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Phenethylamines [2C-B Subthread] Dosage & Methods of Administration


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Aug 22, 2000
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This is the sub-thread of the Big and Dandy 2C-B thread in which to discuss dosage and methods of administration. Please direct all questions and discussion about 2C-B dosage and methods of administration to this thread.


Sorry I can't contribute to your post, but I have never snorted 2C-B. I will say if it is anything like snorting 2C-T-7 it is something to be avoided. Besides the physical discomfort, the side effects are greatly increased and the nature of the trip is more harsh.
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I agree with MGS...don't snort that shit, it's perfectly wonderful taken orally; why not stick with that and avoid the burn, as well as possible negative consequences of snorting it? After what happened with kids snorting 2-ct-7, why take any chances at all?
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Look at it this way. Every drug that's hit the streets has been tried by someone every fucking way imaginable.
If you haven't heard about a particular method of using a drug, it's because there's a much more efficient way to use it.
The only somewhat exception to this is the use of needles. Which doesn't neccessarily speak of efficiency, but rather the average druggy's fear of being a dirty junky.
So while smoking 2C-B may work, taking it orally is obviously a far better way to use it. So don't waste your time smoking it.
cant say i've tried it this way, smoking definately isnt my thing. if you just want it to kick in quicker/more intense, snort it. sure, its burns like a mofo, but i usually start feeling the effects within 10 minutes.
after taking harmala before 2cb, i noticed that 2cb itself is not active. its metabolites are. studies have been done on how dob works by using radioactive isotopes (next to last paragraph), and 2cb is nothing more than a more easily metabolized version of dob, which is why it has a much shorter timeline, quicker onset, and decreased potency.
take it orally. 25mg tends to be a good dosage for anybody.
a couple of my friends like taking 25mg orally and bumping a mg or two. it's up to the user and how experienced they are.
as for snorting it.. it hurts like hell, and it lasts a long time, and the drip isn't so great either. ive done it several times, but i recently had an experience where i was in so much pain that i temporarily blacked out, believe it or not, so i wont do it again.
Rectal administration of 2C-B works very well in my personal experience. It does burn, however, but not nearly as bad as 2C-T-7.
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I have no preference. Plugging it is definitely the most economical method of administration, however.
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Smoking 2C-B definitely works. It is about as effective as snorting in terms of material used but starts the trip a lot faster.
2c-b dosage.

What's a normal dose generally?
Read on erowid and there I can find all from 10mg to 4x20mg (within 2h) so wondering. Gonna try some in 2 days and need to know proper dosage.
Would be very nice to get an answer before that. :-D
I would start at 16 mg, not higher than that, as some people can be very sensitive to it.

I would have SOME food in your stomach, but definitely not full.
Only experienced once but 30mg was perfect for myself aswell as others. Friends of mine IV 12mg and find it mind-blowing visually. Obvisiously I don't recommend this as this is all about harm minimisation.:)
Negro-kitty said:
Plugging = burning ass from hell!

i dunno about that. i've plugged ~12mg of 2cb with no discomfort, and i've also plugged ~14mg of 2ct7 with no discomfort (both were great experiences)

plugging is way better than snorting -- more potent, less side effects, and no burning nose for 10-20+ minutes!
What a shame you choose not to try 2C-B orally. It is really very nice that way. You can't take money with you after you die, so I'd say 'fuck it' and buy two and eat them like it was meant to be taken. Fuck snorting phenethylamines.

I am finding that I (and this happened with 2C-I and 2C-C also) now need lower dosages of 2C-B (orally) to trip, having now tried it a few times and gotten to know it. 16 to 20 mg of 2C-B is plenty for me, where as before I needed at least 30 mg. Tripping I guess can be somewhat of a learned high. At least with the halogenated 2Cs.
Time to revive this thread!

So, I have a question about 2C-B dosage in comparison to 2C-I. I've found that 15 or 16mg of 2C-I is perfect for me (mid +++). Anything more is excessive and my body likes it better when I keep the dose low.

Reading about 2C-B, I've noticed it seems like there is more variance in dose response... like some take 15 to get +++ and some take 30 for the same effect...

Based on the fact that I like 15 or 16mg 2C-I , I assumed 21 to 25mg of 2C-B should do the trick for me. What do you think?

Anyone taken both? How do you compare the doses?

Basically I'm trying to skip the low dose "testing" phase and guess what my target is based on a similar chemical. If you think there is no relationship between how hard these different chems will effect me, let me know.

bluedolphin said:
Based on the fact that I like 15 or 16mg 2C-I , I assumed 21 to 25mg of 2C-B should do the trick for me. What do you think?...Anyone taken both? How do you compare the doses?

I've had both. 16 mg of 2C-I is plenty for me to get to a full +3, but I seem particularly insensitive to 2C-B. I need a good 30 mg of 2C-B to get to full sparkle. I would not gague what doses you need of 2C-B based on what you need of 2C-I. They are obviously different creatures.