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Dissociatives Big & Dandy Ketamine Thread 4: I was filled with the Holey Spirit

Thorns Have Roses

Bluelight Crew
Sep 2, 2010
The never ending cocktail party on the Astral Plan
The Big & Dandy Ketamine thread


iupac = (RS)-2-(2-Chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino)cyclohexanone

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^ Yes but it kinda depends what you want it for.

I mean if you wanted to rave on small bumps of K all night and not k-trip but just have a higher music appeciation, and a bit of wonky in your dance, 20mg mxe is better for it than K.
I think that completely depends on the person and not just on what you're looking to achieve. I think I enjoy MXE and Ketamine equally. Given the choice of either right now I'd pick Ketamine just because I haven't had it in quite some time, but given the choice of only one for the rest of my life, I'd pick MXE simply because it feels like it is a much more flexible drug - as I can enjoy it as a stimulant, an "opiate-like" light dissociation, or a full blown "hole" :)

Both are great, and both are similar, but really it's down to you to decide which you prefer, it's like saying "Which is the best psychedelic?" - no-one can answer that, they can only offer their own opinions ;)
How important are the visual effects of Ketamine? I don't really want to take it just dissociate but if I get to see incredible CEVs on a normal (read non hole dose) then I may try it.
Ketamine isn't really a very visual drug, at least not for me. Probably the most notable thing I've seen after railing it was a view of myself sitting on a couch from somewhere outside the universe.
How important are the visual effects of Ketamine? I don't really want to take it just dissociate but if I get to see incredible CEVs on a normal (read non hole dose) then I may try it.

^You won't see much CEVs from a non-hole dose of ketamine. There are great visual distortions of your environment from sub-hole doses and from the pre and post hole state. But the closed-eye visuals don't develop until you either reach a k-hole, or you've been redosing heavily for many hours (if you can call them closed-eye visuals, because during the hole you often can't tell whether your eyes are closed or open).

If you do the continuous redose thing, the experience goes to a whole new level, and closed eye visuals become very intense and colourful, and very strange things begin to happen with regard to apparent 'superpowers' (apparent telepathy, translocation, dimentional shifting, shifting consciousness between bodies etc.)
300mg of k proved too much.. Drying your ketamine out can make it hit you a lot harder / differently IF it was damp beforehand i sure learned that....

Spannered... Haha.
IWith low doses extendedly, would one be able to maintain themselves while time traveling / dimension shifting?
I mean, MXE lets me function, if a bit mechanically..
Ketamine lozenger

Friend just started with a new pain clinic here in California and he's decided to try this friend on ketamine lozenges 100 mg. He gets 30 at a time, Friend is already on 20 mg oxynorm 4 x a day plus 100 mcg fentanyl suck on half a patch a day.

Can you have any fun with ketamine, he's never used it before, once He broke his arm and came out of surgery they had the plaster on too tight and woke up in agony, I think they gave him a ketamine injection into his drip, it sent him blind but not pitch black just out of focus enough He said he could see his hand in front of his face, also when He was being talked too people sounded far away plus He couldn't see them He only assume they where close because they rocked his bed. plus the whole time he thought he was being pushed back to his room but he was actually stationary the entire time.

It felt like no other drug hes had cept maybe the closest thing it felt like was long lasting NOS feeling.

So back to the ketamine lozenges. Hes got 30 at 100 mg each never had it before and would like to bump some if anyone knows a good method or safe

He was told people rarely get started on 100 usually 10mg was told, so He get them in a few hours hes looking forward to some pain free few days atleast
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Well nitrous is a dissociative, and so is ketamine. They are of course, similar.

100mg seems kinda ridiculous as a first dose...

Ketamine is one of my favourite substances.
I was told to take a quarter at a time and no more then 3 whole lozengers a day, I really need a decent high think I'll start with half and move up
Ketamine's awesome. But ketamine is a dissociative, and dissociative questions belong in Psychedelic Drugs.

PD mods.. do with this as you will ;)

Fuk felt like I just got back from a really good holiday

I can't believe doctors are stupid enough to give this shit out, it's like when they started testing this drug everyone says nah it's not too strong, yeah you gotta give me heaps it just helps pain

Lol everyone lied to every doctor in the world to make this shit legal holy shit when are they gunna catch on that we use it for a trip lol
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100 mg for an oral dose seems good, nasal is usually around 20 mg? I know for me a bump is like 100 mg, to get any worthwhile oral effects i need to take like 350mg+.

Also it is pretty harmful on the stomach, make sure to drink lots of water if our going to be going on binges. Don't learn the hard way, K-pains are not fun.
OP is fucking lucky as fuck.

some say that ketamine is most recreational when sniffed. others say it's good to snort half the 100mg tablet
Ketamine at a rave?

Anyone have experience with doing Ketamine at a rave. I made a thread asking for alternatives to MDMA at raves (not meaning things that are similar to MDMA, just something I can do at a rave when I'm not doing MDMA because I only do it once a month) and Ketamine was one of the suggestions.

I've never tried ket before, I know with heavy doses it's a strong disassociative but what's it like doing 'bumps' of it at a rave and how big/small do these bumps need to be if i want to stay relatively lucid and not k-hole everywhere. Also im not aware of safety precautions with doing ket at a rave but im sure there will be a thread with information on that somewhere.