RIP Ann Shulgin - "the Queen of Psychedelics"

Rest in peace, Ann Shulgin, who co-authored the books "PiHKAL" and "TiKHAL" with her husband, psychedelic pioneer Alexander Shulgin. will continue to celebrate the amazing work of the Shulgins. Farewell Ann, may you be with Sasha once more.

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I never was able to get my hands on either book due to regulations, but I was lucky enough to read them online at least.
Thank you for your inspired and impactful work, I hope you and Sasha have found happiness in your next life. RIP.
RIP Ann, When I got my copy of PIHKAL 1n 1995 I had just gone through a breakup with a girl who confused me. Well in the Love Story part of PIHKAL Ann did a good job picking apart Ursula's personality and it rang completely true of what I had just gone through. Totally helped me understand what I went through for a short period of time. (some people intuitively know people's needs and a personality could play that to their advantage and drama) Thank you Ann, I learned a lot.

Then the Chemical story, whew. It was 2006 before I even tasted an RC like 4-HO-MIPT and 2CT-2.

But yeah there are no words to describe the enormity of the good works these guys did for humanity. I may have been a total asshole if it had not been for them. lol They did save the world with their research.
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as another shared, a powerful woman you were in psychedelic space, the here and now and forever, we thank you Ann and Alex, shining examples, rest loved one's rest )0(
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I think that might be in PiHKaL but I have yet to finish TiHKaL.
I got Pihkal as an Xmas gift, my uncle told my mom what it was & I've never forgot how he warned her that I may be making very obscure substances. I still laugh over his stupidity to this day for saying that.

Still to this day my times on 4-HO-MET & 2C-B are my most favourite trips by far. The review for 3C-E (Escaline) is deeply filtered imho, the bodyload on that stuff is horrific & after 13 hours of tripping my body felt broken. My face turned into an "American Indian" when I looked in the mirror on that stuff, out of all the visual effects whilst tripping that one has stayed with me so much, it was a deeply profound experience in a way words cannot express.