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Are drugs fun or do you turn to them in despair?

i guess there's a bit of both going on, but it's definitely more for an excursion from empty reality in recent years.
Do you tiptoe thru the tulips when you know you are going to "do"drugs? Or are you sat there with a thousand yard stare taking drugs to try and escape from your miserable, worthless fucking life?
I've done both. Purely for pleasure when I started out. Used regular but didn't get addicted until I started looking to it as a quick fix for all of life's vicissitudes. These days it's 80/20 in favour of the pleasure again but I do have my dark moments.
They used to be fun, not so much anymore though. :(

Too much of a good thing, ya feel me?

However, I do genuinely enjoy smoking weed still.
We’re probably gonna see answers for both. Lotta people out there self-medicating and looking to escape reality. It’s easy to judge people for this, but it’s important to remember that there is a veritable fuck ton of unchecked mental illness out there, undiagnosed and simply torturing people who suffer from it on a daily basis. So there is the self-medicating crowd.

There’s also a meditative and spiritual crowd who take drugs to fulfill spiritual desires. Sometimes this overlaps with other reasons, and users of DMT seems particularly prone to spiritualizing their DoC.

Some people are genuinely seeking fun. They’re using drugs recreationally in order to enjoy themselves, perhaps be festive, or perhaps to celebrate a thing. Some people just like to get high, and there’s nothing wrong with this provided it’s done in a responsible manner both in regards to the user’s health and overall to society in general. Work-life balance and all that, you know…

And yet others use drugs for performance enhancement, be it mental performance or physical performance. Better living through chemistry & that whole bit…
I guess I could enumerate some of the reasons why people get high. I think it’s something like this… here’s

Ten Reasons People Get High
1. Reality escapism
2. Self-medication for mental health
3. Self-medication for physical pain
4. Spiritual journey
5. Psychonautical experimenting
6. Cognitive performance enhancement
7. Physical performance enhancement
8. Reflection and meditation
9. Recreational use – social or private
10. Sex / Recreational enhancement of intimate activity
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I'm another in the both types camp.

Ideally drugs would be just for the good times, but I've definitely caught myself wanting to use things like the stronger hypnotic benzos more often, and earlier in the evening, during one of life's more difficult times of late.
Fortunately psychedelics work for both - whether you want to laugh or cry.
Not keen on smoking but Ive never found psychedelics a problem in any mood - first time I took them was after my dad died.
Depends on how you view death, to me it's not something to be sad over. I did a big MXE binge when a beloved Pet passed away and I merged with the dog's Soul.

I'd never trip again when depressed personally, it helped for 5 minutes then put me into the most horrific, nihilistic feeling ever. I pulled my to apart & CRIED like a baby for hours thinking about suicide for hours.
The big danger with psychedelics is that rather than allowing an escape from harsh realities, for some users they can greatly intensify whatever they currently going through. And if that's grief or depression that could get horrific. I suspect the reason why some of my mushroom trips went bad for me was because of my tendencies towards anxiety and magnifying that sort of headspace while you're tripping out of your mind isn't conducive to anything good happening. I guess some people aren't cut out for psychedelics due the way their minds work. Look at the number of musical geniuses whose lives it wrecked, like Syd Barrett and Peter Green etc.

On the other hand, psychedelics seem to suit other people just fine a nd they can take seemingly thousands of trips without it apparently having any adverse effects on their state of mind. It seems that psychedelics automatically put Ismene in a good place. Quite a few acid lovers like that. Carrie Fisher being one of the celebrity ones that I was surprised to hear about her taking acid so many times as she loved it so much.
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Yeah - I only started taking drugs at 30 so I knew my own mind by then - nothing could be worse than how I felt sober.