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The Big & Dandy 1P-LSD Thread, Volume 1

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I know myself from my experience tht when I consumed some food it's boosted the trip but I'm asking what the enzyme is as some foods may ause more of this to be formed this resulting in an even more substancially effective trip as this key to this compound is it's breakdown if we can narrow it down then even half a tab could be as mystical as the same amount for true lsd . Although the food thing I also found with semilanceia mushrooms when I ate it gave me a lot of energy and positivity plus an increase in intensity
Most of the time, I wish I would have eaten something small either before or after. I tend to get a slightly nauseous feeling from it. If I haven't eaten recently, sometimes it will last the entire trip which can be unpleasantly distracting.
I know what you mean my previous experience with 1p resulted in a bit of mild purging because I'd eaten McDonald's not long before dropping and I tend to chew for a while then swallow to allow for a semi sublingual /oral administration
I know what you mean my previous experience with 1p resulted in a bit of mild purging because I'd eaten McDonald's not long before dropping and I tend to chew for a while then swallow to allow for a semi sublingual /oral administration

The strangest LSD trip I have had in regards to hunger was at a music festival. There was a community kitchen and we could snack. I had an uncontrollable urge for peanut butter on tortillas, rolled up and then eaten. I had like 7 in 2 hours. I just kept eating. I think I had some soup too. LOL
I wasn't the only one either. A bunch of people said that they were quite hungry the whole time as well.
Kind of different but fun in a way.
Maybe the smell of it just made it seem like the perfect food and you just had to have it , had a similar experience (and I'm sure everyone's had this) were I was so hungry but literally took a bite of a sausage roll after cooking it which was set down imidiately after because I could only have 1 bite my appatite just disappeared after it ?
So I finally got to try this after having it sitting in the shelf since june. It's becoming harder to find the time to trip with work, family, "real life" obligations.
But I'm so glad I did, I was positively surprised !! Yesterday me and my girlfriend took 1 tab each. We both got similar effects in intensity, although it seemed to hit me faster that her. My previous experience with real LSD is very limited, so I can't exactly say how they compare, but it felt close enough to what I remember it was in terms of the emotional impact it had in me. In fact, at one point of the trip me and my SO found ourselves crying, profoundly shaken by a mixture of joy and sadness and it felt very cleansing as I had had a hard time letting my emotions free in the last months.
I found that verbalizing was very hard, but maybe because of the particular trip I had, I found myself pretty turned inwards, with most of my focus in emotion and sensation. Which leads me to one of the most prominent effects I got from this trip: The body euphoria ! Oh, it was one of the best body feelings I've ever gotten from a psychedelic before. This one was a pleasant surprise. Every position felt pleasurable, I did some stretching and it felt heavenly. Just sitting doing nothing felt incredibly good. I felt pleasure to experience my own body.
Music enhancement was on par to what I remember LSD was, everything which I played sounded breathtaking, it was amazing.

The headspace was VERY psychedelic, to the point where conversation sometimes was like deciphering riddles in every phrase , but for some reason I didn't get any "revelations" or "new insights", I dpm't think I learned something from the trip, though I think that was more of a set and setting thing. I believe this has the potential to be truly 'mystical' and profound, but I surely can't conclude it from one trip.

Another thing that surprised me is how easy going this felt. I don't remember feeling so comfortable in any other trip I ever had. Again, this could have been a set and setting thing. Further experienced is needed to conclude is this feels more or less easy-going than other lysergamides. I found it to be very potent, much more potent than 150 ug of AL-LAD or LSZ (Just to compare it with something 'similar'), but for some reason it felt very very friendly, I felt very comfortable with my mind and body the whole time.

I found the come up to be rather slow, first alerts were by the first hour, but I wasn't fully tripping untill about t+1.30 h, and peak was maybe arround t+3.30 h. At the fifth hour effects started to slowly decline, and by the tenth hour I still felt mild trippiness, although we had a joint at t+7.00, which may have extended the effects a bit. Sleep would have been impossible for us at the t+12 hour mark, but we dropped a benzo and an hour latter were out of this world.

Over all I can say I loved it, since 2013 it's impossible to get real LSD were I live, all you can get off the street is NBOMe sold as LSD, so this came as a blessing to me. I'm incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to test this substance. My first trial was at home and it worked perfectly. Now I can't wait to try it again but in nature!! I don't really feel the need to up the dose for the second time. One tab felt enough for me, although I had very low tolerance to psychedelics, my previous trip had been seven weeks ago.
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Some psychedelics don't impact my appetite or stomach at all, and LSD (and 1p-LSD) is one of them. On LSD I love eating a nice meal if hunger strikes (which it will at some point due to duration and the fact that I avoid eating much before taking psychedelics).
I eat before i dose: Heavy veggie, little meat meal and juice or water... at about one hour after i dose. I swallow it down with water... it hits me fast. This technique works for me, could be the rituals i use and or placebo effect ... i also like to eat, a little something, at about the 6 to 8 hour mark depending on what i dose too... Out of all 4 i love LSD, Eth-Lad, 1P, then Al-Lad in this order... Now i'm leaning to Eth-Lad even more the LSD...

I find after reading all of these post; that some like to go deep, ego loss etc... and some don't... cuz they can't watch TV or play video games socialize with larger doses etc...\ For me, the point of taking these substances is to loss yourself in the experience... Remember i was raised on what was around in the early 1970 it was abundant and some what known doses 250 ug plus area..

Even then certain people would fear those doses...

So what i see is: with all the different kinds of personalities and beliefs set and settings, as well as the fears people carry with them determine the direction of your trips..

What i have read here on BL in the eth-lad area http://www.bluelight.org/vb/threads/761505-The-Big-amp-Dandy-ETH-LAD-Thread/page3 post 83 perpetualdawn post was quit interesting as i very much so agree with it... we who took it first, our descriptions and experiences of the trip are molding the expectation of those who fallow...

After all, we each create and manifest what works for us differently The pessimist and the optimist point of view... I leave you with this...>

Along by the road, two man came by;
One brought a grimace,
The other one a smile.
They met at the edge of the lake,
And both sat in the rock that lifeless laid.
The tall man of the two raised his head,
And with a smile asked the other man:
“What is it that brings such a grimace on your face? ”
The short, middle-aged gave a weak smile,
And gave an answer to the so kind gentleman:
“ Can you not see that this rock is lifeless?
Can you not see that the river will be dead one day?
Can you not see that someone will come in a future,
Enter my house and take everything I have left?
Can you not see, can you not see? ”
So the smiling man said: “ But my dear friend,
Can you not see the fish swimming happily?
Can you not see the green grass covering our feet?

So the next morning came,
And the two man found themselves in the same store.
The tall man raised his head and with a beam said:
“ My dear friend, what has come upon you now? ”
The short, middle-aged looked up and said:
“ Can you not see at the speed the time goes by?
Can you not see that the prices go up?
Can you not see that we will die in almost no time? ”
So the felicitous man said: “ But my dear friend,
Can you not see the joy of learning new things?
Can you not see happy families
Buying pretty clothing without thinking of the word ‘will’? ”

The years passed by with the course of time,
And when the two man reached their fifties,
They met once more.
The tall man with a smile said:
“ So my friend, what excuse do you have now? ”
The short one looking sadder than ever said:
“ I have two months left of living,
Written by my doctor it was.
Do you have a smile to show me now that I shall die? ”
The tall man with wide eyes said:
“ I have told you too many times to live,
But you decided to die,
And now that you are dying,
You suddenly want your life back? ”
Xorkoth Maybe not for you but not true for many - although flavour can be nice - food sits super heavy and undigested on LSD & it's 1P counter part. Did get very hungry on AL-LAD but generally with the vast majority of psychedelics and find an empty stomach preferable; 5MeO-DALT is the major exception for me.
For me it's the contrary LSD or 1p without eat before or just after dropping makes me uncomfortable.
I ate a heavy Mexican meal and dosed 150ug at the end of the meal - mistake. I felt like I was that blueberry chick from Charlie & the chocolate factory only filled with salsa and spicy shit lol! I just sat on the floor of the patio of the restaurant, pouring sweat, wondering if i was going to vomit and staring at brick patterns until they kindly asked us to leave haha!
I ate a light meal two hours before dosing the 1-p and it didn't affect the trip in any noticeable way, I didn't felt weak or hungry, neither felt heavy and bloated. I did notice though that the 1P didn't inhibit my appetite, and by the 5.30 hour mark (that is, almost eight hours have passed from my last meal) I felt incredibly hungry. I ate a banana and enjoyed it greatly, but it wasn't enough. Ended up going to the street to find something to eat and had some fried food (the only thing I could buy with the least possible social interaction), which was a little bit heavy on my stomach and gave me a slight discomfort that passed quickly. But yeah, I was very hungry. Appetite was untouched with this one.
Never have nausea with LSD and 1p. Shrroms and mdma on the other hand had sometimes gave me nausea tho.
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