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(5-MAPB / 100 mg) & (4-HO-MiPT / 11 mg) - Some Exp - "Good Intro, Amazing Tme"


Nov 15, 2012
(5-MAPB / 100 mg) & (4-HO-MiPT / 11 mg) - Some Exp - "Good Intro, Amazing Tme"

its been 3-4 months since last did anything (last time was 5-mapb 90 mgs) and got some 4-ho-mipt , tested it -tested fine even though trust vendor-anyways, weighed everything out for me and my girl on a 0.000 scale. I put 100/11 mgs and 100/7 mgs for her. id say after 45 minutes it kicked in, ate lightly a few hours before after two meals. 245 lbs here, she is 170. every time i didnt think it was working i came up harder and tripper..this was my first psychedelic experience (a friend gave me a little rice looking thing and it at have been lsd at 25 or 50, 15 years ago, but I didnt notice much back then) I dont recommend this combo off the bat i recommend researched 5-mapb on its own first solo and seeing how it works; although i didnt try 4-ho-mipt solo here bc i research so few and far between , three times in 2015

we stayed in motel and i brought my laptop and speakers and played progessive house type stuff all music no words( sunset melodies) and i got up and danced on the come-up .to it right then and there. it just happened almost automatially...i went with the music like i used to on mdma (yes ive done mdma, ecstacy ills in my earlier days fifteen years ago) I felt it and kept saying i wish i had glow sticks so i could ut on a show...anyways that wore off and we talked about some relationship challenges we have been having and felt great to comunicate honestly with one another. after this sex, prior id taken some cialis, which supposed to help with any vasoconstricton, nd i did not expirience any so...anyways sex was okay that night nothing super speculator untill the next couple nights =-)i did a lot of pussy eating

i did notice some light visuals , a bit enhanced colors and it reminded me back when i did mdma; although maybe more trippier.this dose of Miprocin was light for me , unless it degraded and its a lil more than a month old and stored well. I think it was a good introduction for me and had an amazing tme. My pupils were dilated quite well. and after eight hours still. took a a gram of phenibut as still five hours after dosing and still was up and normally asleep

ive done 5-mapb four times now and every time it stimulates me, I know the science says its more serotonin release mg for mg than mdma and less dopamine and ne release, but personally from my experience 5-map seems quite stimulating -got up and breaking out dancing, to the music, without trying effortlessly, sex, every time ive done 5-mapb ive had sex and never been couch locked, and every time ive stayed up much past my bed time due to stimulation --just my experience though as I dont use stimulates like caffeine usually

in summary, the follow days afterwards were so awesome. this experience has been nice and brought my girl and I closer together. thats not to say negative thoughts and emotions didnt surface bc they did at times, overall though it was more of a positive experience and specifically enhanced communication was noticed along with minor visuals
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Dec 1, 2013
Nice experience report.

I really enjoy 5-MAPB. I've had experience with 2 batches. First was white, fluffy powder, akin to what some of the 2C's come like and the other a more light-brown/tan, slightly less fluffy powder thats easier to sort into rails. I found the latter more enjoyable and psychedelic. Even akin to some 300mg+- high single doses of MDMA minus excess stimulation with similar types of CEVs.

The white batch in my experience was more stimulating than the tan, but had the same general effects never the less.