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Rules and guidelines for the forum-Please read before posting.

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Oct 7, 2005
This is not a forum to help you find drugs, or meet up with people who will get you illegal drugs. *links refreshed by deficiT circa 2020* !@

Posting personal phone numbers, email addresses, personal information, or information of dealers or asking for this information is not allowed.

No Sourcing Banner, READ:

No sourcing. No exceptions! Requests or instructions on how to find drugs, where to get drugs, offers to trade drugs or drug paraphernalia, and so on are not allowed. Offering to take people to get drugs or introduce them to someone who can get them drugs, etc. This even includes prescription drugs, how to find a doctor, get on a certain drug, find a doctor to prescribe you medicinal cannabis, information about doctors such as location/price, etc. Or offers to buy/sell/give away drug paraphernalia are not allowed.

Moderators: @Jerry Atrick @deficiT
Sr. Moderator: @Skorpio

Welcome to North & South American Social & Drug Discussion!


If you're looking for open and honest discussion about drugs in North or South America, you've come to the right place. If you'd just like to make some North & South American friends that's cool too. While we encourage candid conversation about a wide variety of subjects, please note the Bluelight User Agreement should be adhered to at all times.

The general goal of this forum is to promote harm reduction. Harm reduction is the practice of taking reasonable measures to minimize the risks from drug use. Common harm reduction activities include encouraging people to exercise moderation in their drug consumption and to understand the purity or dose of the drug they are consuming. We are not here to help get you as high as possible. We will not allow posts or threads promoting or glorifying dangerous drug use practices. This includes not encouraging intravenous drug use for those who are not already planning on using that ROA. We are here to promote safe, smart, and responsible drug use. Any threads or posts that are counterproductive to that goal will be deleted. While you may have your own personal interpretation of harm reduction, please respect what it means on Bluelight and post accordingly.

In some cases you may be posting about activities that are illegal in your country. Try to keep references to places, events, people, and drug use as vague as possible. Police and other authorities have been known to read this board. A good rule of thumb is to not talk about something if you are not comfortable with it becoming public knowledge.

To ensure Bluelight can continue to be a resource for people for years to come, the following rules, guidelines, and posting standards are in place for this forum:

  • No sourcing, no exceptions!
  • The use of SWIM is absolutely forbidden. Things of a similar nature like, "My friend" or "This guy I know" are also forbidden.
  • Price discussion: do not post prices. You can speak in general terms about costs rising or falling, but a dollar amount should never be included.
  • At this time stamp type reviews are not allowed in NSADD.
  • Legality questions are not allowed either. This includes questions about if a research chem is legal, how to get it, etc.
  • Links to facebook, person websites, personal blogs, reddit pages, etc. are not allowed.
  • Links to law enforcement groups or discussions about specific law enforcement groups are not allowed.
  • No meet-up threads or posts. Or posting of personal email addresses if people want to write or communicate with each other do it via private message/PM.
  • Locations: please do not mention anything more specific than the name of the city. Areas of town, streets/intersections, bars/clubs/venues, etc. are not allowed.
  • Bluelight is not the site to sell or offer anything for sale including drugs or any other items.
  • Use NSFW tags for any picture that is not safe to be viewed at work. This includes all pictures of drugs, and paraphernalia.
  • We aren't here to help you break the law in any way. Please do not ask how to scam your doctor, smuggle drugs, beat a piss test, find drugs, help people find drugs, etc. Posts like "hit me up", "I got what you need", "let's meet up", "Get me what I need", "I can help you out", "Help me out/hook me up", "I'll introduce you to someone who can help you...", "I'd love to show you around", etc. will be deleted.
  • If a thread starts to have way too many instances of people asking for drugs or offering to help people find drugs it will be closed.
  • If an issue arises with another bluelighter or moderator, do not bring it up in a thread. Please discuss the issue via PM with a moderator, or one of the
    Senior Staff Members that overlook the forum.
  • Event details: party and venue names draw negative attention to our celebrations. Do not post specifics for your own safety.
  • Please try to refrain from using slang to describe your substances. Choose universally understood terms for drugs wherever possible.
  • Discussions about pharmacies/prescriptions/doctors are not allowed.
  • Substance ID threads, and posts are not allowed.
  • Reddit links/discussion are not allowed, and neither are links to other drug sites.
  • Posting contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses, or other addresses/locations in posts are not allowed either.
  • Drug cultivation threads/questions are not allowed.
  • Make use of the search function and existing threads before starting a new topic.
  • Play nice! Treat each other with kindness. Lighthearted ribbing is perfectly fine but flaming will not be tolerated.
  • Drug testing questions and discussions are not allowed.
  • If something in the style or content of a post is against the rules or guidelines, please do not raise your concern in the thread. It is better to click the report button or address the issue with a moderator. You can report an issue to a moderator by clicking the
    (report) button on the bottom-left side of each post.
  • Any announcement of affiliation for a gang, extremist group, or any type of organized crime involvement will not be tolerated. This includes slogans, phrases or anything that could be used to show an allegiance to any particular group.
  • Guidelines for city/state specific heroin threads
  • Guidelines for dangerous dope stamp alerts

The forum moderators reserve the right to edit, close, or unapprove any discussion we construe as source requests, tips on good places to score, or blatant cheating of the law. If a situation arises where you disagree with a moderator's actions, please PM the moderator to discuss the issue. In fact, if you have any questions or concerns at any time please feel free to PM a forum moderator and we will be happy to help you out.

General drug topics that are not specific to any region should be directed to that drug's Focus Forum (Ecstasy Discussion, Psychedelic Drugs, Cannabis Discussion, Other Drugs or Sports Enhancing Drugs)

We hope you will find a home here in North & South American Social & Drug Discussion. Happy posting!f
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