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RIP John McAfee / Stuffmonger

John did have an account here but he was not Stuffmonger
I have a feeling I know who he MIGHT... maybe of been. A member we lost since the beginning of this year.. I could be very wrong but I have a strong weird feeling I'm not.

Far as the legendary mdpv thread I feel it was neither true nor false... He was into something or up to something but I doubt none of us will ever know. One thing is for SURE he was having some FUCK ALL CRAZY parties in the jungle and on that island of his and I have always found it hilarious him claiming he hasn't done drugs since the 80's..... Lol. Very interesting, polarized individual, a mother fucking FIRST CLASS rake Don Juan dashing character and certainly a flawed genius with a dark side but I honestly don't believe he killed his neighbor and as far as rape I have no doubts he's taken advantage of many women who had to much... whatever and were unable to make sound decisions. One thing I will say whoever poisoned his nine dogs deserves to die. You don't fuck with another mans pets.
FORWARDING YOU THIS IMPORTANT MESSAGE: "Incase you are unaware... When John McAfee (didnt) commit[ted] suicide, a website popped up that said “CONTINGENCY PLAN ACTIVATED,” w/ artwork of McAfee’s face as the page background & a live counter that appeared to end on July 23.(1/23)
A few days later the site was gone and was only accessible on internet archive sites. As my brother Jason Riner pointed out, the site is back up and and the counter is still set to end on July 23rd (when counting the hours and minutes). As many of you already know, McAfee (2/23)
gathered an unfathomable amount of dirt on many people within our Government, as well as some of peoples favorite sellout politicians. McAfee was a highly intelligent person who admitted that he was angry at the govt and specifically Killary Killinton for doing him dirty (3/23)
(the info is online, you can find it if interested), so he donated a shit ton of free computers to the govt, which had hidden spyware in them. McAfee said himself that the data he possessed was the only thing keeping him alive, because he vowed to have all of the data (4/23)
released on the internet if he was to ever be killed. In November 2019 McAfee said that he believed he could/would be killed by government agents under the guise of suicide. &, bc of this suspicion he created & launched his own cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain (5/23)
called $Whackd... which is absolutely hilarious. McAfee knew that people would be gunning for the information he had gathered on tons of high profile people, because the information, if exposed, would be enough to open a can of worms like no body has ever seen. So... (6/23)
to ensure the data could never be destroyed, he created a "dead mans switch" in the form of a "smart contract" on the Ethereum blockchain that would automatically be triggered the moment he was killed, if it did eventually happen. To understand what a "smart contract" is (7/23)
if you are unfamiliar. "A smart contract is a self-executing contract w/ the terms of the agreement between buyer & seller being directly written into lines of code. The code & the agreements contained therein exist across a distributed, decentralized blockchain network. (8/23)
The code controls the execution, and transactions are trackable and irreversible." Now, before anybody comments on this post with a statement like "Actually, smart contracts can be hacked, which you will find out if you research," I want to explain how a smart contract can (9/23)
be hacked & why there are over 34,000 vulnerable smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. The only way you can hack a smart contract is if it is in a vulnerable state due to poor coding that contains bugs. So yes, you can hack a smart contract that has poor coding that (10/23)
contains bugs. However, it would be insane to believe that a genius like McAfee wouldn't be smart enough to consider this possibility & use topnotch coding that was clean of any bugs. As said above, the website showing the counter as removed a few days after it was found (11/23)
That is not the case anymore & you can take a look at the attached hyperlink (https://etherscan.io/token/0xcf8335727b776d190f9d15a54e6b9b9348439eee). There are also other events that are significant with the date July 23. I would be lying if I told you that I still remember what these events are, but to my knowledge (12/23)
one of them had to do with a huge power outage that happened in the past on July 23rd. I've been talking about Cyber Attacks over the past week. We've discussed the potential of power outages and internet outages. If McAfee's dead mans switch does indeed go off on July 23 (13/23)
where all of this hidden information is released that will bring down many high profile people, then WE MUST UNDERSTAND THAT THERE IS THE POTENTIAL FOR A CYBER ATTACK ON OR BEFORE THIS DATE TO USE THE FAKE NARRATIVE AS A REASON TO SHUT THE INTERNET AND/OR POWER OFF, (14/23)
UNTIL THE CRIMINALS WHO ARE MENTIONED IN THIS HUGE BATCH OF INFO, ARE ABLE TO SOMEHOW SCRUB IT FROM THE INTERNET. This of course, is just a theory. But the theory is based on COMMON SENSE, taking all connections to this date into consideration. Like many of you know, (15/23)
after he was supposedly deceased, a new post came from his social media account with the 17th letter in the alphabet. Many people only understand the surface level situation with the 17th letter, but I can assure you, that situation and what/who is actually behind it... (16/23)
is deeper than most can imagine. 1 day after McAfee's fake death, our friend Mr. Pool showed up w/ a new post that read: "EXTRACTION." That, is a interesting addition to the entire situation as there was only one thing Pool/Loop would be referring to. McAfee's extraction (kek/23)
from where he was being held. Pool's post coupled with the 17th letter post from McAfee's account after he was already "dead," should be a very telling sign. The last thing I would like to note is that I had absolutely no idea about McAfee's past before researching it. (18/23)
I knew he was a genius & obviously aware of McAfee Anti-Virus, however, I knew nothing else. The below is from his Wikipedia page: "McAfee was employed as a programmer by NASA's Institute for Space Studies in New York City from 1968 to 1970 working on the Apollo program. (19/23)
From there, he went to Univac as a software designer, and later to Xerox as an operating system architect. In 1978, he joined Computer Sciences Corporation as a software consultant. He worked for consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton from 1980 to 1982. (20/23)
In 1986, while employed by Lockheed, he read about Brain in the Mercury News. This was the first computer virus for the PC, and he found it terrifying. He went about creating an antivirus software that could detect a computer virus and remove it automatically." (21/23)
As you can see, McAfee was a programmer for NASA in 68' to 70' working on the Apollo program. He also worked for Lockheed, which is one of the biggest defense contractors in the world. (22/23)
Both of those connections lead back to one obvious place... the SEE EYE AYE. Have a fantastic day... in the matrix." (23/23) https://britbonglogpost.biz/?fbclid=IwAR1O6Dj0Rw--BAQNQ5qCeXsy19o3Nsp2Q08roz055bgqbe5WBu00uqu533Q
So the legend goes that McAfee being a pioneer in digital security, has a 31TB treasure trove of "dirt" on powerful people that is scheduled to be released based on some function of the $WHACKD supply. When McAfee was reported as having died, the $WHACKD token gots hundreds of thousands of dollars in liquidity and now people are buy/selling trading, speculating... and trying to unravel the so-called "Dead Man Switch" that McAfee claims he set up.
Good hour discussion about McAfee and his life on sick and wrong podcast. Bluelight gets and stuffmonger get a mention as well. Might be worth a listen for some of you.

Thanks for sharing, will listen.

His JRE episode is also great, he talks about stuffmonger and the whole Bluelight thing. I doubt he was telling the truth when he claimed that he never used MDPV, but you never know.
My dear...

Ok, McAfee has a COMPLETELY different background cuz of his work, and the things associated, but it's still weird to see this counter that popped up after he died - cuz it remembers me at the time I was knee-deep in Peevee psychosis land, and I came up with something exactly like that, namely, that if I would've been killed, I publish all the (non-existent) and really complicated data I'm having to bring down those (non-existent) (shadow-) people, those mad crazy conspirers, that were harassing and haunting me, day in day out...

Crazy shit 😶
Here he talks openly about being on Bluelight "the largest drug forum in the world" and there being "about 200 chemists on there / here"

The interview begins at 11:30 and runs to around 1:01:00 . Around 17:53 onwards he admits to writing about MDPV on Bluelight. He says that the whole thing was trolling.

Rogan discusses the interview afterwards. He doesn't completely believe that the posts were trolling.

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Thanks for sharing, will listen.

His JRE episode is also great, he talks about stuffmonger and the whole Bluelight thing. I doubt he was telling the truth when he claimed that he never used MDPV, but you never know.

He definitely was using MDPV
Moved to The Shrine.
Regardless of the allegations against him at the time of his death, he still deserves a thread in the shrine.
Rest in Peace John McAfee. You certainly were a unique individual with some crazy stories and experiences.