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5-MAPB and 6-APB Reagent Notes


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Apr 17, 2015
Hey guys,

So recently I bought some new 5-MAPB which I’m familiar with testing via reagents and 6-APB which is a new substance to me. Both had that typical APB ultra fluffy powder but the 6-APB was more a brown color with what smelled to be piperanol as an impurity. (Vanilla/cherry/safrole type smell.)

I tested an old batch of “magic” 5-MAPB from 2014 alongside as a reference. This new batch of 5-MAPB tested identical to the old stuff so I won’t repeat the results twice.


Marquis- Grey/Blue to almost Black
Mecke- Maroon purple to Black
Mandelin- Reddish to Black
Simons- Royal Blue
Froehde- Purple with a hint of grey
Liebermann- Reddish/purple to Black with swirls of orange


Marquis- Maroon to Purple
Mecke- Greenish/Bluish to Dark
Mandelin- Purple/red to Black
Simons- No reaction
Froehde- Pinkish/reddish/brownish (light reaction)
Liebermann- Dark Purple/black

Unfortunately it’ll be awhile before I try these but based on the reagent results I’m assuming they’ll be good.

As I said before the best way to determine 5-MAPB is the Mecke and to a lesser extent the Marquis. That maroon purple on the Mecke is obvious and easy to catch.



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Sep 5, 2010
Awesome, thank you for sharing these results.