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Feb 15, 2008
Welcome to Drug Culture!

Forum Purpose

The purpose of Drug Culture is to create an atmosphere where non-scientific and light-hearted drug conversation will be fostered. Threads that discuss the world of drugs as well as drugs in a social environment are encouraged. Overall, Drug Culture should provide you with a place to learn more about the social nature and culture of drugs!

The Four Most Important DC Rules
(if you know nothing else, know these rules)

1 – NO DRUG PRICES (don’t ask for them, don’t post them.)

2 – NO SOURCING OR DRUG SOLICITATION IN ANY FORM (Whether its sourcing like "How can I fake pain to get the good pills from my doctor", "Hit me up if you live in NJ I’m looking for friends", "Where is a good area in Chicago for me to cop that has the best blow can anybody help me my guy just got locked up" ANY KIND OF PM SOURCING, even a slight hint requesting a PM or requesting people to PM you if they live nearby and want a "friend", etc even if its indirect and the poster believes its subtle, and so on. we all know the drill, we all recognize a hidden or not so hidden source request or drug soliciting situation.

3 - DO NOT ASK FOR "HELP" DOING ANYTHING ILLEGAL OF ANY KIND. (covers "Going on vacation how do I get my dope on the plane safely?" "How do I deal without getting caught?" "How do I tell if someone is a narc before I sell to them?") Discussion of something illegal that you do/are going to do, and looking for help about how to best do that, is definitely not allowed.

4 - NO HEROIN STAMP DISCUSSION/COMPARISON. No asking about which stamps are good lately, otherwise discussing current stamps or seeking information about stamps.


The Drug Culture ‘Code of Conduct’

Here are some additional guidelines to keep in mind when posting in Drug Culture. Although the main guidelines listed above are the most important, all of these guidelines need to be followed as well. Reading through these important points will help you get the most out of this forum and keep in running smoothly!

1 – The Bluelight User Agreement (BLUA) applies to Drug Culture as well. These terms of use apply site-wide. You should read the BLUA before continuing to use Bluelight.

2 – Search! Search! Search! Although there are new and original threads all the time, many topics, questions, etc have already been covered in previous threads across the forum. Before making a new thread, SEARCH and look through the DC Directory to make sure your topic hasn’t been covered before.

3 – Threads about weapons are not allowed. We do realize that sometimes weapons become a part of the drug culture, but unless you have the permission of a Drug Culture moderator posting any topics about weapons are strictly forbidden. Please use your best judgment and if that isn’t enough ask one of the moderators in the forum.

4 - Posting content that victimizes, harasses, degrades, or intimidates an individual or group of individuals on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or any other reason is against the rules too. Sorry, but we aren’t here to hate-monger.

5 - No Flaming. Non-productive criticism of a post's content or its author will not be tolerated. Drug Culture staff realizes that this is a social forum and friendly banter will occur. Please just don’t take it too far!

6 - Please do not feed the trolls. Please do not troll Drug Culture. If something in the style or content of a post bothers you please do not raise your concern in the thread. It is better to click the report button or address the issue with a Drug Culture moderator. You can report an issue to a moderator by clicking the
(report) button on the bottom-left side of each post.

7 - Please use generic drug names when referring to a substance. Not everyone knows your local slang. It is hard to decipher it sometimes so please just stick to the basics. This rule is in place because it helps foster open communication. If someone doesn’t know what you’re talking about then how can they possibly contribute?

8 - Most importantly, have fun. Be safe and make Drug Culture what you want it to be. Please use your best judgment when posting threads and hopefully everything will go smoothly.

9 – The use of SWIM is absolutely forbidden. Things of a similar nature like, "My friend" or "This guy I know" are also forbidden. SWIM is an acronym for "someone who isn't me." Don't use it, ever! No one believes that when you use SWIM that it isn't you. This is a silly thing to do and you will lose the respect of your fellow Bluelighters. If you cannot own up to your drug use don't talk about it.


Other Important forum Information

If you have a serious question regarding harm reduction, please post it in the appropriate forum for that specific substance (you’ll find a description of what drugs can be discussed in which of the Drug Focus forums here, or try Basic Drug Discussion if it’s a relatively simple question or not serious/imperative in nature).

The Drug Culture Mod Squad is always open to suggestions, comments, and criticism. Please, do not hesitate to contact us. Private messages are probably the best and quickest way to contact us as we see them immediately and there is no need to go elsewhere.

Drug Culture Modstaff:

Moderators: @VerbalTruist @ghostfreak @Burnt Offerings @deficiT

Senior Moderators: @VerbalTruist

The General "Please be Careful" Disclaimer—

Remember that in some cases you are posting about activities that are illegal in your country. It would be best to keep references to places, events and people as vague as possible. Police and other authorities do read this board, so it's best to keep very explicit details out of your posts. Do not post about drugs in your possession. Do not post about your plans for the weekend which you've got all lined up. Past tense is usually ok, but remember you shouldn't post material which you don't feel comfortable being public knowledge. This is a message board and we are given an amount of anonymity from our screen names, but these could be used against you by the police. So please be smart about what you post.
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