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What would you listen to if you were rolling right now/what would you recommend to me rolling right now?

The title says it. I'm looking for new and interesting music for rolling to. Please post your suggestions and links!!!!

I normally listen to lots of D'n'B and have been watching a lot of live dnb DJ sets lately on youtube. I must be in a rare mood tonight because I'm listening to dutch hardcore. Rotterdam Terror Corps to be exact. I'm not sure how much hardcore I can stand tonight. Please suggest something!!

WHAT WOULD LISTEN TO NOW hmmmm>? Sim Stim who truly consider true GM ( Grand Master ) knowledge and expertise this right now : 2/25/2023 ULTRA FESTIVAL MIAMI , FL
Hope all feeling the Love :love::love::love::rofl::rofl::rofl::green banana::green banana::green banana:
Hope all feeling the Love :love::love::love::rofl::rofl::rofl::green banana::green banana::green banana:
Glad to hear let me know the Line up for the heavy hitters.....? Martin Garrix played last night and Afrojack too.
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Probably check out what's groovin' on Ultra & Spinnin' Records channels on YouTube and explore artists I never heard of on Beatport didn't realize how many genres they catalog

Like dude I was going to share a track from Beatport look it up on the Tube or wherever I ain't paying lol but so many good ones I couldn't settle could spend a roll making a playlist there this is a nice tune new on Ultra not bad but not something needs to be on repeat

I like how dirty it is

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I found myself rolling at a festival during the day last year, sitting in a deckchair, with this on repeat. It made my brain feel nice.

That's pretty raw. techno stuff seems to do it for the brain just need to find the right flavor for yourself

Some techno is a bit much for me but I can still sort of enjoy the HATE label on YouTube not much on there I can stomach sober perhaps on MDMA lol

HATE has newer techno makes me think of rolling for some reason they rave hard I guess I think I prefer older stuff mostly. Probably many other channels promoting electro like it not for everyone makes me want to roll lol

Look you inspired me to add another! Amphibian Records. A world of electro waiting to be explored out there. Smooth spirit raising vibe

& another. Wtf is CLR also a possibility?

My two cents for rolling music

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Would also say its acceptable for 5-Meo-DIPT, 2C-B, LSD, etc.......

Jazzy Juke/DNB