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Dissociatives Big & Dandy Ketamine Thread 4: I was filled with the Holey Spirit

erowid is saying about 15-30mg bumps, im pretty small so will probably try 20mg bumps but that will be hard to measure out at a rave.
what about redosing? can you stay nice and high for about 6-8 hours if you redose regularly?
no but you can quite easily stay confused, occasionally blissful and nicely dissociated for that long, redosing hourly. You might call that "high" I call it wonky.

If you do accidentally do too much then youll loose an hour in which youll act pretty stupid wandering/falling around. Quite easy to get kicked out. Think village idiot/drunk crossed with zombie behaviour .
Depends on the type of clubs you go to, there are some which turn a blind eye to people k holing on the dancefloor.
small regular doses and ill be fine. take too much and expect to end up floored for awhile, but it wears off nicely. just make sure its ket and not cut MXE or something, that'll be a disaster
Hey chesh,

I rave on k sometimes, i like to wait 40 days between my 100mg dose of mdma now,

So if i get invited out twice in that 40 days i just do k on the day im not doing md on :)
Just remember dont drink with it, and also dont take loads in one go, 3 key bumps at a time MAX then you wont be too fucked then,
It takes ~5-10 minutes to kick in (I usually notice effects by 7 minutes the latest) and about an hour to wear off fully. I just use a small crevice on my hand to take bumps out of - only holds probably 30mg at the most, works very well. Arch the left hand back and look for a divit behind your thumb.
haha pjkt2501 that's a really neat idea, when i bend my thumb back there's a little bit just above the tendon where i could snort a bit of K from if that's what you mean. i've got scales so i can meaure out how much that holds and how much a 'key' is and see which way is the best to do little bumps at a rave. i'll do one bump, leave it for 10 minutes and see how i am then do another half or quarter of a bump if i need more (which i probably won't, im a lightweight).

what does a small amount of k make socialising like?
Funky :D at best haha. If you do enough, your lips are gonna have a bit of trouble makin' the sounds you want. However, you're more likely to stay below that dose and just act a bit confused. I'll usually do 4-5 bumps off the back of my hand throughout a 2-4 hour event. Usually one to get a feel, a second quickly after to get deeper, wait for it to come off, then two more slightly larger ones to keep me for the rest of the night, and to allow enough time to "cool down" before having to depart from wherever I am, and not be too cocked to function properly.
yeah i wont be doing huge doses because i want to be able to dance and appreciate the music still while remaining (relatively) lucid.

i'll be giving this a try on the 17th of february when i go to shogun @ cable
Have a blast! It's always easy to add a little more, just give yourself about 10min between bumps to see where you're at. Being properly fuzzed at a show / fest is very enjoyable - however I'm also not the type to dive into a k-hole (I skirt the edges nicely, and that usually happens more while on LSD as well).
my favourite things about raves are music and socialising with people in the smoking area or just making new friends. so hopefully ketamine provides me with a pleasant feeling, while allowing me to dance to music and make frieeeends
my favourite things about raves are music and socialising with people in the smoking area or just making new friends. so hopefully ketamine provides me with a pleasant feeling, while allowing me to dance to music and make frieeeends

Yeah its great for clubbing and meeting people and in small amounts a bit of a stimulant and can make you chat loads. Larger amounts will have you frowning as you attempt to chat then get stuck on your words, pretty fun either way :D
Recently found out the local drug dealer where all the "K" floating around in my area is actually just a greedy fuck who's passing off MXE as K.. Really disappointed and upset that I won't be able to experience K in the foreseeable future. I wonder if this is becoming common with its popularity?
Just read thru 34 pages of k talk haha, had my opinion changed completely and a lot of heresay facts squashed from when i was younger, now very much cant waitt o get hold of some k! 2 questions:

1. can one k hole more than once in a session, ie if i have a gram, will i get a second k hole during the course of the night (im aiming to hole, so will be doing a small test line to get a judge on where i satnd with it, then followed by another if the first doesnt hole me straight away) so assuming i get a hole after my first line or so, does the tolerance squash the chance of hitting another hole, or is say 750mg (which i assume i would have left at least) enought to hole me again?

2. anyone care to try explain what they see/do in a k hole and what actually happens, is it more a physical world in which you enter, like a lucid dream per se, where you are in control (of course i dont expect to be in control straight off the bat, but understand with time this could be achieved?) or, well i dunno what else, just looking for an explanmation of sorts,,, maybe upon reentering reality, could you draw what you saw, ie are they tangible visions within your own mind!

eitherway, im excited to enter ketaland! all things going well should have some in my posssesion by end of the month :)
Of the few times i've tried. k is good. It's very interesting experience.
in low dose purposes and as well as semi k / k whole.

The thing I don't like about it is the nausea. Similar to alcohol, like that feeling you get when you need to lay down from feeling sick. It's not as bad though, but still very annoying. the nausea also gets worse if I do small bumbs 20ish mg and try to keep a buzz going long >6 hours. This could of been due to prior mdma usage though, about 250mg 24h / 48h prior & I may of been just tired.

Who knows.
The only time I ever tried K was pretty amazing. No hole doses, I just got up and felt like I was hover-walking. I just felt like I could walk to Mars, and the ground seemed not to be...apparent. It was there but it wasn't an impedance.

Such is the nature of disassociatives I guess :p
i misbehaved a fair bit on the K this past 6 days or so lol.
Need to give it a little break now , detox time.

What does anyone in here know about Recooking ketamine crystals? (Plate on top of boiling water pot)
I personally find:

1. Its absorbed better than crushed crystals
2. The drip isnt as disgusting
3. you lose about 10-15% of your ketamine in weight
4. Its snorted easier and dont get all stuck, it turns into a really nice fine fluffy dry powder