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Kratom Stem and Vein verses powdered leaf


Dec 10, 2022
So, there’s not much research that has been done if ANY about the alkaloid contents of stem and vein. I ordered some to experiment with but it’s not here yet and am curious what your anecdotal experience has been with stem and vein. I get very mixed reports on Reddit and I trust bluelight much much more fir anecdotal experiences.

I’ve had some people say that it contains “20 different alkaloids not found in leaf.” Amd much much less mit. I believe the mit part, but how the hell do they know something so specific that it contains 20 different alkaloids not found in the leaf as I found absolutely zero research articles online.

Some say they use it to decrease their tolerance and others say they mix it in with their regular dose to expand the alkaloid profile.

Have you had experience with stem and vein? Maybe I should have got hirsuta instead.
interesting as i have always heard of using stems/veins in taper plan.
but i would imagine the whole leaf product would be optimal. especially if leaves are fresh (hand picked).
i like my kratom in super fine powder like the rest. More surface ratio or something.