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[LSD Subthread] First time LSD

acid is nothing like E so don't think that it will be cuz it won't...if you want to be social acid would not be a good idea unless you're naturally comfortable around strangers...if yer the kinda person who needs to be inebriated on some type of substance to be social then acid is not that substance...acid carries a huge mindfuck factor...it tends to make you paranoid and delusional...it may amplify your distrust in strangers around you...
but if you feel that you can handle it then take 1 hit (tab, drop, whatever) first...if you don't feel anything in an hour take 1 more hit or smoke some weed...if in another hour you still feel nothing or nothing more than the weed then i'm sorry but you got bunk acid...
If lsd is in more abundance than e is where you live, i might need to consider moving. But to be serious, go to erowid or the lyceaum and read the trip reports.
everyone is different with acid.
i have friends that all did the same shit as me, and i hated it, some of them loved it, and others had mixed feelings about it.
i prefer to have energy, but that substance im not gonna talk about in this part of bluelight.
everyone is different with every drug, dude. And as for you can find LSD but not E, thats fucking bullshit, cause I've had to wade through E dealer after E dealer to find a steady acid hookup, fuck some E (i love E) I want some acid.
first get yourself at LEAST 4 hits of acid, then rent fear and loathing in las vegas (if you havnt seen it) watch in hotel room, drop acid, wander streets aimlessly. ive alwyas wanted to do this so have fun!
I'm in my 30's. That's why E is hard to find for me because I don't run with the younger crowd and I have a very white collar job.
I just saw your post and had to reply, didnt even read what the others put.. Welll, I have done sooo much acid, lsd whatever you wanna call it I cannot count how many times, but for me, it is only something "social" if you are with a group of close together friends you dont mind geeking out with for the next 8 hours, I recommend knowing the source you get it from. I never have liked staying in one place to long on Sid, I advise see nature as much of it as possible, its fucking great! take your favorite tunes along in a boomie box. E is completely mellow compaired , in my opinion, you might be prepaired slighty that is if u get really good shit, just be careful if you do and have a great fucking time.
**what a long strange trip its been**- gratefuldead
If I were you (which im not) I would not fuck with acid. My advice to any one in the world would be to stay the fuck away from that shit. You'll do it once, and love it. Then maybe you'll do it a couple more times. Then all of the sudden you find out you dont like acid anymore, but then its too late..... Your already in the "tripno-world". Acid changes you. Everytime you do it, it changes you a little bit more. Even if you do it one time, you'll start to look at things in a different way (different... good?? no). If you like the person you are now and enjoy being who you are, then I would stay away from acid. If not, then have fun. You might love the shit. Me personally, I liked the way I was.....
-Wanna copy me and do exactly like I did, try cid (acid) and get fucked up worse than my life is-
acid- Ive been insane, I wont ever be the same.
Good luck, see ya on the other side.
Look 2much, you piss me off. Just cuz you fucked up and ate what, 12 hits and had an earth shattering bad trip that has fucked your mind up doesnt mean others will end up like you. Ive never had a real bad trip or anything cuz i would never eat more than about 5 hits. If someone eats between 1-5, no more than 2 for a first time, you can really enjoy acid. There is a reason its measured in such small quantities, its fuckin strong and if you take to much it aint good. Dont spread your shit here to someone who wants to try acid and have a good time with it!
I've done my fair share of acid, I will admit I developed quite a problem with it over one summer. The supply was steady, cheap and readily available, so I ended up taking about 60 hits of acid over the course of 2 months.
It all finally hit bottom when I decided me and some friends decided to consume 2 tenstrips each. I tripped for way to long, it was so intense. I wouldn't say it was a bad trip, just to much coming at me at one time and after it all was over I felt pretty burnt out, saw trails for a couple of days. I'm perfectly fine now however, but I learnt my lesson.
Respect lsd, it can be an amazing experience, lsd has alot to show people, but some things, especially in darker moods and emotions, you just don't want to know about.
Advise for 1st time acid user?

I was wondering wot advice you could give for a first time acid user, eg the dosage, the setting, and wot to do to avoid a bad trip?
This seems to be a very narrow question that has never been asked before. I imagine that using the search function or checking out www.erowid.org would be a waste of time.
[ 06 May 2002: Message edited by: Trancendance ]
I have a few moments to spare.......... OK, Stay in familiar surroundings, someplace safe from interuptions from parents, landlords, or other peoples who you would not like to have to deal with. Dealing with any issues can be hard when you're tripping, especially if you don't want them to know you're stoned. Even supposed 'friends' may take advantage of the chance to 'mess with your head!' Try to limit any exposure to outsiders. Have some favorite tunes handy, possibly some videos, some tasty treats (I like strawberries and orange juice) or other SENSORY input around. Strobe lights, blacklights, etc. are cool but not necessary. This is what acid's all about, experiencing all your senses like for the first time!. You can hear your favorite tunes for the first time all over again, too! TV and video may be too hard to follow, but still fun to watch. My bad trips are usually caused by being somewhere or with someone I don't want to, and not being able to change the environment, having to deal with something I don't want to, OR doing way too much!!! I can't help you about the dose. One hit should be OK, as it's not like it used to be, but you never know. I haven't seen anything in years that one hit gets more than the slightest visual distortions, and not much of a 'trip'. More like everything gets funny and you laugh and laugh......at everything, but you still get the heightened awareness of everything.
Best thing to do, is have control over what you want to do. You never know how good it is until you get there, so stay someplace comfortable and safe until after the peak, then you'll know if you want to go outside. Have a trusted friend with you to keep you out of trouble, and if necessary, remind you "It's only the drug...it'll wear off fast enough and ALWAYS way to soon!" That's pretty much it. Enjoy. My first time was better than sex and it lasted alot longer!
Trip your first time with a couple of seasoned trippers. be comfortable. I suggest being outdoors (like spend a warm day in your favorite part of the city botanical gardens), outdoors is always that bit more exciting for me. Dont be nervous, relax. Enjoy.
If something goes bad, you must tell yourself that this would be over in a couple of hours.
and don't panic over nothing if you panic you just make things worse
Just Know your mind
The very best advice I can give is: don't take the acid! it'll turn you into a glass of orange juice, and will stay in your spine forever! the only way to avoid this fate is to immediatly send all of your acid to me for quality assurance testing.
but seriously: with 20/20 hindsight I wish I had taken less acid my first time, I'd suggest one hit unless you've already taken a lot of psychedellics. For the first time, I'd suggest tripping in a place that's known and secluded with people you know and trust, and who you don't have any deep, unresolved issus with (and ones who either are also tripping, or have tripped before).
And yeah, do what Trancendance said...this question has been answered quite a bit.