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5-MAPB - 420mg~ Really really nice


Jan 22, 2012
I'm a 30 something male of average build. For comparison I find about 120mg mdmt be purfect but i have been known to enjoy several redoses. Probably a little less with the APB-s but not excessively so and also prone to redose (incidentally avoid doing 4-mmc after, you might find yourself surprised abd taking a moment outwside3 while the buzz takes over)

I had in my posession 5.56mg of 5-MAPB. I try not to snort things in general, but I'd heard it worked well with this substance so I was curious.

After allergy checking the day before i poured myself out first a small 40mg dose. Mine came as a very fine powder (with small crystals in it still) but it snorts perfectly if you 're just gentle.

Just minutes later I felt totally exhaused. I wanted to hide upstairs anot not talk to anyone. This might seem odd, but I often get it on the MDMA come up as well. It was at this point, and remaind afterwards, essentially indistinguishable from MDMA.

Shortly after it peaked I did 60mg more, over the night doing roughly 420mg (unintentionally!) an amount I have never come even slightly close to on MDMA.

I've never snorted MDMA so I can't compare, but this was wonderful. Almost completely indistinguishable except i never want to redose MDMA more than occasionally and 5-MAPB is more residually stimulating.
I was up till way past morning drinking and smoking weed and feeling fantastic in the beautiful sun. I can't tell you how the come down was sadly, because I was very drunk and tried 35m of "serotoni" I think it did stuff, but i was so ecstatic anyhow I wouldnt have noticed.

Mildish hyperthermia, I've had much worse.
No appetite
Long lasting stimulation
Contentment with yourself
Nystagymus (for my first time ever!)
Massive pupils
Music appreciation
Redosing works wonderfully.

IE: Everything MDMA has. perhaps euphoria and empathy arent quite as pronounced or forced.


I Absolutely preferred this to the other APBs (Although I still love them)
I'd be hard pressed to choose from this and MDMA, but then i never snorted MDMA so perhaps the moreishness and the hillarity of repeated redoses could be put down to that. I view both those traits as detrimental to my health, but it sure was fun for a one off.

Note that when I woke up that morning it was from my friend opening the door going to work, looking at me, going wtf and telling me to sleep. I'd fallen asleep with the patio door open, a full pint of beer and my phone outside. Thats probably more an alcohol thing.

Thanks Bluelight
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Oct 20, 2012
Yeah, thanks for the report. I never did manage to try this stuff before the UK ban hit, and seeing and most of the benzo-fury nonsense was directed at the UK I've seen the number of vendors with the UK-banned APBs drop precipitously. Hopefully at least one vendor will still be carrying this for the US market when I manage to scrounge up enough funds for it.


Mar 13, 2012
Yikes! That seems like a lot to do, even if spread over that amount of time... I'd urge anyone reading this to start MUCH lower, as you may have experienced massive tolerance after the first hour or two. Be careful with this one, folks. There seems to be a lot of reports of aftereffects as well.