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Meth Meth Primer: Post Your Meth Tips Hints & Hacks Here


Dec 18, 2015

For Previous Meth Tips Thread Click --> HERE

Have searches a lot of forums and websites, and nothing satisfied.
Looking for any tips, tricks, hacks, ideas, tools for meth consumption.
Helpful posts that will help me gain more knowledge and advance from a novice in the subject matter.

What are the best home made pipes ideas?
Where to find cheap pipes/pipe nicknames?
Ways to get more out of smoking.
Lighters and accessory recommendations.
Burnt taste, remedies.
Scoops, bags, kits and drug test aids.
Scraping tools, best ways to conserve resin?
Snorting tips/tools.
Stash and concealing ideas.
Drinks/supplements to enhance, prolong high.

ANY and all advice.
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I know you can buy a pipe at any head shop, for the burnt taste that means you miss be putting the flame on the bowl you just wanna hold it a little close to the pipe not on it that will cause burning it and making your pipe black and nasty I don't ever scrape my pipe but the best tool for it is a croshay needle it has a little hook at the end of it that's not sharp and the best hiding spot I came up with is putting the pipe straw and Baggie in a long tube sock and sitting it with the rest of your socks no one will think to look inside your socks
I use half of the case the earpod apple headphones come in, its like a little tray. A small brush for sweeping up little shards. Creme brulee torch. Propane torch. Small screwdrivers for scraping and uu stole a scoopula from science class, its literally meant for picking up chemicals your not supposed to touch it works perfectly. As for taking a toke inhale as slow as possible, like almost not even inhaling then as more and more smoke starts comin off the puddle start inhaling harder until your lungs fill up and exhale a fat cloud
Vaping ice methamphetamine is apparently very bad for your lungs' health and well being. I smoked (vaped, really) an eight ball of some fairly cut, fairly acidic stuff a month or two ago and coughed up blood rather profusely (profusely enough to scare me shitless anyway) for a about three days after the product was all gone. I have, in the past, been told by ice heads not to hold in the vapor because heavy ice vapers routinely cough up quarter gram shards of ice, but I never listened to these well wishers or put much stock into what they were saying.
Well smoking an eight ball would definitely be bad for your lungs, potentially fatal I'd think. After a quarter g my throat and tongue already hurt. Re crystallization is counteracted by drinking water as meth is very water soluble. It will only come out of your skin and lungs if your extremely dehydrated and there's no water for the meth to attach to in your body
What are the best home made pipes ideas?

Run it on foil, it's a waste but without at least a stem to rail it - theirs just no other realistic way to avoid wasting a ton of your product. (As if running it didn't waste enough) Don't get me wrong, I've seen people get extremely creative, but it's just not worth the hassle/risk to me.

Where to find cheap pipes/pipe nicknames?

Uh, your local smoke shop. You ask them for an 'oil burner', they may ask you if you want thick or thin glass - thick is usually a little more but will last longer. You could buy bulk online but I don't really see why you would, tbh. Sometimes smoke shops won't have the oil burners out so you have to ask, some just don't carry them.

Ways to get more out of smoking.
Lighters and accessory

If you're using a standard oil burner, DO NOT USE A TORCH. I'm not even sure why people still do. YES, they hit better - YES they hear up faster, but yes they will heat up your pipe to the point of it looking new but causing hairlines you don't see until your pipe shatters (I cool my pipe because I'm not a wild animal). I used torches for a bit & went through so many pipes & so much shit. Now I use bic lighters & keep pipes for months looking new & keep my packed bowls much longer. You're just better off without torches lol.

If it tastes burnt as shit, if it looks burnt as shit - hold the lighter further away, for starters. My ex did this & it was so nasty. It's okay though, don't feel bad bc depth perseption can be a bitch - specially after a couple days. Try using a mirror so you can see where the flames at, it shouldn't be touching the bowl or heating the stem.

I'll stop now, maybe I'm just a snob with smoking, I don't know - I feel like I come in too strong. Feel free to PM me. Gonna answer these & then hop off;

Snorting tips/tools;

•Drop a literal drop of water after you do your line into said nostril to rinse it, sounds weird but very useful.

•I know the drip is horrid, but as soon as you do the line, tilt your head back & suck it all back - directly after chug some water. The first initial drip is the one you mostly taste throughout it well..dripping. It's the one that gets you, so try to get it immidiantly to avoid letting it be as bad as it can be.

•Strong minty gum seriously chews up all the bad taste!

• All in one big line, not divided into multiple. You're just doing it to yourself if you do multiple.

Stash and concealing ideas;

I use makeup bags, personally. Sometimes in an old sunglasses case, my purses, wrapping it up in cloths or a small paper bag & then putting it in a jacket that's hanging in the edge of my closet.
Vaping it is SUCH a waste & SO gross tasting - plus if you're a regular smoker its effects aren't half as what you'd get by smoking it in a normal pipe. Oh god I'm just thinking about how it tasted.
A glass cigar tube heated till glowing red from a torch. Blow into the end, not hard enough to pop it but with enough strength for it to expand into a bubble. Once you have your round bubble end, heat one point with the torch grazing the edge horizontally above the bubble when it is red hot keep the fire to the spot and blow until the hole pops. Then keep torching till the hole smooths out. DO not use foil, wastes your dope and the aluminum is horrible, far worse than the dope for you.
search Glass pyrex Smoking Pipe and websites will pop up. It takes some searching but when I ordered mine it came in a brown box with a wine glass on the side for discretion. Shipping and handling, total was 20$ It was awesome but I was new to smoking and cleaned it with a torch to often which ruined it. Make sure you clean your glass piece after every bowl with a q-tip and saliva or water. You can torch it when necessary but always clean it with the q-tip first and leave the meth residue slightly moist so it burns off easier. Constant torching makes the glass porous from the reheating and cooling. Then it eats your meth. literally, it just soaks into the pores of the glass. You MUST smoke properly or u will burn up your meth and constantly be pissed that you aren't getting high. I recommend using a long straw to drop the meth all the way into the bowl and not get it stuck in the stem. Heat the glass to the side of the shard pile, and let the heat spread up the glass to melt the ice instead of scorching it with a lighter. Everyone hold the lighter right under the meth, and that burns it up faster. Meth is technically vaporized not smoked, it melts on the hot glass. If you are alone, take your time and be patient. you will conserve your stash. Once the meth has melted and slid to where you are heating the bowl, Move Your lighter to the other side and repeat the process, rolling in your fingers from 90 degree angle slowly to opposite 90 degree angle. When it starts to smoke, put your lighter a good 1 1/2 inches away from the bowl and steadily rotate the glass back and forth, following the puddle of ice with the lighter, taking slow, even, soft breaths until the smoke is really rolling. Remove heat and take deep fast breath. Blow a little out and finish the smoke in the dick, still rotating back and forth.
This is the proper way to smoke.
I reccomment getting the clipper crystal refillable lighter. You will spend a fortune on bics otherwise. Butane is cheap and accessible.
If you have a burnt taste, you burned it. I never burn my ice. I almost hate to let friends use my pipe because they smoke wrong, don't listen waste dope and burn my bowl.
I would not snort it if I were you. If you want to snort it, go with a hot rail, but make sure you do it with someone who has done it before. or use duckduckgo to read how. You need a torch for this. Buy a torch. Leave the Store. Do not by cigars and a torch. That is like saying LOOK AT ME! IM GOING TO SMOKE METH. The best way to conceal it is to leave it at home. If you must travel with it, keep it in your hand so if you do get pulled over you can put it where it wont be found. Easier for women. I am not joking. Even a small amount of dope can get you locked up for a long time. It isn't worth it. Put it in your ass. Better to leave it. NO MATTER WHAT Do not party on the road, that is what gets you caught.Do not smoke weed in your car, keep it clean and have your insurance registration and license easily accessible. Obey traffic laws, drive perfectly and celebrate your safe arrival home.
don't scrape your stem until all your dope is gone. If you scrape the residue (referred to as ghost by older users) into your bowl of good dope, it will burn up faster and taste worse. I use a drinking straw to get the loose stuff. Then melt the and let it form into ice droplets to scrape into the bowl. I use a cleverly bent bobby pin with the rubber removed. Some people use screwdrivers, that is ok but one wrong click and SHATTER goes your bowl.
Keep your shit straight. Make sure your home and car are clean and everything is in order. If everything looks neat, you just seem like a normal tidy person. Mess is usually the sign of some one to far gone to care about their environment. KEEP IT NEAT
Just drink water. Do not take vitamin C or D, do NOT drink citrus juice of any kind. The Meth metabolites attach to vitamins c and d so you literally piss your drugs away. DO not drink Alcohol and Do NOT smoke weed with meth. They interact poorly and mess with your nervous system. To enhance high, smoke properly, once you get HIGH,Stop. Then relax. Then any time you start to dip, hit your pipe a few times. This way, your high is long lasting and always under control. Have something you like to do with your hands. I am typing this lol and writing two books, and a play. I also DIY anything, sew and learn french. Make good use of your focus, it makes you feel better when you do positive things. Also, sex. Sex is very fun, but sooooo hard if you have been doping for a while. You need to excercise to maintain muscle and not lose to much strength. Sleep. You must sleep!! Many of the Side effects people associate from meth use are actually from poor nutrition and sleep deprivation. Go to this post http://www.bluelight.org/vb/threads...onger-get-high-Causes?p=13402691#post13402691 I wrote earlier tonight. It explains what you need to know about keeping your body healthy enough to continually get high. I have been using continuously for a very long time. Im hotter than most people dream of. Because I follow the rules. I sleep almost every night, I drink plenty of water, avoid sugar and I maintain a very healthy diet. If you want to have gorgeous skin and teeth, it is possible on meth. Im the proof. No one would think I do this. I look perfect, I am sharp witted and knowledgeable and above all, I make sure that I am safe. That means if you are going to fuck someone who uses that you dont know, which I don't recommend, but it happens, WRAP IT UP. Last thing you need is something from fucking a person that banged with a dirty needle. If you are female, a mirrored earring box is great. The bottom of the box has a mirror finish piece of cardboard that makes it look like the box has no space. In between the black velvet and the cardboard dope fits great, completely reasonable for you to have in a drawer where people don't go often. A male, get a belt buckle with a stash clasp, there are shoes that have the same thing. Also boxer briefs have that perfect little baggie pocket. Well, some do. Be careful, the meth game is a racket. Not everyone can be a responsible user. I myself am having trouble with my supplier. He is using so much that he is under weighing the bags. He is doing this because he knows that I broke my scale. YOu MUST have a scale. They are cheap. Buy one at amazon and get like a jewelry making kit. You need to weigh the jewelry bags. Something like that. Having a scale and dope is a serious crime. You must have a legitimite and legal reason to have everything in your home. When you purchase a torch, get some sod and store together, as if that were the reason. I have a legal reason for everything that could be illegal. Everything has a reason, I am very safe, and I don't think I will ever need to explain why I have a scale to the police. But If I had to, I could. Well. I think that covers most of it. If you have any questions, I have answers!
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Weed can help with the comedown, but when you are smoking meth, an upper, weed is a downer. Mixing stimulants and depressants mess up your bodies natural homeostasis and put increased stress on your heart. Weed is a Central Nervous System depressant and meth effects your Central Nervous system. You won't die from the combo, but its better safe than sorry. The biggest thing is alcohol. It is a diuretic, dehydrates you, and other serious health consequences from mixing meth with alcohol include increased blood pressure, heart failure, respiratory failure and dangerously high blood pressure, along with constricted blood vessels, restlessness and anxiety attacks.
Weed is amazing. Sativa might be a bit too stressful on the nervous system but indica always makes me feel calm and relaxed and I dont lose the focus/edge, I always smoke lots of weed when on mdma so smoking weed on meth doesnt seem to diminish the high at all
This is my first post on any type of forum and I want to say I respect all, well most people on here. I think it's extremely necessary to have a community to turn to to for advice, harm reduction and experience. Personally i only tried smoking meth one time. I enjoyed it so much that I told myself that I couldn't ever do it again because I know I would get carried away and lost in those thick dopamine fused clouds. When I did smoke it, I was with an experienced smoker. He taught me to have the flame right below the glass and made a point to not touch the glass (under any circumstances). So I had the flame under the glass, then I started rolling it back and forth. Not sure what this was for, but then after that it started to vape and thick white clouds emerged and began to come out of both holes so I took a nice long rip. That was a whole different high. Still had an edge to it, a rush but not the rush I prefer. But anyways that's how I smoked it. One time deal for me, oh yah and that was on our lunch break. I went back to work (Walmart) at the time and was obviously twacked. Horrible ass time, boss was following me, had anxiety attacks every time someone walked passed me! Fuck haha, I couldn't resist the urge to look at every person who walked past me. So I ended up walking out on that job. Do I blame it on smoking meth ? No. I blame it on my bad decision making. But these days when I do meet up with Tina, I choose to snort it. The horrible "pain" you all talk about adds to the rush in my opinion. It's like getting punched in the face and then when it subsides your just like damn now what !?
Then after I usually drink a large amount of bottled water and eat something healthy. I must warn anyone to be aware of how often you start using. I have been using more frequent. I do think about meth when not using it. It definitely is growing on me but for that reason alone I ensure to take at the least 3 month breaks. I never binge on it the most I will do is two days and two nights. All I'm saying guys is be aware, be conscious of your thoughts and the patterns that arise when sober. Be responsible most importantly! Balance is key in life and without a balance you will become addicted, and like all addictions you lose.
Fuck I didn't mean to rant but I had three lines about 8 hours ago. First time I have had any ice in 3 months. I like this responsible use of drugs it's rewarding and build discipline and for me boosts my confidence. I'm gunna try and sleep now guys. I love you all. Be safe be smart and be aware !
I was under the impression that the "meth vapor ruins your lungs" thing was a myth.

I know the "re-crystallization" thing is a myth...

I believe this has something to do with how much time you inhale.
Differently from weeds or crack, you don't need to hold the smoke in your lungs.
It's actually not advisable to inhale and hold for so long. That's not what's going to intensify the high.

The crystallization is a myth because the lungs fluids are very humid (something on the line) and this simply does not happen but if you hold the smoke for too long you may be short of breath on the next days.