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What Are YOUR Favorite Drugs? (Multi Choice)

What Drug(s) Were YOU Into When You Joined?

  • Anti-Depressants

    Votes: 49 11.2%
  • Benzos

    Votes: 174 39.6%
  • Opioids

    Votes: 190 43.3%
  • Gabapentin or Pregabalin

    Votes: 75 17.1%
  • ADHD Drugs

    Votes: 107 24.4%
  • Other Prescription Drugs

    Votes: 92 21.0%
  • DMT

    Votes: 59 13.4%
  • Ketamine

    Votes: 80 18.2%
  • LSD

    Votes: 140 31.9%
  • Mushrooms

    Votes: 122 27.8%
  • Other Psychedelics

    Votes: 78 17.8%
  • Anabolic Steroids

    Votes: 11 2.5%
  • Cocaine

    Votes: 137 31.2%
  • Amphetamines inc Meth

    Votes: 172 39.2%
  • MDMA & Empathogens

    Votes: 138 31.4%
  • Cannabis & derivatives

    Votes: 177 40.3%
  • Heroin

    Votes: 113 25.7%
  • Nicotine

    Votes: 148 33.7%
  • GHB/GBL & related

    Votes: 28 6.4%
  • Alcohol

    Votes: 147 33.5%
  • Solvents

    Votes: 6 1.4%
  • Other Inhalants - nitrous, amyl etc

    Votes: 45 10.3%
  • Research Chems/Legal Highs

    Votes: 71 16.2%
  • Phenibut

    Votes: 19 4.3%
  • Other Drugs - list below

    Votes: 26 5.9%
  • None - I Was Just Curious

    Votes: 9 2.1%

  • Total voters


Bluelight Crew
Mar 9, 2013
The Shire

What Are YOUR Favorite Drugs?

We're just curious to know what drugs you were taking, interested in, reading about, researching for more info, or looking for harm reduction advice on, when you finally decided to bite the bullet and join us here on this amazing website :D

Obviously many of you will have joined for other reasons or without any specific drug in mind (or can't even remember!), but for those who can, what drug or drug category was it?

Many categories overlap, so select all that are relevant to you. All votes are private.

If you want to be more specific, vote then give details below. For instance there are a million RCs out there, so you'll have to give specifics below :)

To see the old thread click -~>here<~-
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Hmm, I guess I was moreso thinking narrowly of just pregabalin, gabapentin for that category, as we appear to get a lot of people here using those now, but it would be nice to see some actual numbers :) Actually I'll clarify in case people don't realise what the class means.
For me, I joined when I was in college at the beginning states of my experimental phase.. I was really into psychedelics of all kinds and was starting to dabble in opiates.. I was full-on pothead in high school so that was a given lol
^ not your fault my friend. You're in mobile mode, which cannot display the poll. Pop into Full Site (scroll to the bottom of any page to find the link) and you'll see all the magic :)
used to be cocaine ...can't get good stuff 90 miles out of city, so now I enjoy crack, just goes too quick! And more expensive, I was under the impression it was cheaper, I guess years ago it was!
Crack is usually cheaper, but more expensive in the long run as it goes quicker than powder (pending on how you're using it and the quality)
The price of crack is just a little piece of your dignity with every rock and thread of burning brillo.

Or at least I left a chunk or dignity once in a cash-only motel in Oakland with a hooker I didn't pay for. She just came up to say hi, have a smoke. After that it got . . . cracky.
I prefer the look of glassy light-scattering shardy-type substances in general, but big crumbly chunks like this actually look kinda enticing...

I was into lots of drugs when i started using bluelight, and i lurked for years.

But i finally made an account to ask a question about mushrooms.