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Mar 7, 2011
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Tronica: Monica serves as Bluelight's Executive Director. In her role she oversee the Drug Studies forum and works to connect researchers with Bluelight's community of drug users to learn from their habits, techniques, and experiences. She can be reached at [email protected], or general research inquiries can be routed through our Research Portal.

TheLoveBandit (Currently on Leave) Please contact @Tronica or an admin with any issues.
serves as Bluelight's Director of Site Operations. In this role, he keeps the community online, manages the server and software as well as coordinating the overall staff and site policies. Any questions or concerns about the site can be directed to him via email at [email protected]

Administrators - Who are we?

For regular members of Bluelight
, the Administrators are the ones you should contact regarding issues such as reporting moderator misconduct and abuse, forum suggestions, sensitive matters that you wish to remain private, etc.

Likewise, for Moderators, the Administrators are the ones you should contact about mod replacement/removal, troublesome posters, and general one-on-one discussions about forum business.

List of Administrators:


For issues and questions related to specific forums, please contact the smod(s) who oversee it. If it is admin-specific business, please pm one of the above administrators, or the Director of Site Operations

Unless otherwise specified, forums are covered by all Admins

NOTE: Xorkoth, D's, arrall, Mysterier, VerbalTruist, & thegreenhand are also covering the position of Senior Moderator in several forums, see below for senior moderator assignments

Senior Moderators - What Do They Do And Which Forums Do They Cover?

Here at Bluelight, we have a small group of staff called Senior Moderators. These 'smods', as they are often called, have a responsibility to oversee several forums in addition to their own, a role which typically involves:

  • Actively encouraging staff to communicate and work together
  • Liaising with other senior staff to resolve issues raised in their forums
  • Mediating serious or unresolved disputes between staff and/or members
  • Supporting projects and sharing ideas to help improve their forums
  • Helping out directly when regular staff are offline or absent
  • Facilitating forum recruitment rounds and encouraging applications
  • Handling bots, spammers and attempts to solicit drugs across Bluelight
Senior moderators are, nevertheless, generally expected to avoid interfering in the day-to-day running and management of forums, unless their input or arbitration is specifically requested. And so, in the event of any problems or issues, members should contact the forum's regular moderators first of all, involving smods only after, if those initial efforts fail. And to avoid any confusion as to which senior staff oversee which forums - and ensure they only act where assigned - the following lists are updated regularly.

Your Current Senior Moderator Team

NOTE: Some administrators are also covering the position of Senior Moderator in several forums.

Moderation Team

Bluelight Basics

Basic Drug Discussion - @falsifiedhypothesi, @Keif' Richards, @negrogesic
Sr. Mod: @thegreenhand, @Skorpio @MsDiz

New Member Introductions - @D's, @Nurse Ratched, @AlanaaBanana
Sr. Mod: @D's @Jerry Atrick @xtcgrrrl

Focus Forums

MDMA & Empathogenic Drugs -
Sr. Mod: @xtcgrrrl

Pillreports.net - @bornaTubby @Transform
Sr. Mod: @Nurse Ratched

Cannabis Discussion - @Thomas Davie @Darksidesam
Sr. Mod: @Jerry Atrick

Sports & Image Enhancing Drugs - @Genetic Freak @Serotonin101
Sr. Mod: @thegreenhand

Hormone Replacement Therapy - @AlanaaBanana
Sr. Mod: @arrall @Skorpio

Psychedelic Drugs - @Xorkoth @arrall @JackARoe @Pfafffed @Cheshire_Kat @Didgital
Sr. Mod: @Xorkoth @VerbalTruist @arrall

Other Drugs - @falsifiedhypothesi @Keif' Richards @negrogesic @G_Chem
Sr. Mod: @Nurse Ratched

Drug Experiences

Trip Reports - @Xorkoth
Sr. Mod: @Xorkoth

Drug Culture - @VerbalTruist @ghostfreak @Burnt Offerings
Sr. Mod: @VerbalTruist @xtcgrrrl

European & African Drug Discussion - @axe battler @F.U.B.A.R.
Sr. Mod: @MsDiz

Australian & Asian Drug Discussion - @swilow @Vagabond696
Sr. Mod:

North & South American Drug Discussion - @Jerry Atrick @deficiT
Sr. Mod: @Skorpio

Recovery Support

The Dark Side -
@Nurse Ratched @AlphaMethylPhenyl @Eligiu
Sr. Mod: @Nurse Ratched @thegreenhand

Health & Recovery - @VerbalTruist @cdin @Lil'LinaptkSix
Sr. Mod: @Skorpio

Media, Science, & Research

Neuroscience & Pharmacology Discussion -
@thegreenhand @Skorpio
Sr. Mod: @thegreenhand

Drug Policy & Media Coverage - @thegreenhand @RUC4
Sr. Mod: @thegreenhand

Drug Studies - @neversickanymore @Tronica @thegreenhand @MsDiz
Sr. Mod: @MsDiz


Science & Technology - @VerbalTruist @Skorpio
Sr. Mod: @Nurse Ratched

Current Events & Politics - @Nurse Ratched @swilow @Burnt Offerings
Sr. Mod: @Nurse Ratched @Jerry Atrick

The Dive - @Mysterier @swilow
Sr. Mod: @Nurse Ratched @Mysterier

Sex, Love, and Relationships - @axe battler @arrall @xtcgrrrl
Sr. Mod: @arrall

Philosophy & Spirituality - @Xorkoth
Sr. Mod: @VerbalTruist @xtcgrrrl

Life Advice & Visual Arts - @Mysterier
Sr. Mod: @Xorkoth

Education & Careers - @D's
Sr. Mod: @D's

The Lounge - @D's @Lil'LinaptkSix
Sr. Mod: @D's @Nurse Ratched @MsDiz

Arts & Entertainment

Music Discussion - @falsifiedhypothesi @Mysterier
Sr. Mod: @Jerry Atrick

Words - @Mysterier
Sr. Mod: @Mysterier

Film & Television - @Cream Gravy? @ghostfreak
Sr. Mod: @Cream Gravy?

Sports & Gaming - @ghostfreak
Sr. Mod: @Mysterier


Blogs - The Moderator duties for Blogs are shared between all Sr. Staff.

Bluelight Social Media Managers: @RUC4

Content Writers: @RUC4

Graphic Design: @AJAr
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