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⭐️ Social ⭐️ What Was YOUR Morning Fix? v. I Smoke Weed, Eat Yogurt

Just added 1 more mg of alp sublingual once again and cutting myself off until tomorrow

Feeling on top of the world with the relief of my debilitating anxiety disorders and my suicidal thoughts I’ve been having since me and my girl broken up the other day

Oh and 50mg doxylamine
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Still feeling the alp from last night weirdly enough 🤔

Im kinda remembering how Xanax feels without a tolerance and it’s lovely 🤤

Anyways 200mg caffeine pill 600mg cimetidine

in about 30 mins I’m gonna add some alp and start smoking weed and not stop until the days over 😂

Another reminder for everyone to be mindful with their use 🙂
1g kratom (habit typing 2g so edited) 100mg pregab, coffee and cig.
tapering off kratom (halving my use) for a while maybe it all of a sudden creates a shitty place to live when tapering down idk gonna find out
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2g kratom, 100mg pregab, coffee and cig.
tapering off kratom (halving my use) for a while maybe it all of a sudden creates a shitty place to live when tapering down idk gonna find out
I was thinking about starting to take less as well. It's all I ever take and it keeps me sane but the cost is getting a bit heavy for my budget. I know some of the doses I take are just habit and I could really forego it if I chose.

I hope it isn't shitty for ya. How many grams ( roughly ) are you on per day. Mine is about 25 or so.
some of the doses I take are just habit
I get yer drift, NR. Habits and rituals are harder for me to stop than addictions I think.
How many grams
About 12g a day @2g doses before the halving. Down to 1g 5 x a day. I was already trippin on the life bs before I decided on doing this. I really cannot tell much difference in effects. I also cut off dosing at 6pm no matter what I may feel I "need". ~12 hour of no kratom (nights) seems to help the smaller dose be more efficient. Maybe IDK.
1g kratom, coffee and a cig. Still havent gotten rid of the cigs but still working on that and am down from roughly 10-12 a day to maybe 6 or 7.
I was woken up by my boyfriend handed me my pipe and a lighter with a nice royal amount of crack in it, which really is by far my favourite way to be awoken haha he does that quite often
1g kratom, coffee, cig and about 100mg thc-o oral (with peanut butter). Feeling the thc after a couple hours and so far it is nice. I can see why cannabinoids (esp thc) is considered a psychadelic now... never really got the lable in decades of weed use.
Been keeping the alp to a minimum

100mg caffeine pill
Omeprazole 40mg
50mg diphenhydramine

Now just waiting on the omeprazole to do its magic and in the meantime I’m gonna be chugging grade fruit juice and pop 2-3mg throughout the day

Also getting some mimosa and some type of runtzs (weed obviously) hope everyone has a good day 🙏
~10g of coca leaves mixed with some sodium bicarbonate (don't know whether one needs sodium carbonate for enhanced adsorption though but it seems to work)
37.5mg venlafaxine - happy when that beast of a physical addiction is finally over. I doubt it will be anytime soon.
1 cup instant coffee

Boring sober life.
2 goin on three cups of coffee just finished off about 10 bong hits of Mimosa for my wake and bake (and sanity lol)

May I say it’s some of the best I’ve smoked in a while and that’s saying something for me it’s rare that it’s hard for me not to compulsively smoke more lol

Anyways bout 5 Marlboros and I’m bout 15minutes after a steamy shower probably some diphenhydramine and 1mg alp SL and 1-1.5 mg more thru the day

Hope everyone had an amazing or at the very least an okay day 🙏👋
Been in fentanyl wd for a week so my current stack is definitely a nice break from the absolute shit I’ve felt like the past week:

About an hour ago I took:
3 mg lorazepam
30mg temazepam
2 mg subutex
3 g kratom
300 mg gabApentin
3 tiny hits of meth
Couple daba of delta 8 isolate

Feeling much more relaxed hopefully pass outs for a few hours pretty soon here.

Just plugged 2 mg sub and snorted a mg 😎

1200 mg gabApentin… starting to feel chilled
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