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Jan 20, 1999
Bluelight revised its user warning system for XenForo in 2020: non-expiring 'infraction points' were scrapped, and the remaining points and timeout system was simplified.

The Bluelight Warning System

To promote the smooth functioning of a welcoming and helpful community, our system imposes a temporary suspension to the accounts of users who consistently and repeatedly break the terms of our community's User Agreement, on an escalating basis. The more 'points' a user accrues over a relatively short period of time, the longer they risk their accounts being suspended.

These are the details of the new system:

0 point warning
An official warning. Typically earned for repeated minor offences or first-time infringement of a major offence (like asking for sources). Doesn't cause or trigger any form of account suspension.​

Timeout (48hrs)
A simple 48 hour timeout. Typically earned by users who are high and out-of-control and who won't stop 'shitposting', being abusive, or 'trolling' the forums. Gives the rest of the community a break from their nonsense, and the user time to sober up and calm down. No points are earned and it has no lasting implications.​

1 point warning
A more serious warning. Only dispensed as a last resort, after a user continues to disregard requests to follow the rules or play nicely, and when all other efforts at negotiation have failed. Points earned from these warnings will last for 12 months before expiring and being erased from a user's account. They can, therefore, accumulate over time and lead to an escalating series of suspensions on the following basis:​

2 points = 1 day suspension​
3 points = 3 day suspension​
4 points = 1 week suspension​
5 points = 2 week suspension​
6 points = 1 month suspension​
7 points = 3 month suspension​

NB: 6 month, 1 year and 2 year suspensions have been scrapped.

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