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returned an intralibrary loan five days late. late fee for material from the lending institution is supposed to be $5 a day. for some reason, my online library dashboard says the fee is $1 total, not $25. maybe it will correct itself in 24 hours or so, or maybe i got lucky. hate to count my chickens, but it might be because the owning library loans the material to my library, and then my library loans the material to me. and the owning library lends the material to my library for longer than my library lends it to me. because on the slip it said, "due some date," and some date was further out than my due date. so maybe i just have to pay the late fee from my library, which is i just confirmed is 20 cents a day.

either way, it was worth it. highly recommend Radical Love: 5 Novels by fanny howe.
hydro, thanks for the recommendation!

I used to work at my undergraduate university’s library - in the Interlibrary Loan Department. Brings back fond memories.
all the drug use in books drives me crazy. especially alcohol. it’s the same with tv and movies. so much drinking. makes me want a drink.

even when it’s portrayed as flawed. particularly when it’s portrayed as flawed.
book’s no good. hopefully the discussion is.

reminded me of ng's Little Fires Everywhere mixed with anderson's Speak.