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⫸STICKY⫷ Words Social - Fountainhead

Thank you..
We need some place to chill and talk to people, without obstacle,
But of course I will try to keep it as Words oriented as possible.
How does one specifically orient a thread towards Words when it is, in fact, made entirely of words?
That's good, i think it is in the Words rules that there's no pictures or memes in this sub forum anyways.. unless im mistaken.
Im gonna apply for BL Ambassador in a couple minutes, first im gonna figure out what exactly I'd need to do.
I don't really ever go into NMI so i suppose that would be a good start lol.
I'd glady take someone under my "wing" so to speak and show em the ropes, i just would like someone to be matched up with that is into writing and arts.

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I wish you good luck on getting BL Ambassador! I modded NMI for a while, and it can be quite rewarding!

And as for your second request...I'm gonna have to put a big no on that. That could be construed as soliciting.
Ok.. ill edit that post.
I just wanna figure out how to get people from here that are into this stuff into that group.
I guess it'll be a fail on an attempt to start something constructive. It's too bad the people i know IRL aren't into the same things as me, that's why I fit in so much better on BL.

Ok editing now.

Thanks man.
technically Y is used as a vowel in that though.
I think every word needs a vowel.. i learned that playing hangman with my kids lol. i taught them to guess vowels first because (as far as i know) every word has one.

imma use that word next time i play with them though and see if it'll throw em off haha.
what about a word of more than 2 letters made entirely of vowels?
or a word that contains all the vowels?

sorry im bored as hell obviously.
What about the name of this social? Fountainhead? Has all but Y.

Ok im done with the stupid shit.
Just went outside to see the "blood moon" but there's too many clouds to see it, pisses me off.
I would be interested in talking about journaling, a la Mortified Nation.

I don't know if that's cool or not. Just thought I would throw it out there.