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Jul 3, 2006

These are not "rules" per se, but more "rules of thumb." They are recommendations to help you gain the most out of Bluelight and adjust to the way we do things around here.

  • Know and love the Psychedelic Drugs Index. It's a thread with links to a bunch of other major threads for a variety of common topics. For example, there is a 'Big & Dandy' thread for virtually every psychedelic drug that has been discussed here. There are also Big & Dandy threads for other specific topics: first time tripping advice, solutions and solubility, solo tripping, psychedelics and nausea, etc. If you have a question, check the Index for a related thread first! We moderators do our best to consolidate as much of the discussion as possible about each subject into the appropriate Big & Dandy thread, and to create new Big & Dandy threads whenever there's a new chemical being discussed, or we think of a new topic that deserves one. If there's something you think deserves a Big & Dandy thread but doesn't have one yet, let us know.
    Beginners (people especially new to the forum as well as psychedelic drugs and the culture that surrounds them) are recommended to use our Beginner's FAQ

  • UTFSE (use the friendly search engine)! This forum has been up and running for nearly a decade now, so most common questions have been asked and answered repeatedly. There's a wealth of information already available; all you have to do is search for it. If you can't find an appropriate thread in the Index, then the search engine should be your next stop. Note: Xenforo (the new forum software) is great, but the search functionality leaves something to be desired. So please don't be discouraged from posting a question if you are having any trouble finding the information you seek.

  • YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary). You will see this phrase in posts a lot, and for good reason. It's true of almost everything about psychedelics. Psychedelics affect different people differently, and it can be very hard to predict what one chemical will 'feel' like for you based on how you reacted to others. Reading the reports of others can certainly give you some idea what to expect, but not an exact roadmap of what you will experience if you take the same dose of the same psychedelic. If you read something that's very different from your own experiences with the same drug, it doesn't mean one of you is wrong or actually took a different drug than they thought. It probably just means that the two of you respond a little differently.

  • Do not promote irresponsibile behavior - your words may affect the actions of others, but not everybody is the same as you. Therefore avoid encouraging practices that are bad HR (harm reduction), such as eyeballing or taking very high doses or elaborate drug combinations. No dicksizing. What you do to your own body is your business and it is certainly allowed to share experiences of irresponsible behavior, but add a disclaimer when you do to try and prevent others from doing something similar. Please, be mindful.

  • Reminder: SWIMming is discouraged forbidden. Replacing "I" with "SWIM" has not, to my knowledge, ever been accepted in a court of law as a defense against a statement that would otherwise be incriminating. All it does is make you sound foolish. 90% of the time, people would be fine saying "I" instead, and the other 10% of the time they're saying something they should never admit to on a public website like that, SWIM be damned. The best way to stay safe is to stick to hypothetical questions and avoid mentioning any illegal actions you have taken, are taking or plan to take.
    • Update: this guideline is now a general Bluelight forum rule, so using "SWIM" phrasing or other third person referrals to yourself as an attempt to avoid self-incrimination is unacceptable.

All rules are subject to moderator discretion. In general, we do not like to punish people and we usually just edit offending posts and ask nicely not to do it again, but this is not always the case. Repeat offenders or offenders with a hostile attitude may find themselves banned from Bluelight.

Bluelight operates under an infraction points system. Each time you break a rule, a moderator may choose to give you an infraction point. Usually, if the violation is nothing major, you will receive a warning before you start getting infractions, but this is up to the moderators. If you get enough infraction points, you will begin to trigger temporary bans. The first temp ban lasts one day, and each subsequent ban lasts longer and longer. It is very rare that someone gets banned from their posts on PD, but it does happen when someone refuses to play nice. To make sure this isn't you, read on.

All of the usual rules from the Bluelight User Agreement still apply, of course.

1. *Be Respectful: This is rule numero uno, and for good reason. The single quickest way to get infracted and your post removed is to be a jerk. Profanity is fine, but if it's directed in a hostile manner at someone then it's not okay. Never attack someone for posting a question you think is stupid or obvious, or for holding an opinion you disagree with. This should really be common sense. Racism, misogyny, homophobia/transphobia, Nazi shit, and anything else we deem obviously offensive and unacceptable will not be tolerated, and will probably earn you an immediate infraction. This includes saying bigoted shit "ironically." This is not the place for your edgelord humor.

2. *Be Accurate: Be honest about the limits of your knowledge and expertise. If you don't know something, don't just guess or make stuff up and pass it off as definitive knowledge. If you're passing along information you're not totally sure about yourself, be sure to make that clear ("I've heard that..." or "My friend told me that..."). This is mostly important when it comes to harm reduction info. NEVER say something is safe if you're not sure that it is. Remember that this forum is archived and read by many thousands of people who don't know you and don't know anything about Bluelight. Don't post tongue-in-cheek "joke responses" that give bad or dangerous advice. Sarcasm doesn't translate well on the internet and lives can potentially be at stake.

3. *No Drug Sourcing, Brand Discussion or Vendor Discussion: Bluelight is not a place to buy, sell or trade drugs, or to find people or places to buy/sell/trade drugs with. This includes all drugs, legal and illegal. Don't discuss where you or other people acquire(d) your drugs, and don't ask others to discuss it. Don't post vendors' names or questions about brand-named products (especially not mystery drugs i.e. products that do not list ingredients - this violates rule 6), Don't copy and paste anything specific from their website, emails, or other vendor messages of any kind. Don't link to or discuss other sites where information about drug sources is shared. It's none of our business where you get your drugs.

4. *No posting to complain about moderator actions: Do not start threads or make posts about moderator actions. This includes moderators editing posts, banning users, closing threads, etc. If you have an issue with something a moderator did, PM another mod about it, or post it in Site Technical Help.

5. *No discussing quality, availability or price: This is related to the 'no sources' rule. NONE of this stuff is our business, and none of it is "bluelight material." Quality, availability and price are all about acquiring drugs, which is a topic we do not discuss here.

6. *No "What did I take" / "what do I have" / drug ID threads: If you (or a friend) have (or had) some unknown drug, we cannot help you identify it. The only way to do that is to have a physical sample of the drug itself, and we're a forum, not a testing service. The only thing we can do is make wild guesses, which is not educational and serves no harm reduction purpose. If you still have a sample, you can post asking for advice on getting it formally tested by a lab, but don't ask *us* to take a stab at IDing it based on appearance, duration/effects, or anything like that, because we can't.
(This includes questions about mushroom hunting)

Also do not ask someone else to get your drug tested for you, anything like that is highly inappropriate and verboten, if that wasn't already obvious! Despite the intentions it involves exchange of drugs and that is never what we are for.

7. *No "what should I buy" / "what should I take" threads: Pretty self-explanatory. Don't flat out ask us to recommend a drug for you to try. If you have questions in order to help you make your own decision, such as "which drugs are most similar to drug X" or "how would you compare drugs X and Y," then feel free to ask those, but ultimately it needs to be you who takes that information and decides which of those drugs you asked about, if any, you want to try.

8. Live trip reports are only allowed in the Social Tripping Thread: If you are on the forum while tripping and wish to share your experience in real-time, do so in the Social Tripping Thread, they are sticky and can be found at the top of the PD thread list. For example: here. However what we applaud most is writing a comprehensive report soon after the trip, composed using keywords and phrases jotted down during the trip. Then post the report in the Trip Reports forum.
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