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What is your daily practise?

Zopiclone bandit

Jan 25, 2018
Most of us on here who post on a regular basis seem to follow a "system" of one kind or another, I know one person who I will not name is very much into The Tao & corrected my mistake when I was trying to work The Tao into my daily life & the concept of Wu wei (yes I know the irony of pushing Wu wei into your life folks, I like to think 90% of folks on here will understand the context in which I said this)
I'm just curious as folks on here go right across the board in terms of Faith, views upon life etc & I am curious if you have a "style" or Faith etc what do you do daily in regards to it?

Personally for me upon waking up I do a few minutes of what may be classed as "Pranayama" but isn't as tough as how thew "classic" style of this is done, what I do is a little lighter & I learned it from Baba Harihar Ram (Disciple of Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ram and Founder of Sonoma Ashram and Aghor Foundation)

As the water heats up for my morning Coffee I attend to my Santa Muerte Altar, I fetch clean water for her, Commander Panther (The founder of SMI in Mexico) & also some for a old pet dog who I keep a bit of her fur & paw prints on my altar. after this I will burn Copal if I have any & light a cigarette in the ashtray on my altar, I will thank Santa Muerte for another day that I am alive, wish my friends a good day & to be looked after & wish my enemies a bad day. I will then make a coffee & if I have enough also make an offering to Santa Muerte with some Coffee too.

At this point I usually get back into bed to drink my Coffee, I usually give praise to Durga & Shiva via mantra & chant The Holy Names of "God" in Hindi.
At some point in the morning always BEFORE an hour of being awake I like to do an "empty mind" meditation as it balances me out for the day & having to go out the flat into the world, I've not been doing this daily for long, 5-6 months at the most but I'm really starting to notice a change in the way it feels & I had a very odd break through a couple of nights ago where I'm quite sure I did something to my Heart Chakra but that is another tale & I'm NOT on about Chakra in the same context these "New age" types speak of it, these are the same people who will say "I'm so Zen right now" with NO grasp of what that actually means.

Usually later on around 7-8PM I like to do the breathing technique from Liber MMM by the IOT (The Illuminates of Thanateros) this text can be grabbed off the internet very easy & it's well worth checking out, it's a kind of Kundalini / Shakti rising technique but is quite "light"

As I get into bed I always try to stay "aware" of myself till the last moment & in every Lucid dream (which I am having way more than I ever used to, it's to the point now a good 70% of my dreams are now Lucid) I try to look at my hands & interact with the people / animals I come across etc.

This is a basic day for me, day in & day out............
Krishnakali Das Aghori the well known Left Hand path Tantric teacher who I'm known to& was going to take me on as a Student in Left Hand Path Tantra, we spoke about Mantra before & for several months while he was in India becoming an Aghori under his Guru he had to do Japa in the cremation ground, for 8 hours a day with no break for several months he would wake up & go right to the cremation ghat & do mantra with no break, just chanting the names of "God" for hours on end, days rolling by, weeks rolling by.....months rolling by of the same thing.
Also he did extreme Asana & for all you Western Yoga lot it has NOTHING to do with Posture, you go ask ANY of the Naga sadhus of Juna Akhara they will tell you it means "Sitting" & your Soccer Mom Yoga teacher is totally wrong & full of wrong information, ask your Yoga teacher what the Juna Akhara Naga Baba's are for a basic start ;)

To sit still for 12 hours each day for a month is quite a task & really is NO joke to do, it sounds easy but give it a try. Since I quit with the TV I can manage a few hours but it's very hard work to get done, the rewards are you focus down to one single point & as that builds your vision & ways of thinking expand outside of yourself, it's a very weird experience to say the least.
Workin on the house....in the garden makes me calm...can smoke a weed a bit..sometimes morning -complex asanas..pray rarely....at least a month on service eventually.after covid not gain to church...follow some daily routines.....tryin' to calm down mentally
-complex asanas
A fan of The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali by any chance?
VERY Interesting take upon it here if you care to view it.

.tryin' to calm down mentally
Mantra chanting?
I did my first 4 hour chant over the weekend & it gave quite interesting results to say the least, I learned what Ajapa Japa is all about =D
I wasn't ready for the Mantra to carry on going in my head without me wanting it to but the experience was something I will never forget & really want to experience again.
In high school i was more deep in yoga-pranayama,hatha yoga,kryia yoga(that's all cleaning procedures)..yes Patanjali is great scholar....a holyman on it's own...still in my minds those times-then was only one book about yoga in bookstores&libraries..."Hatha yoga" written by our author.The regime was hardly suspicious of every religious literature....all was grey..looks like "1984" book.....as to mantras-short Orthodox prayers are some kind of mantras..."Om mani padme hung" is very strong"lightning in dark abyss"-it's quintessential of budhism.....there's many👍🔥🙏
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,kryia yoga
As if!!!!

And here I am flicking through the Daily Mail news headlines when I wake up. Fucks sake.
man it took a min
i got shit to do but clear my head and get a job. anybody hiring? lol
so days lately have been a bit on the other end maybe chaotic or something....
whatcha wanna do? im down. lol
Doing Good. Every day.
And HOW do you go about doing that?

Credit where it's due to you as that's the most widespread, catch all comment I've seen in ages.

"Doing good" in what way? You give money to the poor begging on the street, you save a dolphin from a Tuna net, you stop a child falling into the hands of a Mexican Cartel, you recycled all your plastic waste, you save some Ants from death, you rescue a woman from a sex trafficking gang, you give a cup of water to a street dog in the slums of Brazil?
And HOW do you go about doing that?

Credit where it's due to you as that's the most widespread, catch all comment I've seen in ages.

"Doing good" in what way? You give money to the poor begging on the street, you save a dolphin from a Tuna net, you stop a child falling into the hands of a Mexican Cartel, you recycled all your plastic waste, you save some Ants from death, you rescue a woman from a sex trafficking gang, you give a cup of water to a street dog in the slums of Brazil?
Well I do look after the mentally insane for a living, so that's a start!

In general however, I'm referring to the practice of being a Good person. Without need for a set of scriptures or religious rules to tell me how. I see that as connecting me spiritually to others and source without over complicating things.

Work your spiritual goodness into your mundane activities.
I'm not joking here @Vagabond696 I'm very curious what you do?

This isn't TL where you can post flippant comments which take the piss out of someone. You take the time to reply in my thread more power to you as it's how a forum works but you should understand someone is going to ask for clarification upon your comment (s) if it wasn't clear.

I don't expect everyone, well not even half of people in this day & age to honour the Gods of old, do Hatha Yoga, read the Bible or any other Religions Text(s) as we (collective humanity) long ago moved away from those things but some of us still look upon life as a Wonderful puzzle which Science despite the great achievements still is grabbing at dust and trying to give answers to basic questions in how this all came to be.
The few who have a faith, be that Sufi, Aghor, Buddhist etc have an idea structure at our core which we hold onto & due to that system practice certain activities in honour of a higher "power"' and I'm just curious what other BL members do in regards to their belief structure.

Making a very loose & general comment like you did doesn't add anything to the debate to say the least about it.

Ohm Namah Shiva
This was not meant to take the piss out of anyone or their beliefs at all, so I do apologise for any misunderstanding.

I do have a belief in a higher power or supreme being that I can't explain. I have had some very deep spiritual experiences in my life, especially when experimenting with psychedelics and in particular DMT.

My third eye finally opened itself this year so I'm still putting together the pieces of my own personal puzzle. My spiritual awakening came at the most unexpected time and was very powerful, so it's something I find difficult to put into words.

Generally I have taken bits and pieces from numerous belief systems to work my own perspective on spirituality and philosophy.

On the daily, I practice gratitude and aim to learn and apply the lessons that present themselves. I work in a field that allows me to give something back by looking after vulnerable people. I strive to see the duality in every situation and focus predominantly on the good. I try to remember that everybody is doing their best and should be treated with compassion.

Sorry if my previous posts weren't very clear, but I literally meant trying to be a Good person in every situation that presents itself, even the terrible ones.
I fight, battle, tactise, plot, heal, scrap essentially against myriads of Martian like abnormal but hellish regular...conditions as we call them, being allergic to 99% forces life into a chessboard minefield of survival one step a time.

I had that down to a near tee too, remarkably.

Recovering life after severest Lyme FINALLY.

Then c shit hit ofc.

Whatever it IS (?) it hit me prob dozen seperate times now, but only once each 2020 & 2021.

Each time real maj physical nerve damage, always with myself so immuno comped by Lyme it's automatically a "long" ting. Invading NS.

Anyway lol sorry, (it relates) it has tendancy to induce insanity state effectively like no other...pathogen? Well it fits the class regardless of what sort of Frankenstein shit it is.

So managing extremest nerves plus depression became a paramouht 365 engagement too.

Requiring monstrous amounts of pure Etizolam powder, 2.5 x average Kava daily to most just to keep nerves in check, v much physically too.

I do too though ALWAYS get high on splendid outdoor organic weed which almost rivals "Top Shelf" actually somehow.

I must stay high and determined.

I give my amazing dog all my love every day in bundles.

And I have committed to attempting to fight, melt, remove genuine (it will be more headline few years just watch trust me) parasitic AI Nanotech.

The most hellish of businesses, experiences and ordeals I tell you.

They made this prison far easier to remain in, than even really try and escape.

Obviously lol! I would.

I love good music too. Part of my soul. Wicked stereo and 1990 J.B.L. speakers.

I was taking LSD near daily, daily at times but no more. 431 trips in 2021 alone, right hemisphere so full of coal.

Now I have a lifetime of integration to catch up on.

So, maybe not your ordinary day. 🙂
One point though call it just me. I never actually wish my enemies a bad day, nor any pain or misery.

My imagination never even roams there.

I simply wish them stopped, removed or cured of evil.
Why so aggressive against participants in your thread about spiritual practice