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[Ketamine Subthread] First Time

Ketamine has always alleviated anxiety and panic for me which has led to occasional binging and addictive behavior. It has never interfered with my day to day life, but there have been times where I was doing K at the end of the night to unwind for many days in a row. Just be wary that it can be strongly psychologically addictive for some.

On the off chance that you do begin to panic (which has only happened to me once in the hundreds of times I've done it) I'd recommend breathing exercises to calm yourself down. Just remember the physical danger of ketamine is small and any perceived negative effects are likely psychological.

Start with a low dose, around 30-50 mg the first time you try it and work your way up. It's very difficult to overdose on ketamine. The biggest risk to doing it alone would likely be vomiting while in a k-hole, but even this risk is generally negligible if you don't get nauseous from lower doses. I've seen people puke at the start of their k-hole, but even then were still able to move around right up until they stopped vomiting.
Vomiting (aspiration) would not be as big of a risk as with other drugs IMO because the gag reflex is relatively hardly depressed like it is with downers like alcohol or opiates. But yes it is still a possibility but it shouldn't be a cause for concern.
The numbing aspect of ketamine's dissociation can indeed make it easier to let go of panic, anxiety or worries about your current state. Things become much more simple in a lot of ways, but complex in the cognitive and conceptual department.
I thought that I was dead before, but its a dissociative, so that's kind to be expected. You can just zone out and sit in a comfy position or lay down for a while and be in a dream like state. Take a Xanax if you have anxiety. That should help. First look up to see if there are interactions though, I'm not certain on that one. But if you blow it (no IV or IM), you shouldn't worry about OD'ing. That's rare, and it burns so you won't want a huge line. I had a lot of fun the first time, and I was like 17 or 16, so you should be fine. I know people say it's addictive, and I've known some people who have had a problem with it, but I honestly don't see how you could become addicted to any type of psychedelic or dissociative. It would be really, really hard. It's the kind of drug I can pick up 4 times a year and be happy, and less usually. And I've been addicted to every drug on the planet at one time or another.
For your first time I would recommend a dark room, and small bumps until you get where you want, in this way the sensory deprivation can give you hole like visuals, without having the increase in negative side effects a large dose would require.
But seeing as you're a first time user the hole could very intimidating, as it isn't like other psychedelics where the feeling is mostly visual, it feels like a roller coaster, you get the butterflies in your stomach, you can feel like you're flying, falling, flipping upside, and flying through space all at the same time.
I would start with 25mg in a dark room and see where it takes you, this is my absolute favourite, and if you're laying on your carpet with a blanket underneath or something comfy there is almost zero chance of you hurting yourself
While benzo's will make you forgetful and blurry about the ketamine experience, that is not true Sayer. Ketamine is not really a downer. There can be drug interactions if you take it very far but they might have more to do with enzymatic inhibition and things like that. Your heartrate can even be slightly higher than normally when you are on ketamine.
Evidence that it is safe to take with benzo's is the fact that for surgery ketamine is usually administered with a strong and amnestic / hypnotic / anaesthetic benzo like midazolam which would otherwise be as unsafe as it'd get. The benzo is added to make sure you don't wake up during surgery tripping heavily on K effects but instead stay under and be forgetful.

Still, don't take Xanax unless you have really bad anxiety or panic - otherwise it will ruin the experience and make you hella groggy.
Very strange drug. Start with a low dose to see whether or not you like it.

Definitely agree. I really didn't like it at 60 mg, and lied there waiting for it to be over for about an hour until effects wore off. I don't know if I could recommend to someone with anxiety. I strongly prefer stimulants and empathogens over other classes of drugs.
man i love me some k lol. its by far one of the more fun drugs to do because it makes everything wobbly and goofy feeling. i bought a few vials a couple years ago because it was dirt cheap. cooked it down into a nice fine powder, tho it took constant attention to keep it from becoming crystally. i like it more powdery than crystally, seems like it absorbs better.

if you have never done it before, i think you will enjoy it. but as with any drug, start small because you can always do more but you can never take less once you have already done it.
love it love it love........my fave drug for the last 12 yrs and still is, its like rocky horse shite in the north east of england now.........bastardo!!!!
I was the remote

Had my first K-hole today - greatest hour of my life. Serious.

Going into it was heaven, it was so layered. Then the bulk of it, I was a dissociated buzzing blur listening to the etherial sound of Lana del Rey (the K kiss of music, it compliments so well) moving the atoms of the world and rolling my consciousness into space. Then I did it, I managed to pull it down, I peeled the curtain of reality from its corners and heaved myself over it at a diagonal, my mind slid out the top of body and I lifted it over the threshold, it was so crisp, fresh, cool to the skin and it was darker than the darkest black, beyond black. I held myself there and reached about 3/4 completely out of my body and then slumped back into it. I know what the afterlife feels like now. I cannot wait to get back to the innerverse. I can see myself running with K for a while.......