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Recovery How To Repair Your Body, Mind, Soul - A Guide


Dec 15, 2008
Orange Curtain, CA
Greetings, brothers and sisters.
I hope to help as many people as possible, with the forthcoming posts.

In that we are all human and share a very specific weakness,
I love you all. That weakness, however, could become a diamond-like strength,
if you were to so choose.

This is information I have been meaning to post for quite some time now.
It is a sort of journal, detailing the things I have done and still do in order to repair
myself after many long years of IV drug use. This includes meditation, supplements,
spirituality, and exercise. I am not implying that other drug users or even simply normie
people can't benefit from this - I think anyone and everyone should have this information
given to them simply for the sake of health!

Be warned: I have a damn near photographic memory, so
I always write in detail. I'll try to be more concise.

I have been a hard drug user for a very long time, and after many years
of rehab, jail, homelessness, turmoil, ecstasy, and torture,
it finally became a lifestyle I could no longer sustain.
I didn't WANT it, anymore - and I still don't.


You need to know about me in order to understand how any of this worked for me.

I am 36 years old right now.

I've been using drugs since I was 12 years old.

I was addicted to morphine when I was 12, during a hospital stay for surgery.

I will never forget the profound obsession I developed for morphine because of that experience.

Compared to young people these days, I've done a moderate amount of hallucinogens
including LSD, Mescaline, MDMA, MDA, Mushrooms, Marijuana, Ketamine, many 2-C's,
and a smattering of strange RCs - all before I was 25.

I always loved opiate pills and Adderall, and was addicted by 23.

When the pills ran out, I switched to Heroin (BTH).

I smoked it irregularly for 6 months, and then one day my dealer left 2 prepackaged
unopened syringes in my car. I stared at them for 2 weeks, refusing to throw them away
for some reason. I had started getting bored with H, and so I printed out an injection
guide, and tried slamming for the first time. In the seconds following that first shot,
I knew - as deeply and resolutely as I knew that the sky was blue - I "knew" I had found
my long lost love, my muse, my life source and longing, in that moment.
In other words, I was hopelessly addicted from the first 10 seconds of the rush.

I managed to live a functional life with schooling and a career in the medical field for years,
but then I got caught by members of my band at the time, intervened on, and sent to rehab.
When I came back, all bets were off and I didn't care if I would have to sleep
in my car or steal to get it - I got sloppy.

Then, when the H high started getting boring, I added IV Meth (refused to smoke it).

For the last 12 years or so, I was slamming these drugs (including Molly occasionally),
with the exception of, let's say, 3 years *cumulatively*, sober overall.

I've been through and completed 7 rehabs, and some 15 stays in jail (all drug related).

During my entire drug using career, I did a lot of research into damage prevention, as well as
biological and neurological repair.

If and when I was "functional", I was taking certain supplements WHILE I was strung out,
in an attempt to prevent or lessen the damage I was doing to myself.

The following is a culmination of roughly 17 years of personal research
into methods of repairing myself -and- to hopefully make myself better than I ever was.

Remember... Life is an active thing, in and of itself.
Even in its conceptual form, it is purely active.
Death is decay, and as such can be interpreted as inaction.
Nothing will come to you in life without you taking action, first.

If you want to repair yourself, and better yet - get off drugs and be happy, you have to SEEK this.
All the meditation, supplements, and exercise in the world will utterly fail you if you do not truly want to be free.

A few years back, I spent 2 years off all drugs: exercising, being active in recovery, working, etc...
and yet in the end, when I chose to start using again, I realized that I didn't really know what I was doing, because, inside, I had actually wanted to use again. All. Along.

That's when I started getting weird. I failed to recognize that I went into rehab and sober living with a LIE
embedded in me - the lie that I "wanted" to stay clean.
I didn't! I truly did not.
I was lying to everyone and myself, in a way. It wasn't until I faced my true desires,
which were to get fucked up 24/7, that I started to make progress.
I realized this while laying on my solid iron bunk, with a paper-thin "mattress pad",
kicking H and Meth for the millionth fucking time... miserable, hurting, sad, lonely...
in a "tank" filled with 70 dudes in the Orange County Main jail.

Kicking in an environment where everyone is aggressive and just plain ugly in every sense
is a pretty bad place to kick. I had to fight people on numerous occasions, mainly because they were aggressive, bored, and nitpicking my behavior.


So, please be honest with yourself.
Do you want to get better?
Don't know? It's okay to not know!
But reach out and talk to someone whose opinion you respect.
Bring that shit you have on the inside, RIGHT ON OUT to the outside
by talking to someone - and sort it out. You will be so glad you did.

You CAN fucking do this!

First, I'll start with:

This may sound weird - but it made a HUGE difference for me.

I stopped listening to heavy, emotional music. This was weird because I am a musician
and music is my passion - how could I not listen to my favorite groups?
Well - I knew that the last thing I needed to be subjecting myself to, was anything
that carried any emotion, whatsoever. Nothing. I needed to clean the slate.

No more violent music for a while. No TV shows, only certain movies. Avoid tension
of any kind. No sketchy vibes.

No actively/purposely thinking about drugs, but if it came up, I would talk to someone about it
in a healthy way - not glorifying. If some memory kept coming up, I would seek someone
out and let it out. "This happened" and "I felt this way" and "It was crazy" etc... Letting it out
in a controlled, non-glorifying manner made a huge difference.

I listened to meditative music, all day. In my room in rehab, I had soft, gentle
music with no words and no rhythm playing 24/7. It drastically changed my room - my sanctuary.
I felt calm and peaceful in my room - not chaotic. I truly rested for the first time in over a year.

No "bitches/money/drugs/crime" gangster rap - which I can't stand anyways, but still.
It seems like I'm always surrounded by early-20's white kids blasting gangster rap and acting like
fucking animals. That whole scene bleeds animalistic behavior and ideas - avoid avoid avoid!
If it was being played around me, I asked for it to be turned down or off. If they didn't want to, I left.
Straight up walked away, casually, from situations that made me feel even remotely gross/sketch.

I ruthlessly removed violence, heavy sexuality, heavy emotionality, and drama from my existence (ironic).

My existence for the first 8 months of being clean was this way. No entertaining ideas of girls or hooking up.

Spoke to my parents often.

I completely and utterly cut out every single person whose existence gave me anything less than genuine happiness. That left only positive acquaintances, close friends, and family.

No social media for me for 5 months, by choice. When I came back on the grid,
I unfriended/unfollowed every single person who was anything less than a real friend.
Try it - you have nothing to lose. Literally.

Because I made these temporary changes to my life, I was able to observe myself as all these strange
beliefs and ideas I used to have about myself, life, the world..just faded and faded and what was left was
just ME. It was like some kind of psychological/emotional chemical process whereby you remove some
component from the mixture and slowly but surely, all the garbage and "personality" and "identity" that I
was so sure defined me, faded away, leaving the true me behind, minus all the ridiculous nonsense
I had taken on for the 35 years of my existence til then. It was amazing. I felt back in touch with myself
in a way I could not remember having felt since I was a happy, joyful CHILD.



I have always felt that meditation would be an excellent method of acquiring
peace of mind, serenity, and oneness. The problem is, I couldn't get myself to do it.
I just couldn't. I could even sit there, in a meditative pose, debating in my head
whether I should try it or not, for like 2 hours, and afterwards realize I could have been
trying it for that long instead of debating it! Damnit!

Well, I finally tried it successfully, and I legit could not understand why I hadn't done it before.

My Method of Meditation:
I'll keep this simple - in what we collectively refer to as "Yoga", there are hand positions that
are utilized in order to achieve some effect. These are called Hand Mudras, and you can look them up easily on Google.
The most common one we all think of, is the Gyan Mudra, where your index finger and thumb are touching at the
tips on both hands. Make sense? Mudras.

SO. The way I use hand mudras, is as an adjunct to my meditation practice.
They're not necessary - but they make such a noticeable difference that
I can't imagine meditating without them anymore.
I learned the yogic system of mudras,
which attributes certain elements to each finger, as follows:

Thumb - FIRE
Index - AIR
Ring - EARTH
Little - WATER



Thumb FIRE is the active force that nourishes and encourages the others.
So to touch the tip of Thumb FIRE to, say, the Middle finger (SPIRIT)
is to nourish and encourage the SPIRIT element.

When I meditate, I use a relatively firm, upright chair, or sit indian-style.
Sit in such a way that your spine in straight yet does not require your active muscular
support to keep it upright. You need to be relaxed, but not sleepy-relaxed.

You MUST have a peaceful environment. Do what you need to do to get this.
I start by putting on some very soft music with no percussion or vocals.
My favorite is Earth Energy by Anjey Satori which contains
only a minute of soft chanting at the beginning and at the end: it's 1 hour long - perfect time.

Sit down, close your eyes, and relax..
Close your eyes and hear only the music
or only the sound of your breathing..
Take one SLOW, DEEP breath into your belly,
and let it SLOWLY drift out.. Repeat a few more times
and you will feel a softness come over you..
Bring your awareness to your breath. Feel it.
Relax. Breathe. You're okay. You are okay right now.

I then bring my hands into my desired mudra postion.
I then allow my mind to do what it needs to do - objectively.
When I have a thought, I acknowledge it and let it pass. I do not engage it.
If feelings come up, do not engage them actively. Observe them, and let them pass.
It works if you just let them pass - even if they are intense and seem more real
than anything else on earth
- they WILL PASS - and if you maintain your willpower
through it, when they do pass, you will feel the meaning of true power and confidence.
And your mind will have learned a new trick. Suddenly, things that once made you cringe
or flee in fear whether mentally or physically, will not phase you. Try it.
All human power begins in the mind.

The tricky part is convincing yourself that it's going to be okay - that this actually
works. If you can get past your own false conviction that it doesn't work,
then it WILL work! The fact is, that you are alive and able to read this, therefore
you're able to meditate to whatever degree you choose.
Stay in your sense of being and your personal power. You've got this. Hang in there.

Helpful Tip: If you don't mind singing, you can even just
softly sing the basic OM chant to yourself. Or a mantra of your making! Or just hum!

I recommend looking up the names and types of Hand Mudras - and their effects.
So when you do meditate, you have a reference in front of you on how to do them.

Create your own mudra sequences!

I like to use the APAN VAYU Mudra most generally,
for the most immediate and relaxing effects.
It is called the Heart Mudra because it purportedly helps people with heart issues - and not just physically..

Okay - Meditation down, and you can always come back and reference this whenever you want.
If you have any questions, please PM me and ask. I will answer.

Coming UP - SUPPLEMENTS for repairing yourself, easing withdrawal, and detoxing your body of
the gross shit you put in it!
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For me, supplementation is massive part of my repairing process.
As I mentioned in the prev post, I've been researching this and testing it
on myself for so long, that at this point I know what works for me
and what doesn't.

In this post, I will detail my methods of supplementation
for the repairing/replenishing of:

-General Brain Health
-General Cardiovascular Health
-Glutamate regulation
-Glutathione regulation
-Venal Regeneration
-Wot in tarnation haha jk

This is somewhat in the form of a journal, so it has a loose temporal order to it.

I have to say that I am not a doctor and therefore all my experience
is anecdotal - literally my experience. I just hope someone can
benefit from this.


If I am detoxing medically/pharmaceutically,
I usually wait until it's over before I start any supplement regimen.
If I'm detoxing at home with little or no medication,
I start it immediately.

This stuff has worked wonders for me in sobriety - which tells me
that it's helpful even despite my no longer being on drugs.
I choose to buy the better supplement brands with good reputations,
if I can afford it, so as to avoid any issues of quality. However,
that isn't necessary. Just keep in mind this can get expensive if
you go all out. If you can do it, then by all means.

WARNING - If you take ANY medications regularly, please do your research
to find out if anything interacts with your medication before you do anything.

(Note: Avoid MULTIVITAMINS if you can. Get your vitamins in whole forms,
or in other words with the least quantity of different vitamins all thrown in together.
My exp is that multivitamins do literally nothing for me. Look it up.)

You can get a B-Complex vitamin damn near anywhere.
These vitamins are responsible for energy and metabolism.
At first, I took a B-Complex every other day, and felt a difference.
More energy, more stamina to get through the day, no lethargy.
Over time, I eased up on it, and now I only take it when I feel I need it.
I look for the ones that also contain very few other helpful
and compatible (metabolically speaking) vitamins and minerals.


Vitamin D3

I attended a holistic clinic that specialized in substance abuse, years ago. During that
time, I was attended by a psychiatrist who ran the place. With her medical background,
she was able to create effective treatment plans for anyone, regardless of their DOC, without
using a single pharmaceutical drug. One of the most important supplements she prescribed
to me, was Vitamin D3. She explained that opiate addicts specifically lose this form of
D3, and as a result, certain changes occur in their bodies. Loss of muscle, increase in fat
cell size, resulting in a sort of jell-o layer over thinned out muscles. Yep. So D3 helped me
get back to normal, faster. There are many, many more benefits to D3 - too many to name here.

-Loss of Junkie-Jello layer
-Improved immune system
-compensate for lack of sunlight (if applicable)
-many more

Ginkgo Biloba
I take this first thing in the morning, right before I have a cup
of coffee. It clears the brain fog from withdrawal or sleep, wakes me up more,
and helps me focus. (Also - I have always noticed that it
changes my emotional trigger - makes me less sensitive to them which is a huge
plus when getting sober).
I take it 5 days a week, currently. Morning and afternoon. I take a break on the weekends.

-Clarity of thought
-Improved memory
-Less prone to unnecessary emotionality
-Improves clarity of imagination too
-Excellent to take before reading a book
or anything that is thought/imagination intensive

Korean Ginseng
Ginseng is an well-known and well-understood herb. It is an adaptogen, which generally
means that it adapts to and works with your body to maintain homeostasis, or a central/middle point.
If my blood pressure is super high, it will help bring it down - and if it's too low,
it'll help bring it up. If I'm kicking opiates and/or amphetamines, blood pressure happens
to be a key player in the WD experience, and therefore helped tremendously by this.
Very helpful in stressful situations, too.
Korean Ginseng, specifically, is the type that has a tendency towards
higher operating blood pressure. It is on the energetic side of Ginsengs, and it is what I've been taking.

At first, my BP was usually 150/100 with a pulse of 110 - that lasted a week.
When I started taking Ginseng and meditating, it literally
plummeted to 120/80 with pulse 60, overnight. Meditation helped - but Ginseng made the
key difference in that case. Ginseng also lends stamina, and energy.
Excellent for daytime and afternoon, and *awesome* for any kind of exercise.

-Reduces physical toll of stress
-Helps normalize BP and Pulse
-Calm, smooth energy
-Helps exercise
-Improves cardiovascular conditions


This is an herb that is used in Ayurveda (ancient medicine of India), and an excellent
addition to any detox or sober person.
It is very similar to Ginseng in general, as it is an adaptogen. It therefore
has the same tendencies, regulating BP and the like. However, Ashwagandha has the edge
of providing a kind of energy not found in Ginseng. It gives me a sort of cheerful, smooth
energy that I don't get from Ginseng - and so I tend to take this when I need energy. I currently
take this only when I need it. I have even taken it for sleep - as it seems to do something nice
to my body in that respect. Other times, I can't sleep if I take it. When I do, it's usually in
the morning and afternoon. This is particularly good for the male reproductive system.
In Ayurveda, it is said that Ashwagandha helps to build vitality and general life force (prana).

-Cheerful energy
-Reduces physical toll of stress
-Immune system support
-Helps repair reproductive system in men
-Helps soothe nervous system (good for sleep for some people)

Ginger Root

Ginger is a well-known root that can assist in digestion, help soothe nausea, and even prevent motion-sickness.
Basically, think of Ginger root as a primarily digestive system helper. We, opiate addicts, know the havoc that is
wreaked upon us by opiate withdrawal, and Ginger can help.

-ease nausea
-ease motion-sickness
-assist digestion
-kickstart immune system and circulation

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Fish Oil

Fish Oil has numerous benefits, including for the liver and nervous system.
I can also help regulate cholesterol. This is another supplement I take daily
and which has so many benefits, I will leave it to you to research.

-Improved immune system
-Nervous system support
-Liver support

Alpha Lipoic Acid

...or ALA, this is a powerful antioxidant, making it a sort of age-defying substance.
It also helps your body convert glucose into energy - and somewhere in that process,
helps regulate blood-sugar. It helps stave off dIaBeEtuS. Another curious property
is that it purportedly binds to MERCURY in the bloodstream, "conjugating" it, making it
able to be excreted via the kidneys and bladder. That is called Chelation. I take ALA
roughly twice a week, for the general health benefits. I used to take it almost daily at certain
points, while I was using.

-Blood-sugar regulation
-Powerful antioxidant
-Can help remove toxins from the bloodstream


...or NAC - this is an amino acid that is super special.
I just happened upon one day, when researching how to prevent the damage to my liver
from excessive acetaminophen intake, via Norcos.

Turns out that NAC is given intravenously to Acetaminophen Overdose patients.
It effectively stops the damage and helps reverse it. I bought some and started taking it religiously.
Fast forward to my Heroin days, I took it for its liver-protection and antioxidant benefits.
It also assists your LUNGS in creating the mucous layer that assists in getting rid of
toxins and particulates that enter your lungs. Like cigarette smoke/vape residue, and whatever
else you may have been inhaling.
This is a very strong amino acid. I only take this when I start feeling not-good - but I took
it every other day for the first 2 weeks after detox.
There is some evidence that NAC may actually treat certain mental illnesses.
Here is a well written article on this amazing supplement that gets more in-depth
and has sources diligently noted: http://www.optimallivingdynamics.com/blog/the-powerful-antioxidant-proven-to-treat-6-mental-illnesses

-Powerful antioxidant
-Glutathione regulator
-Prevent liver damage
-Helps liver repair
-Powerful antioxidant
-Improves Lung function
-Reduces Glutamate (excitatory neurotransmitter) which would assist in early substance abuse recovery
by disallowing the neurochemical excitation that contributes to craving, drug-seeking, and therefore, relapse.

-May treat certain mental illnesses
-(see excellent article above)

Green Tea Extract

Love this stuff. I take one every day, in the AM. It provides a smooth kind
of energy, not forced. It also has antioxidant properties, and also contains an amino acid
I will mention next - L-Theanine (although in small amounts). One compound in GTE is called
Epigallo-Catechin Gallate, ot EGCG. This stuff is particularly good for you - and - happens to
be a necessary addition to yet another supplement I will describe soon. I sometimes pass up the coffee
or tea in the afternoon because I don't want the feeling that comes with it - but if I still want
or need energy, I will take a GTE pill instead.

-Smooth, non-jittery energy
-Good substitute for coffee
-Takes energy-creation load off body
-Sort of calming, too
-Works with other herbs really well


Magnesium is great for muscle issues, and could help with sleep.
Also - a lot of us are Mg deficient, due to diet and lifestyle.
I take Magnesium Citrate on an as-needed basis. I noticed that if
I took it every day, I started getting legit intestinal issues...lol.
Magnesium can be a laxative, too. But maybe you need that? Eh?
It is a mild NMDA receptor antagonist, which could help reset your
endorphin receptors more quickly. Check your supplement ingredient list:
B]Try to avoid Magnesium Oxide - I understand
that it has very low bioavailability.[/B]

-Relax muscles
-NMDA receptor antagonist = endorphin receptor reset
-Replenish depleted levels
-Can be a mild laxative if you need it (ie small amounts daily)


This is an amino acid. It is the precursor, or raw material used by your body
to make Dopamine and Noradrenaline. It gives me energy, sharper thinking, better workouts,
and improved mood. I like taking this before a workout, or sometimes just at the beginning
of the day, if I feel like I need it. It has virtually no side effects (I never experienced any)
and also helps in the absorption of other amino acids. It just so happens that tyrosine helps
skin receive pigmentation via the addition of melanin - so if you're super pasty and pale,
this MAY help you get a tan. I'm not sure, since I never tested it out that way - but it truly
does assist in pigmentation, according to the literature I studied.
Above all, this is an effective Dopamine booster.
Note - aminos are best taken alone and on an empty stomach.

-Increased physical energy
-Better workout
-Sharper thinking
-Improved mood


Also an amino acid. I've had a rather odd history with this one. All the literature I read pointed
towards this substance being able to raise levels of endophins in the brain. I tested this, and while
I felt more like I took L-Tyrosine, I personally didn't notice any boost in endorphin-like feelings.
Nevertheless, this is a great alternate to L-Tyrosine. In fact, DLPA is used by your body to MAKE
L-Tyrosine! So it's the precursor of the precursor to Dopamine. The feeling is a little different.
DLPA feels more dense/heavier - but just as boosty as L-Tyrosine. I would switch to DLPA instead of
L-Tyrosine if I happened to be a person with chronic pain. It's the chronic pain people that I've heard
say that it somehow helps their daily pain, noticeably.


-Improved mood
-Increased physical energy
-Endorphin boost(?)
-May help lessen chronic pain

Mucuna Pruriens

This, here, is a strong one.
Mucuna Pruriens is a very straightforward and effective method to boost Dopamine.
It contains natural quantities of L-Dopa, which are very quickly converted into useable
Dopamine in the brain. There is a catch - it must be taken with an herb that contains
EGCGs (such as Green Tea Extract or GTE) so as to prevent the destruction of the Dopamime molecule in the bloodstream
prior to reaching the brain. I thought this might be nonsense, but I tried taking it with
and also without GTE - and there definitely was a difference.

-Requires EGCG taken together.

Mucuna will also boost testosterone. Not in any massive way - but it does. That is perfect
for us guys whose TEST levels went down from all the using. It bring clear, sharp thinking,
sociality, physical energy, and many other benefits. This is like the keystone of this supplement
guide, as it has made the biggest difference for me. It works just as well for girls, too!
Girls need Dopamine as much as men do. And no, it will not make you manly. Girls ALSO utilize
TEST in their bodies - it is responsible for SEX DRIVE in both genders.

So I take the one called DopaBean by Solaray, because it is the only one
out of 4 that I've tried that is *excellent* quality. It really is made very well, and not
too expensive. (I believe this may also contribute to tanning via Melanin production)

-Improved mood
-Sharp thinking
-Increased physical and mental energy
-Testosterone boost (not major)
-Can help in weight loss
-Can help in quitting smoking
-Can treat low-energy depression
-In my exp, it helps bring body temp up if you're in a cold climate
and also helps body temp issues if you're kicking opiates.

*Must be taken with EGCG (like green tea extract) to work 100%

mOrRrReeEEe coming SoOoOOOOn!
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Another amino acid. This one is also special. L-Theanine is found in Green Tea,
though in small amounts. It is likely what is responsible for the apparent
calm of avid green tea drinkers.
L-Theanine helps your brain into Alpha Wave state. ALpha waves are known for
being the waves present in the human brain when the person is relaxed, yet
attentive. You likely get into this when you play an instrument, or watch a
movie, or read a book. Beta waves are the active ones, when you are on alert or running
or arguing or laughing.

I love this stuff because it truly works. I have read that it raises levels
of Serotonin and GABA, both of which are on the relaxing end of the neurotransmitter spectrum.
All of us who use drugs or drink or smoke weed are deficient in serotonin to some
degree. And not many of us are able to remain mentally calm even when situations
call for that (like bedtime). L-Theanine has helped me through countless situations
in which I could not calm myself enough to be satisfied.
It has almost no side effects; a form of it is even patented by one company, their formulation
being referred to as SUNTHEANINE (high quality). It can be taken any time of any day.
I only take this when I need it - which was every day, at first.
Research. And watch out for formulations where L-Theanine is one of way too many things.
Get it alone if you can.

-Calmer, more lucid thinking
-Helps bring one down from the active Beta wave state
-Helps sleep
-Can help study
-Does not usually cause nightmares like Melatonin
-Can raise levels of calming neurotransmitters, Serotonin and GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid)

Rhodiola Rosea

I have not yet tried Rhodiola - but it has been recommended to me by a surprising amount
of people. One told me it worked better for him than Ashwagandha. So I will update once I try it.
Try looking it up for yourself.

Evening Primrose Oil

This is an oil pressed from the Evening Primrose, which only blooms at night.

Which is just.....fucking cool.

Anyways, it has numerous benefits - even more for females. I take this for my skin. I learned firsthand
how well this stuff works for the weird breakouts I would get while getting sober - or while doing
a lot of Meth. I was introduced by a girl - one who was taking it for something involving period cramps -
apparently it helps those. But it also helps skin.

-Clearer skin
-Skin actually gets a little thicker, more supple
-Actually contains some Phenylalanine (probably good for cramps)
-Contains Gamma Linolenic Acid (a fatty acid)
-If you have any skin conditions that are chronic, like eczema, I believe this helps


If you don't already know about Melatonin, I highly suggest you do. Melatonin is the
hormone released by your brain when your body perceives darkness, causing the sleepiness
to set it as a result. It is heavily involved with your body's circadian rhythm, and so
therefore it can be scrambled beyond recognition just by switching your sleep schedule up
suddenly. This is good for training yourself to go to sleep at certain times of the day.
It will not, however, PUT you to sleep. It is a very light supplement, and yet it is a chemical
that is important. So be careful how you use it, and what you mix it with, since you could get
opposite effects or it may just stop working. Tolerance builds at a medium rate.

I no longer take Melatonin daily - only on an as needed basis. However, it is safe to take
daily/consecutive nights, as long as you can take breaks here and there.
(Supposedly, it helps decalcify the pineal.. Not sure if that's true, but let me tell you, dreams
can get super weird while taking this.. and what comes from the pineal gland?)

-Improved sleep quality
-Supports circadian rhythm
-May delcalcify pineal gland*

Valerian Root

Valerian is a very easy, and safe herb to use for relaxation or sleep.
It just so happens to smell so bad, that the smell alone has prevented me
from taking it, on occasion. Like dirty smelly feet mixed with dried pine needles. Lol.
But it works really well! I feel noticeable relaxation when taking Valerian.
I take this a couple of times per week, when needed really. The only real problem is that
tolerance to its effects skyrockets quickly. So it's best to use this only here and there.

-Improved sleep
-Supports relaxation while awake
-Smells so bad, it regulates itself
-Contains Valeric Acid and Quercetin (research)

Note: Valerian Root induces a liver enzyme that is responsible for the breakdown of the major
active alkaloids in Kratom. Therefore, it could be an effective method of reversing a Kratom
intoxication. On the other hand, if you don't want your Kratom to be metabolized quicker than
it should, then do not take Valerian with it.

Combinations coming Next!
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This is an extract from the french maritime pine bark.
It caught my eye a few years ago when I read that it could help
your body repair and regenerate veins. Perfect for any IV user.
I didn't take it long enough to be able to tell if it was making
my veins come back, or if it was just the exercise I was doing.
There appears to be some decent study information on this stuff,
so I highly recommend it.

-Helps treat allergies
-Improves cardiovascular system
-Reduces aging (excessive stimulant users...wink wink)
-Improves skin appearance
-Helps regenerate veins via mechanism that would normally help
a person suffering from venal sclerosis - which is exactly what it's
called when you slam drugs too much and damage your veins!

5-Hydroxytryptophan or 5-HTP

5-HTP is the all-purpose Serotonin booster. It has been a staple and favorite
of many health-minded stimulant users, the world over. Not only can it help relax
you, but it can assist in sleep, study, and overall mental health. Serotonin is
released in massive quantities when you roll or do meth, for example. The crash
afterwards is a result of the lack of Serotonin, among others.
However. Taking too much of this stuff can cause Serotonin Syndrome and that can
be deadly. I accidentally took too much over the course of a week, once...and without
going into detail, I thought my heart was going to stop beating. It was really weird
and it fucking SUCKED.
Also, since Serotonin is the major neurotransmitter being interacted with by antidepressants,
it is usually a bad idea to take this if you take any PSYCH medications.
For the rest of you, 5-HTP is a very useful and helpful tool in recovering from drug use.
I currently take it only on occasion - but at first I took a small amount every night,
and I felt the difference.
People with compulsive behaviors: sex, gambling, masturbation, lying, eating, etc.. Look this stuff up.

-Replenished Serotonin
-Improved sleep
-Helps relax
-Can help study
-Can help certain people with compulsions, like sex addiction, food, masturbation, etc..(look that up)

Mitragyna Speciosa or Kratom

Kratom is an herb that is endemic to some spots in Southeast Asia. It is actually a tree, and its leaves have been
harvested and chewed by the people of the areas for a very...long....time. Like tobacco.
The purpose is that Kratom leaves contain many different alkaloids that work together
to create what we know to be the effect of Kratom.
Its effects include:
-gives energy
-sharpness of thought
-eliminate stress
-and much more.

I want to be careful about this one, though. Two of it's active alkaloids, known
as Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, have been proven to have agonist activity
at the human MU endorphin receptor. This means that it works like a mild opioid, without actually
being one. My caution here is to warn people that Kratom can be addictive - especially to people
who already have issues with addiction. I have taken great care to make sure I was in the right headspace
when beginning a Kratom regimen, and I have not encountered any issues. I currently take 2 grams in the morning,
and 2 grams in the early evening.

With this, I have literally zero desire to do any drugs or drink alcohol, or behave
badly really, in any way. Normally, at this point in sobriety I would have started acting crazy and doing stupid shit
without realizing what I was doing, eventually leading to my relapse. This time - no stupid shit. Nothing.
I have kept this tool working for me, instead of against me.
So despite it's myriad benefits, I would like to caution you all about this. I've done the research and found zero
deaths caused by Kratom, and that makes sense - but you don't want to trigger yourself into doing drugs or alcohol
again simply because you were actually looking for a "legal high". CHECK YOUR MOTIVES.

Forget everything you've heard from people who were just trying to get fucked up by taking this stuff. They were idiots, almost ruined it for the rest of us, by getting the DEA's attention. This is an extremely helpful herb - so much so, that when the DEA tried to schedule it alongside fucking HEROIN, so many people raised their voices and signed petitions, that the ban was delayed. As far as I know, the ban is not going
to happen. Look it up. It is still legal in most states in the USA.

*****Stay away from Kratom extracts - they will skyrocket your tolerance and it will stop working for you. DON'T USE EXTRACTS - only the
plain leaf or powdered leaf, not "enhanced".*****

Treat Kratom with respect, and it will help you on your journey!

-pain relief
-manageable effects
-relaxing too
-works as a nonsynthetic antidepressant for many people (me included - I don't do psych meds)
-excellent replacement for coffee: a smooth, non-jittery energy
-gives motivating
-good for studying or reading (great with ginkgo)
-can assist in finding peaceful center when you first start meditating
-can assist in easing withdrawal symptoms of almost any kind
-particularly good for an at-home detox from major opiate addiction,
as long as you can put the Kratom down, too.

-I've been told it's an excellent addition to a marijuana high. If you are
a stable wheat smonker, this may be a good way to add in an energetic aspect.

(*Take good care to check your motives for taking it - if you feel obsessive or compulsive about it, put the idea away for a while.
Make sure you're in an already decent headspace, because taking Kratom effectively requires discipline and
real, brutally honest self-knowledge.)

Update: Valerian Root happens to induce a certain liver enzyme, and in doing so, can cause
the Mitragynine & Friends (main alkaloids in Kratom) to be metabolized much, much faster than otherwise.
Ginkgo Biloba also induces this liver enzyme, but not to the extent as Valerian.

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Thanks for the feedback, Tranced. I hope you enjoy it and get something from it.

The next section will be in reference to combinations of supplements, their qualities as such,
paired with extremely simple exercise routines, since some of these supplements actually activate and work better
when physical activity occurs. Stay tuned!
I didn't read any of this yet but how do you feel about marijuana use?
If kratom is included I feel it would be appropriate for cannabis to be as well. Its use definitely has legitimate values and concerns when it comes to people in recovery - just like kratom.

To echo Tranced, this is a nice addition to SL. I'm going to sleep on it for now, but given how informative this is I may just add it to the SL Directory. Thanks for your hard work! :)
You are correct, toothpastedog. And thank you for considering adding this to the directory.

Marijuana happens to be an incredibly beautiful, useful, and all around lovely plant. I have feelings for it, almost as if it were a sentient being.
It also happens that it does not serve me psychologically, anymore. That may change in the future, but for now, I find myself more often
hindered by it than helped. But that is me - and I can only speak for myself. I will only be elucidating and expounding on the things
I can be absolutely certain about, for myself.

MJ again is a wonderful plant, and deserving of a place in any real, no-bullshit health guide.
If anyone wants to do a legit, relatively scholarly write-up on Mary Jane, please by all means do so and add it to this thread!
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Breathe, you are a welcome addition to the SL community. Plus we need more real life human beings in our world. SoCal represent %)

Check out the list of bb code you can use to spruce up how your thread looks: http://www.bluelight.org/vb/misc.php?do=bbcode#

That would be cool to have a recovery oriented cannabis thread. . . This is a worthwhile idea I am going to explore with other staff. Thanks Breathe! What did I say =D
Thank you for saying that - much appreciated! Socal indeed - we are who we are!
Got the link.

I agree - I know many people in recovery who smonk the wheat. And it works for them.

I'm going to get into combos tomorrow!
Awesome work, Breathe! ;)

Please add Palmitoylethanolamide for Cannabis-dependant individuals! Reduces the amount needed to smoke daily, has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties too.
Sceletium Tortuosum could be used instead of synthetic SSRI's as an alternative method to battle depression caused by serotonin depletion.
I found great success with indian supplement Cardimap - combination of Ayurvedic system herb extracts for reducing hypertension, anxiety, tension, insomnia, primarily Rauwolfia Serpentina, great natural anti-psychotic.
Lion's Mane mushroom - awesome when in need to repair your nerves, physically repairs nerve tissues. I had started having neuropathic pain from physically damaged part of my feet and just in a few days of using it daily 3 three times, its A LOT better! Take it on a regular basis now, cycling it every few months. Presumably could be helpful with cancer therapy as well.

Perhaps some nootropics deserve to be tried as well IMO.
Aniracetam for music appreciation, better memory and overall mood giddiness.
CDP-Choline as a potent choline source which also produces Cytidine, a potential antidepressant - good for neuroprotection, memory, stress easing, improves vision.
Noopept - very potent neuropeptide nootropic with promising anti-depressant effect that is based on clear thinking inducing, it is a potent anti-inflammatory aid, neuroprotective and perhaps improves vision as well.

I hope that helps! :)
I appreciate your input, Volsam!

Once I have done some research on them, I will add them to a list of supplements I haven't yet tried but sound promising.
Since you personally have experience with them - would you mind writing up your findings? You can DM them to me and I'll add them in
with all your info. The only thing I might change is structure, but not the info.

I had almost forgotten about nootropics, because I was writing all that from memory and am not currently
taking any. But I will add them. The ones you mentioned sound super interesting.

This guide is intended to be something one can rely on in times of emergency and without the help
of others. Obviously, many people attempting to quit drugs often sign up for detox and/or rehab, which
means they'll likely be given medications to ease their detox, and subsequently enter rehab - during which
Kratom and Marijuana are not allowed. We can all thank certain numbskulls for that, as they are the ones
who ruined it for the rest of us by overdoing it and being very "addicty" about it. I even attended one rehab
where energy drinks were banned, due to someone who overdid it. Lol.

Anyway, thanks again!
I appreciate what you have done and I guess if you would combine each of those supplements into one good tasting drink and market it as a detox/stay sober drink you could earn some bucks :)

One thing I would like you to consider adding into general suggestions is about the food you eat in general. I have noticed making food out of the least processed ingredients by your own is the key for me to stay healthy and helps the withdrawals somewhat when compared eating a diet of highly processed junk food out of the freezer from the store that I just microwave at home.

There are two key benefits in my opinion for doing real food by yourself. Firstly the nutritional value is much better when compared to a processed foods as the food is absorbed better by your body and nothing has been taken out or spoiled due the processing and secondly you get to do something by your own and can actually feel good for atleast doing something and maybe even feel rewarded for achieving to cook your own food.

Also maintaining a varying diet helps to get all the nutrients needed to stay healthy and therefore you don't have to supplement that much. For example eating fish is generally more beneficial than not eating fish but taking fish oil supplements.

I only take a few supplements but I still manage to stay healthy and feel well as I get most of the stuff my body needs from the normal diet I have.

I am not against taking supplements but I just don't feel the need for them which may be different for others who actually could benefit from supplements.
You make an excellent point, MrRoot. Food is a very important component of recovering from drug use.
I will create a section for food-health awareness. Thank you for your input.

Note - I got called into work so I haven't had the time to do the next write-up - coming soon, though!
Hello Bluelight!

Okay - finally some time off!
I apologize for the delay, as work and home life has become
troublesome lately. Before I post the supplement schedule, I have to vent.

The rehab industry has become a get-rich-quick scheme for the sketchy, sociopathic,
business-minded people such as those that are usually our heroin, crack, or meth dealers.
Think of the most sociopathic, evil, duplicitous, envious, power-hungry, conniving, manipulative,
and insensitive people you've met - I bet some of them were drug dealers? Or pimps? Or both?

Well. Check this out.
Those monsters have discovered a new hustle,
and that is the rehab industry. You wouldn't believe how many people I've met
and even worked for, who were once your average street corner dealer, or drug smuggler, or
even arms-trader or pimp. It totally makes sense, considering the assertiveness and effort
that goes into doing those jobs on the street or black market. It's a natural fit for them!

These people have basically infiltrated the recovery scene, and have
switched from selling you drugs,
to selling you drugs and then treating you for it,
before selling you drugs again when you relapse. WHEN you relapse, not IF.
Even relapses are manufactured and triggered by these.....things.

It is dis-gus-ting. It is so, so wrong.
And I just so happen to live in a sober house that is run by one of these pieces of living shit. I just uncovered
the truth and so many past instances suddenly made sense.. I didn't see it before because she is very
good at hiding it. I've been here for 10 months, and only saw her maybe twice a month.

So, long story short, I'm moving! I've had a desire to move, but I have become good friends
with the other guy that lives here, and that alone has deterred me from leaving so quickly.

Okay - I feel a little better. (sigh)
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Timing is everything

Here's a beautiful ocean wave

In my view of things, waves in the ocean represent a simple physical manifestation
of the concept o natural rhythm, flow, current, tide, as well as the duality of power and receptivity.

At any given time, every one of us is part of the ocean of life and all connected in some way.
Life does behave much like an ocean - dynamic. To be as water, is to adapt and to move with the currents,
allowing life to take its natural course. The world is bigger than any one of us - but the universe
that each person experiences is unique, and understandably complex.

Keeping that in mind, I want to stress to you guys that you do your research
on the hand mudras I explained in the beginning, practice meditation, get some exercise,
drink a lot of water, and research any and all supplements I mention if you believe
they will help you. Everyone is going to have a unique experience with this
based on your unique physiology and biology. Don't overdo. Align yourself
with what your body tells you, and flow with it - don't force anything unless
you have to.
So this next section will be addressing the supplements I have written about,
and more specifically, my:

-Exercises that can actuate their effects

Please remember that everyone is unique in their body chemistry,
and I can only describe that which has worked for me, but this should
provide somewhat of a template for anyone wanting to benefit from this.

There is one thing that is across the board for all of us,
and that is DRINKING WATER. Drink plenty of water, all day long,
every single day of your life. Water plays a major role in helping
your body repair itself, and it also helps facilitate the actions
of these supplements. DRINK LOTS OF WATER!


Through my research and a lot of trial & error,
I have found that the supplements have a greater effect
and place a lesser amount of stress on the liver
when taken in doses spaced throughout the day. They are not
toxic to the liver as they are - but too much at once forces the
liver to work really hard to break everything down.
So I will take you through a very averaged-out week in my life,
with the dosages and timing also averaged out - this does not
indicate my actual schedule, but a generalized overview
with the usual times I would take them.

The dosages and specific supplements chosen
will reflect what I am doing that day, which I will note.

Warning: Do not think that you can just take everything
at once and get the same benefits - again, your liver will not appreciate that
and as a result, you may feel tired, sluggish, and miss out on their benefits.
The less in quantity that you take at once, the better it works.

Timing is important, as you'll see!



Sunday (off work)


- 1 cup of water (important)
- Kratom (Maeng Da) = 2.5g

- cup of coffee/tea

Late Morning:

- Korean Ginseng = 200mg
- B-complex vitamin

Exercise time:

- Green Tea Extract = 500mg/30%EGCG
- Mucuna Pruriens = 333mg (aka DopaBean by Solaray - best one I've found in pill form)
- Then I do some mild cardio, followed by a Yoga session.


- Vitamin D3 = 5,000 iu
- Fish Oil = 300mg
- Evening Primrose Oil = 1000mg

Late Afternoon:

- Kratom (Maeng Da) = 2g




- Theanine Serene = 2 tablets (Great product by Source Naturals - contains magnesium)


Monday (work)


- 1 cup of water
- Ginkgo Biloba = 60mg
- Kratom (Bali) = 2g

- cup of coffee/tea

Late Morning:
- Ashwagandha = 475mg (PLNT by Vitamin Shoppe - good product)
- Fish Oil = 300mg


- Green Tea Extract = 250mg/30% EGCG
- Ginkgo Biloba = 60mg

Late Afternoon:

- Evening Primrose Oil = 1000mg


- Kratom (Bali) = 2g


- Valerian Root = 2,120mg (sounds crazy but that's an average dose)


Tuesday (work)


- 1 cup of water
- Ginkgo Biloba = 60mg
- Kratom (Maeng Da) = 2g

- cup of coffee/tea

Late Morning:

- Ashwagandha = 475mg (PLNT by Vitamin Shoppe - good product)


- Fish Oil = 300mg
- Evening Primrose Oil = 1000mg

Late Afternoon:

- Ginkgo Biloba = 60mg
- Kratom (Maeng Da) = 2g


- N-Acetyl-Cysteine = 600mg


- Theanine Serene = 2 tablets
- Alpha Lipoic Acid = 200mg


Wednesday (work)


- 1 cup of water
- Ginkgo Biloba = 60mg
- Kratom (Bali) = 2g

- cup of coffee/tea

Late Morning:

- Korean Ginseng = 100mg


- Green Tea Extract = 250mg/30% EGCG

Late Afternoon:

- Ginkgo Biloba = 60mg


- Kratom (Bali) = 2g


- 5-HTP = 100mg
- Melatonin = 3mg


Thursday (work + social event)


- 1 cup of water
- Ginkgo Biloba = 60mg
- Kratom (Maeng Da) = 2g

Late Morning:

- Ashwagandha = 475mg
- B-complex vitamin


- Vitamin D3 = 5,000 iu
- Fish Oil = 300mg

Late Afternoon:

- Mucuna Pruriens = 333mg
- Green Tea Extract = 500mg/30% EGCG


- Kratom (Maeng Da) = 2-3g
- Ginkgo Biloba = 60mg

(~social event~)


- N-Acetyl-Cysteine = 600mg
- Alpha Lipoic Acid = 200mg
- Theanine Serene = 2 tablets
- 1 full cup of water


Friday (work + family/friend time)


- 1 cup of water
- Ginkgo Biloba = 60mg
- Kratom (Bali) = 2g

- cup of coffee/tea

Late Morning:

- B-complex vitamin

....wait 30-45min, then....

- L-Tyrosine = 500mg
- Green Tea Extract = 250mg/30% EGCG

~family/friend time~


- Fish Oil = 300mg
- Evening Primrose Oil = 1000mg

Late Afternoon:

- Ginkgo Biloba = 60mg
- Kratom (Bali) = 2g




Valerian Root = 2,120mg


Saturday (off work + exercise + social event)


- 1 cup of water
- Ginkgo Biloba = 60mg
- Kratom (Maeng Da) = 2g

- cup of coffee/tea

Late Morning:

- Mucuna Pruriens = 333mg
- Green Tea Extract = 500mg/30% EGCG


- Kratom (Maeng Da) = 1g
- Korean Ginseng = 200mg

..wait 30min, then..

- L-Theanine (pure) = 200mg

~go hiking or jogging~

Late Afternoon

- B-complex vitamin
- N-Acetyl-Cysteine = 600mg
- Ashwagandha = 475mg


- Ginkgo Biloba = 60mg
- Kratom (Maeng Da) = 2g

~social event~


- Valerian Root = 1060mg
- Melatonin = 3mg


THE most overlooked rule in the world, I think,
is that when your body feels good, you feel good.

It's so simple, yet so hard to attain when you're coming off drugs
or worse, when you're on them. Our bodies are the things that feel
blasted off into hyperdimensional pleasure-space when we do our fav drugs..
Even our minds are affected by the sensory condition of our bodies.

When you do even mild exercise and treat your body well,
it treats you well right back! I do not mean you need to be lifting weights or
doing Crossfit - I mean even if you jump on a stationary bike and pedal
for 20 minutes, 3 times per week, your body will respond with
-higher endorphin levels
-better blood pressure
-better circulation
-improved mood
-clearer thinking
-lower stress

Those are all things we want - things we seek in drugs, and find - but to an unnatural
and dangerous degree. We, as humans, were never meant to experience the bliss of
a heroin high or a meth high or a crack high. Those experiences cannot be duplicated
in normal physiological conditions by any behavior or thought we have.
We are meant to have a different kind of high - the natural high that people often
refer to as feeling "alive". You start, by repairing and treating your body well.
All good feelings come from it - almost everything in our experience has a biological origin.

Take care of yourselves - start now!

Coming up next - adjuncts to your physical recovery that can be found nearby!
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That sounds awful.

Our rehabs are run by national healthcare and operate within university hospitals and such and I haven't hadn't seen any evidence of those being run by he guys you described.

I think it does a big difference if rehab is run by the same healthcare provider that gives out all the other healthcare related treatment, research and support which is given to other "normal" healthcare patients and addicts are just part of their patients which leads them not to indiscriminate them as addicts are faced with a same dignity and compassion as a guy suffering from some other illness.

This leads to a fact that for example socioeconomic assessing help is incorporated into the rehab as they give on counseling and even real help like even applying for social benefits together and looking for a house or assisted housing while you are in a rehab.

Those in a condition which enables them to start going to jobs or start rehabitilating jobs few times in a week will be presented an oppurtunity for that.

ORT clinics even operate under normal healthcare. My clinic is within our local healthcare center and instead of just grabbing my suboxone few times a week and dissolving the dose under their supervision during the times I go to the clinic I have an oppurtunity to talk about my drug use and the cravings etc. while I am on there.

Once a week I have an 45 min appointment for all the the talk I feel like I am upto not to mention the visit to my personal doctor every two weeks. My personal doctor also treats everything else not ORT related in that health center.

No to mention that I visit psychiatric every other week and I right now going through an evaluation phase for DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy).

There simply is no place for doing business with rehabs or ORT clinics as they are part of national healthcare systems.

They also have included socioeconomical services into their treatment models which I have seen is very efficient way of working as a guy in s rehab have a steady income from benefits as well as a housing available when he leaves out of the rehab center and may even have a plan on how to get back into working life by multiple different supporting actions.