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  • Trip Reports Moderator: Xorkoth

⫸STICKY⫷ ** Beta version of a new TR database searching system is live! **

I have updated the search.

Until now, terms were matched exactly, which meant that some relevant results fell through the cracks when the reports were titled differently than the search term used.

From now, every query term is matched on common name, trade names and well-known slang names. This improves the possibility of finding a relevant match. For example, searching MDMA now returns 1032 relevant results versus the previous 840.

Other small changes – Got rid of the search modifiers since nobody was using them, and tweaked the UI a bit for better experience on mobile.
I just tried searching for a substance where we only have a small handful of reports, DOPr. The results are missing one of the reports (my second one), despite DOPr being part of the title:

The link i to the report the search results are not showing.
Yes, unfortunately the database is only current up to August 1st, 2017. I need a new way of building the index that's compatible with Xenforo, so I'm not really sure when I can implement that.
annoyingly, my domain host has gone offline without warning so the site is inaccessible until I switch to a new domain or something :\
Damn. :\

I love Xenforo but my biggest disappointment is that the search engine sucks way worse than the vB search engine, which is saying something because the vB one was not good. It's basically rendered my tagging system worthless. I guess it could still be used for searches with an internal database querying tool, but at that point you could probably design a system that was smart enough to not need specialized search strings. Maybe anyway.
I find XF search to be decent at digging up old threads but it doesn't seem to resolve queries with three letters or less, so that pretty much makes it impossible to search for quite a lot of substances like 2c-x or even LSD.

I could implement search by tags using your JS menu thingie, it's just that I need to archive the threads first to have the data needed to implement that and other niceties like sort by date or search by author.

By all means, don't give up on the tagging system, there's a big overhaul planned it's just a question of investing the time, which I am poor in right now :(
Does google still offer those little search plugins you could add the HTML to your site?

it was just a google plugin for your site that searched your site locally using google

kinda oldschool, wouldn't doubt if they don't do that anymore
I think BL had actually been using that in the past... it's not very good for larger sites though.

Mainly the issue is that Googlebot isn't going to index 20+ years of Trip Reports threads, which means it's going to overlook most of the content.
Great work you've been doing there thujone <3 But super annoying the domain's gone kaput :confused:

Long-term it may be more sustainable for BL to make members fill in at least some of the tags themselves, especially if there's no one around in future to carry on Xorkoth's mammoth effort.

XF has, built-in to the software, something called 'custom fields'. These fields can take the form of basically anything (drop down selectors, text boxes, tick boxes etc) and could be used by the user to tag their own reports with all relevant info (drug types, trip experience etc). The tagging can be made compulsory when a new trip report is being composed. That way users do the majority of the work, and staff only need make sure the details are correct.

These tags/fields can then be searched directly with various XF add-ons, eg:





Sadly, some of them are not cheap tho, which could create its own issues (as could forum software updates that break the add-on...)
Great work you've been doing there thujone <3 But super annoying the domain's gone kaput :confused:

thanks :)

Long-term it may be more sustainable for BL to make members fill in at least some of the tags themselves, especially if there's no one around in future to carry on Xorkoth's mammoth effort.

agreed, having some sort of flow to navigate would be good. i'm not familiar enough with XF to have many ideas about that.

...and an update - it looks like the old domain is not coming back any time soon so i've switched it out and TRS is accessible again at https://trs.tru.io
Thanks CFC, as I have time I will look into this. I am running up against being super busy all the time. Don't really have the time to dedicate to this forum at the moment. Too much band and work. Ie, two full time careers. Barely have time for my girlfriend... she's more important than working on specialized BL tasks.

I edited the link in the first post to point to the new domain for the TR searching tool thujone so kindly created for us. :)
For those that noticed a security warning when accessing the site, it was just because the encryption certificate expired.

My auto-renew script got screwed up by a config change. That's fixed now.
Hey y'all, I've revamped the forum header for Trip Reports. There is now a search button, where you can select the drug category and then the specific drug, and click the button to return all tagged reports on that substance. :) This is the first step in making this forum a much more useable database of trip reports to rival Erowid's. :) More is planned, but I hope you enjoy this new feature. :)
@Xorkoth looks good! did you figure out yet if it's possible to add custom JS to the banner?

Unrelated, there was a bit of a snafu on TRS and it was showing "502 bad gateway" error for a bit, fixed now
Yeah I can add custom JS to the banner, in fact I did in the new banner (switching the category dropdown changes the specific drug dropdown and the URL of the redirect).

I noticed that error, I will put that search bar back in the header, glad it's fixed.

I would have used bootstrap because the native form controls are ugly, but it won't let me embed external JS or CSS files that aren't hosted on this server. And I have no access to the server directly to put stuff on it.
Eh I probably can't embed the search bar directly in the header like I wanted. I might try an iframe, I don't want the header too tall, but it would be awesome to have your search bar embedded in the header. Not sure if it'll work though, as it would be cross-domain.