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Gaming What games have you played lately?

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I've fallen into another run-through of Disco Elysium. We're going sensitive hobocop this time with too much PHYSIQUE and overdosing on Inland Empire.
I played some of The Chant. It's this horror game where you're on an island and you have to find keys, and perform calming techniques to avoid panicking.

It's quite interesting.
Subnautica on PC. It's pretty entertaining. Love me a survival-crafting game. This one has decent graphics and an enjoyably large sandbox area to struggle through.

Steam is having their Spring sale, so I'ma probably pick up some more games for under $10. Cha-ching!
Subnautica was a blast. There is a second one sub zero that I want to try at some point too
Playing Sonic Superstars - my 4 year old daughter managed to get past my progress in like 15 mins which took me 30 lol. Fast gameplay and fantastic graphics I thought though.