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Why don't chemists bother with MDA any more? v. Sighs of the reminiscent

I ended up flushing most of mine, really didn't enjoy it that much. I was hoping to recreate those early 00's pills, but meth was much better for that.
Didn't really enjoy the recent batches of MDA myself.

Never came across it in pills, only seen it in the odd test (outside UK).

It's definitely available in crystal form and there have been various batches over the past few years. I found it gave terrible headaches when insufflated then the rough comedown just didn't make it worth it. I'm not a big fan of MDMA either though although that is from abuse/over use and that may have played an influence.
probably cause the way they make mdma these days. Sadly alot of these folks have forgone making cool drugs and only the mainstream shit like mdma acid and ketamine these days
I never tried MDA so my view of possible reasons for it not being available might be totally missed but that's why you guys are here to correct me in that case. I think at big industrial scale masterminds or better mastercash behind it long ago concluded it's not as profitable as MDMA. It lasts longer so less chance of people taking redose, and if taken than not as many times as with MDMA. It wouldn't be wise to make very strong pills yet cuz of significant cross-tolerance neither weak one are good option. Also as one friend of mine pointed how MDMA is a drug that's used in waves, like being really popular some time and than most but HC users get enough of it. I would expect that more intense, more trippy experience would cause more people to take longer breaks from it and take that breaks sooner. And possibly most important is that most xtc users don't want trippy experience at all as otherwise drugs like 2c-b would gain much more popularity.
Actually from Latvia - the government needed foreign currency and so banged out the pills ...or so I ve heard
Back in the old days there were labs in ireland churning out vast quantities of MDA and MDMA. I guess they all stopped for whatever reason mid 2000s. Maybe it was just one lab? I haven't seen MDA for many many years. Does it ever show up in pills anymore? It was always a please t surprise for me to get a MDA-heavy pill.
How does 6-apb compare to mda? 200mg succinate(iirc) was better than all the crystal md and pills ive consumed since 2010. Rough 1.5 hour comeup tho, couldve been the gelcaps, couldve been impurities couldve been the 6-apb but after 2 sessions of almost puking and an anxious comeup i had the most carefree rave night in years. Like literally the only rave I didn’t redose/ add anything. Which was a good thing seeing the amounts of people getting thrown out for drugs.
I remember that benzofury stuff from back when RCs were legal. I didnt ever like it much, I found it gave me a headache so bad that I never enjoyed any of the visuals. MDA never gave me a headache aside from on the comedown, and it was never particularly terrible.

IMO the best RC from those days was 1-p-LSD. To me its effects are identical to LSD. I suspect it is perhaps metabolised to LSD in the body. Anyway, i digress. I miss the old days of the RCs! I'm too old now to be doing strange and wonderful new drugs. Those of us old enough to have lived through and experienced all those fascinating RCs are incredibly lucky. Those conditions (legally) will never exist in this country (UK) again. Thank fuck they can't take away our liberty caps, at least we still have those 😆