaguing Bluelight for at least the last twelve months. The board software has also undergone a major upgrade as you can probably already see and fixing issues that arose from this has taken us the most time. You'll be happy to hear that we survived with no major problems and all forums and posts intact even though we still have some work to do.

Besides from the new look, the most relevant change to most of you will be the new editor - the box you enter posts in. You'll be happy to hear that it auto-saves your posts every 60 seconds should your browser close for whatever reason. There are a heap of other improvements, and many that affect staff, but our focus was to get the board back to how it was and in time review new features to roll out as we evaluate them.

The blogs module is now built-in to the forum, the old Gallery and vbJournal modules are gone for good (you were given more than a year's notice). There's a great many small issues we'll have to iron out over the coming weeks and months, you can help us by reporting any bugs you find in Support but please be patient as I'm sure you're aware, this forum is staffed and run by (awesome) volunteers.

We hope you enjoy the new forum, we've already put a lot of work into it and a lot more is yet to come. :)