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The high sounds amazing from the other posts I read on BL. Weird that there's not a lot of information on etaqualone, yet it's been sold as an RC for a while.

I first heard about 'ludes in an interview of a UFC fighter. He lost the fight pretty badly and jokingly said he was on 'ludes during the fight.

Anyone on this board try white pipe in South Africa? Please share your experience.

Hey - sorry for dragging this thread back up from the dead... But I have smoked Mandrax with some pot before [I'm from South Africa].

I did it when I was just about to turn seventeen, and I hadn't smoked a ton of pot yet. I was quite drunk, tired, high and then this happened. Uhmmm... For a minute or so after smoking, you get intensely nauseous. Then, really, really, really euphorically happy. As in, as happy as I was when I figured out the mysteries of the universe on acid, but just without any thoughts involved, really.

It made me want to smile, smile until my face cracked, and I almost kissed some randoms I was smoking with. Then it turned quite bad, and I ended up having sex I really, really didn't want. And then I started to feel intense, irrational paranoia (like... as if the rooms of the house I was in were moving around me, or spinning), feeling very forlorn, intense aversion to being touched, physical discomfort.

The whole experience was very intense to me, and those might not be all real effects of Mandrax but maybe just produced by the combination of many factors.

...but that was my experience.