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Getting High off Klonopin Possible?

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King J

Jul 4, 2010
Planet of the Apes
I know this may sound stupid but is getting high off of Klonopin even possible?

Every time I get my script it's a month in between meaning I'm a month sober from it all then the day I get my script I try to get high. I just took 5mg and feel nothing. I don't get it. I shouldn't have a tolerance this way..

What's going on? I felt a lot better off Ativan. 8(8(8(8(
Yeah, subtle indeed. Sometimes you won't notice it, but it's always present ;)
With Klonopin, I've found that others usually notice my change in mood and behavior first. Klonopin's effects are definetely subtle in nature. Also, if you have bad anxiety/high tension, you'll come to appreciate these meds as more of a savior than something recreational.
^^yup that is the honest truth.

If you are ever overcome with a random panic attack, you'll realize just how life saving Kpins can be.

I NEVER have felt anything from them though, except from the healing factor. The most I have taken at once was 20 mg.... 10 of the 2mg.

I didn't feel anything. I went to sleep.

The next day my balance was off like a motherfucker. That is the only thing I hate about kpins, besides the fact that they aren't xanax. Kpins affect my balance.
Benzos are notorious for people not realising they actually are fucked.. and also notorious for being very subjective - we could have an endless debate on which benzo people prefer, which does nothing, etc etc...

Anxiolytic benzos aren't in-your-face-high at all and as someone else said elsewhere, if you're not an anxious person you might not notice the high at all. Just remember that clonazepam has a big half life - if you keep taking more thinking you can't feel it, it's going to catch up with you and you'll end up knocked out/zombified for a week.. just because you can't feel the effects, doesn't mean that others can't notice them!

(Lou, haha, you made me laugh :D )
No hangover here. It did make me to clean. No high like Ativan or even Xanax though and I have no toleranceto Xanax.

Xanax + Ambien kids, dont ever do that.. >.> Was walkin around town in the cold in my cheetah boxers and texted my mom I was going to go beg for coffee. She said she picked me up. I don't remember at all.
Klonopin can be very dangerous when it comes to withdrawals, since although it may not feel strong, it is a very strong benzo. I learned this a few years ago when first trying high doses of it. You are "high", but as others have said, it is a very subtle feeling. All benzos are different, and this one is much different to say xanax. Klonopin can have you going from thinking you ain't high to a couple of days later totally blacking out.
this has been sufficiently covered. short answer : yes.

bottom line is we don't foster "can i get high from x drug" threads.

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