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Social what computer do you have?

Notebook with GTX 1050Ti, 12 cores and 16GB ram connected to a 4K 31.5 inch monitor. Was quite cheap because it has a Turkish keyboard. Did a good job for some years but now beings to struggle, still fast enough for all takss besides high resolution in modern games but begins to crash randomly . HP brand. Windows 10 (plan update to 11 some time) because games require it. Before I was using Garuda Linux, now run it in a VirtualBox VM.
Two Lenovo Thinkpads (x230 and wifes cant remembered off the top of my head) all solid state and mostly indestructible (not like the IBM versions of course).
a frankenstein desktop that hasnt seen use in ages.
laptops are 8gb RAM and 128gb ssds. not sure of video card but CPUs are intel
Acer laptop with an i3, 24GB RAM and Windows 11 as main OS. Would love a more powerful laptop but for all we do on it (not anything major).

Daughter will need it as she goes through school so def be upgrading in years to come.
yes but the seva here is?

my home pc is for.. nothing same as others
business has a 8.1 enterprise updated on a shoulder of NAS for my cloth website, so interpreting the skating in one bubble, now 1 major website and for mixing music is my toshiba laptop.
then i have my home departament wardrobe of a 2017' GTX 980Ti watercool undervolted to 1.4 on clock and 2.1 on memory reduced to 1980 for stability in directX 10.
i7 3770K air on noctua to 4.3
and generic 16GB 1600cl7
Ezio 24inch which is a plate is rotating fuck this
Eluktronics machine w amd 4800H and nvidia 2060 and 64gb ram running gentoo
Also have a server w 64 thread epyc and 128gb ram and some other networking hardware for funsies