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Heroin Are there any successful heroin chippers out there?

2 years isn't a very long time. It's still a lot longer than most people go before falling off the rails but.. still, many people can keep it together for that long. How many people do you see using for 5 years + that are able to "chip"? :\

I am one of those rare beauties :( not an amazing talent to have. But there have been times when I snort for 4 days straight every other week. But now I want to feel better but still like the feeling of being high. So I will still do it twice a month (once every two weeks) and times I've gone 1 to 2 months without it. My secret it probably not ever shooting up. And I love my job and work with my amazing loving parents who I would never want to hurt. So I think that's why I am a successful chipper. And I'm actually very pretty with nice skin .. so in order to stay that way I gotta keep the heroin use to minimal.. I guess I'm good at prioritizing. But if you never touch this stuff that's even better, I just like it way to much :)
i am a chipper, although i'm thinkin of hanging up my gloves, last sack I got put me into withdrawals when it ran dry.... But usually i score maybe two 1 gram bags a month tops..... each of those bags will last me between 1 and 4 days. smoked
heroin=your own personal monkey.

So true.

This is my opinion:

And it's a harsh reality. There is no such thing as a successfull chipper, just a person in the earlier stages of addiction. Opiates literally rewire your brain into believing you NEED them just as much as food and water and shelter. They are the most manipulative, and insidious drug in existence, and you will become an addict before you even realize it. You will rationalize your chipping, and constantly tell yourself you don't have a problem. That is the opiates talking, all logic goes out the window, and the spiral begins. Good luck to all you "chippers", I was one too. Now I'm 29 days clean, but I had gotten to a very dark and deep place in my addiction. I hope it was my bottom. I hope I can keep the mental strength to stay sober. I wish, I wish soooo much, that I never tried that first fucking percocet. It took years but I was eventually an IV heroin and Fentanyl addict. And I didn't think I had a problem, lol...
One thing I have noticed from reading everything on this site is that it seems people turn into addicts quicker when they are using for fun than the people using for pain.

Someone using for fun is simply chasing the euphoria & fun opiates bring......but a pain sufferer first is going for pain relief.....but that may change for the pain relief opiate user later on.

Antidepressants rewire your brain as well to think you eventually need them to feel normal. There can be severe withdrawals from antidepressants as well.......

How long have you been watching TV & using the internet? Try going w/o using the internet & watching TV for a month......can't be done, your brain is wired into thinking you need the internet & TV to live.....how many times have you heard people say, "I can't live w/o my TV & internet"?

Cigarettes, alcohol & coffee.....legal drugs that have people hooked big time! Have you ever seen someone that's hooked on coffee & hasn't has their morning cup of coffee? Or they're jonesing for a cigarette?

There are so many addictions in this world, & we always think one is worse than the other. Now I know heroin is worse than all the above that I've mentioned for you pocket & your health because of how bad the addiction can become......

But IMO, the others I mentioned above have severe consequences that we don't see as fast as we do in heroin or other strong opiates.
I thought I could control it.. you cannot Friday nights became weekends than it became Mondays Tuesday etc... all this in just 2 month's. . Thank god l m 4 days clean. The constant flem, lack of energy diarrhea and coughing are the worst but from what I'm reading it could be a lot rougher. .. i hope day 5 and 6 are better.... I can relate to the gun to head ...at times you want all the pain to stop....
And I feel lucky I only lost 2 months of my life... my wife and daughter have no idea...I pray God gives me the strength. . I have never been religious person yet I feel someone or something has been behind mevery pushing me. Leading me to this site bluelight. I hope again
ive been chipping a year now...

I dunno, I guess im the best person I know at doing heroin.... not as cool as it sounds....

I spend about 180 dollars a month on powder/tar...

I use 1 gram from friday night until sunday night or monday morning (as long as it will last)

I smoke it non-stop with my bandmates/roomartes who are all very casually into it, (only because I buy it and offer it to them)

I also have to take breaks that last 10 days to 2 weeks regularly ..... I also go through withdrawals that are very light pretty much every week or two.... so my bodys got really used to it... its a tank.... So maybe one night I can't sleep without trying out every bed/couch in the house ... when I realize I'm withdrawing i just take some kratom/valerian/valium..whatever I can ... and then I stay up and read or write, or do work ... and its not even that bad.

I also have my medical mj card and that really changes the whole game as well...
helps tons
Are there any successful heroin chippers out there?
Has anyone had bigfoot give them a piggyback ride?
Did anyone find the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?
Have any of you seen a unicorn in person?
A lot of the posts seem to be suggesting that if you try heroin even once, you're basically fucked. I don't get it - I've been in hospital and had high doses of morphine every day for a week. Of course it was being used to manage pain but I still got high and came to experience the euphoria it brings. But after I was discharged from hospital I never went looking for heroin.