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Junky Hunters


Dec 22, 2015
Seeing the first 20 minutes or so, til they get to their definition of ‘Junkie Hunter’. I really appreciate that these two are not Junkie Hunters,

For reference to anyone who doesn’t understand.

Junkie Hunter: Someone who works in he rehab industry who aims to help only people who they find out have private insurance. If they find out you don’t, they skip you over because they do not get a margin.

These two have the same job but they have a non-discriminate manner where they do not avoid people without, but even spend extra time specifically finding the people who need help the most as they don’t have insurance. It’s much more eithical that they do this approach. They certainly don’t have to.

There are people who work in rehab industry who even make a salary if they’re well known. Brandon Novak, formerly of Jackass, has this job and well publicized too in PA. I don’t know truly if he’s got openings for hose without insurance, but he at least offers a lot of hope through his books and well watched talks and interviews.