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Question of the Week With Whom Are You Currently Having Sex?

Palmala Handerson? :LOL:
You too?! I'm gonna have to call miss Lopez up I guess...
tripping south park GIF
Randomly hooked up with some girl I didn’t really know a couple weeks ago, but wasn’t really into her. Guess I learned that I don’t enjoy having sex with just anyone, even if it’s been a while. So nobody at the moment. Been talking to someone, but lockdown unfortunately makes meeting people a lot harder.
Memememe! @hylite only if you're up for it too...

It's been a few weeks now, had a one nighter start of January and was a bit gutted she didn't want a second date. I have a feeling it's cos I confessed to my previous addiction issues when we were drunk. She still had me back to her place though, then came to mine for more... Weird... She was American too, I loved the accent!
Maybe I could message her and see what's up? Got nothing to lose (apart from dignity).
Went on a date lastnight but there was no spark. I predict a dryyyyy spellll!