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The Big & Dandy 2C-D Thread

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Aug 22, 2000
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Original post:

Since this chemical is so obscure, I think it is better suited for Psychedelics than DB. And here it is...

Discuss any experiences you have with 2C-D. You may not discuss how you aquired the 2C-D, or ask about sources for it, companies, or people that may or may not be selling it. How you got it is no ones business.

I have not tasted 2C-D, so I can not contribute much besides what is at the end of this link.

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Well, earlier I took around 35mg or so.

I didnt really keep track of times as I was just trying it out and didnt expect mucn from that dose. Well it took a while to come on, but I did have some food in my stomach, probably around 2 hours after dosing I started to get visuals. Before that though I noticed a real good "focus", it woke me up (i was a tiny bit tired after eating), got me motivated to start writing something, and some drawing. A kind of euphoric body buzz seemed to have started, but there is no where near the stimulation and other body effects compared to 2C-I. I feel like I could eat fine, could have an appetite if i would normally have one.

Basically I felt at this dose at least it would be great for a "party" dose. Just a happy mood and its "fun" in a way. Mental effects were really just sorta amphetamine like in that i woke up good and could focus on something and easily communicated with anyone.

It lasted a nice amount of time, for a fun buzz, a few hours i'm guessing, maybe 4.

Well thats all i can say right now til I experiment more.

Were there any similarities to 2C-I? Have you taken any other psychedelic PEAs, and were there any similarities?

I think I am going to start at 10 mg and explore its "smart drug" aspect.
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Were there any similarities to 2C-I? Have you taken any other psychedelic PEAs, and were there any similarities?

I think I am going to start at 10 mg and explore its "smart drug" aspect.

I think 35mg was a little on the low side for sure.. I felt an amphetamine-like stimulation that was pleasant, seem to be able to focus on one single thing more easily than "multitasking".

At the dose I took, the "visual" aspect was no where near a normal 2C-I trip, even 8-10mg of 2C-I would have way more visuals than the small dose of 2C-D I took. For some reason the visuals seemed "different". They were very minor though, but I noticed after smoking some pot, I got a certain "kind" of visual, i guess you could call it "holes in your vision". I dont remember getting that recently, or, it was more of a tryptamine-like visual (for me anyway), like mushrooms or LSD. Its sorta where, you are looking somewhere in the room and certain shades of colors act like a "chroma key", dark spots on the table looked like a hole into something behind my vision that just had a bunch of color shifting effects. Move my head around and the dots that were on the table were still on the table, they didnt move with my head, I think it may have a lot to do with the MJ, as that seems to change visuals quite a bit sometimes. I did smoke this later on, towards the end of the 2C-D effects. My friend who also took about the same amount of 2C-D noticed the same "holes" effect the same time I did (he also smoked some pot).

As for PEA's, 2c-t-2, 2c-t-21, 2c-i (taken the most out of all), 2c-b a couple times, MDMA, Methylone, good possibility I have taken MDA a couple times although I am not sure - only guessing from talking to others and the effects of those "pills" (the long duration and a lot more visual than previous and after MDMA experiences). I have a small amount of 2c-e although I haven't tried it yet.

I think i've taken a lot more tryptamines, I seem to prefer them I suppose.

I also want to try just 10mg or so, and then try to maybe memorize something..read.. see about that whole smart pill thing. It DID seem very different than most of the PEA's, somehow unique, but, I haven't tried a higher/lower dose yet.
Just recovering from a 'smart pill' dose of this substance, not particularly impressed, mental activity seems impaired rather than enhanced. In addition I've developed something of a headache.Mild amphetamine style buzz with some reduction in mental 'noise' seem the most positive effects. Suspect that Lazar and his data is so much wishful thinking.

Merry xmas all.
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Not yet, but maybe this weekend I'll start off with a 10 mg dosage. It doesn't seem to interesting as a psychedelic so I will see the other properties it may have.
cascadia said:
Anyone else try this lately or have anything to add?
Well I tasted 12mg last night. It was not under the best set and setting, though not too bad either. Same for the experience overall, not too bad but hardly that great. Alert after 15 minutes. Full on at 75 minutes. Some stomach uncertainty the whole time. More anxiety than I was anticipating, and I felt ridiculously cold. I thought this would be a just beyond threshold dose but seemed to be quite beyond that. I found it hard to concentrate, not something I would use as a "smart drug", maybe at a lower dosage. Difficult to communicate/empathize with my SO who didn't partake. It did seem like real visuals were right on the edge of happening, colored after-images and blurring especially when staring at the old computer screen. A lot of the main effects reminded me of the side effects I don't care for on phenethylamines; uneasyness, discomfort, perceived temperature fluctuations and that indefinable disconnect. Despite a continuing feeling of underlying anxiety, walking the dog late at night was a load of fun. There were insights gained, a lot; infact that was the most positive aspect of the experience. It was "psychedelic". It lasted a bit longer than I anticipated, swollowed at 6:45pm on a fairly empty stomach, couldn't sleep till around 2:30am. I felt good this morning, no hangover. Hard to describe why I didn't enjoy this overall. Maybe I took too little but at 12mg I felt the power; I find it hard to imagine what two, three or four times the dosage would be like.

I finally tried it. Took 40mg with an old friend I grew up with and I am very surprised. This is great stuff! I am going to write up a full report with the details but for now; both of us found 40mg to be a HIGHLY INSIGHTFUL, and our conversations were very deep and all over the place. Politics, sex, human nature, space, where the future will lead. I found my mind was calm, but my friend said his mind was about two steps ahead of his mouth. But we both agreed it was very clear-headed.

I don't think I am often that talkative on any psychedelic. Though I am a skeptic, maybe there is a "smart drug" component to this stuff? Usually even 2C-C (a light material) still keeps me quiet. There was something different about this one.

Visuals - 40mg produced nice trails, color enhancement, some movement, and while peeing awsome visuals on the floor in which the tiles would change colors.

Body - Some stimulation, but never uncomfortable. By four hours we were mostly down, and at six hours we both went to bed with no trouble sleeping.

Final thoughts - Maybe I'm growing old but I'm starting to really like the mild ones because I can be functional and talk instead of being floored by the effects. This one was insighful, easy on the body, nice visuals for the level I was at, and I could sleep 6 hours later. Total winner. Would I take more or less next time? I dunno. I was really comfortable where I was at. Probably take the same.

More details will appear in a trip report.

So in case I'm hallucinating and there wasn't a 2C-D thread from before, then this is it. What are your thoughts on 2C-D? How did you find it? Mind candy or insightful material? Share your thoughts in 2C-D.
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This chemical is fascinating me. A psychedelic with a smart component? Well, that is perfection. The description of the mind being two steps ahead of the mouth has me quite excited...

Thanks for the post, MGS.
I am very surprised. This is great stuff!

I totally agree - it's most definitely *NOT* a dud. I actually got pretty good visuals from my 50mg dose when I took it by itself.
Maybe not cost effective, depending, but it's worth it if you can afford it, in my opinion.
I've tasted this material at 35mg, 55mg and 70mg. Quite frankly, though this material does have its differences with 2c-e, I found 70mg of 2c-d to be every bit as deep and profound mentally as about 20mg of 2c-e. Maybe a little bit more stimulating than 2c-e but not by much. Its the heaviest 'tofu' I've ever eaten. With just a 4 hour duration and higher per dose cost it won't be too attractive to kiddies either, which is fine with me.

2c-e and now 2c-d now make me wanny try 2c-p.....
MGS - I knew you would like this one =D

This is up there with the great ones - I originally ordered it thinking, hmm, well the smart drug thing sounds maybe interesting, although its expensive per dose for a psychedelic, it sounds interesting.

Now I just ordered some more and this is one I would like to 'stock up' on in the future sometime for my own/close friends use. Its got depth... very very nice, colorful visuals, it feels a lot more comfortable than 2c-e on the body (and that isn't a 'harsh' one) actually 2c-c would be the only thing equal or maybe slightly 'better' on the body (meaning less body effects=better, actually to me 2c-c sort of sedated me, while 2c-d didnt seem to touch it much at all, really). I am not sure if it has the depth of 2c-e, but, i sure saw potential for that with possibly higher doses.

This one is just great all around, just fine for 'fun' or some sensory enhancement at lower doses, and more psychedelic (but i never saw any 'dark' side, i mean, it seems more 'gentle') at higher doses. Lasts a good 4 hours, and then drops off quick to nothing, leaving no after effects or slow coming down like 2c-e seems like sometimes. Very 'all purpose' but seemingly always fun, for me anyway (but 2c-e is always 'fun' also, but, this one is, more fun).

This one is great for doing some art/drawing for example, wow..awesome visuals.. I was quite high on the 60mg last time but was still able to focus and do certain things for people quite well once i was focused, more focus than some of my 'equal strength' 2c-e trips. You can take your capsule, at the dose for your intent, and still be quite motivated and not distracted while on it to do what you actually intended, and then it is gone after 4 hours. And for 'equal strength' I dont feel the, although not exactly unpleasant, body 'buzz' I'd have on 2c-e, which is a plus to me. I shouldn't be comparing those two though, because well, really, they are both really damn good psychedelics, and each have their own great things they do that the other doesn't do! Hmm me thinks a lower dose mix of the two would be nice.. (2c-c adds quite a nice 'ending' to a good 2c-e trip, visually, this would probably do similar only, hmm a 'lil "better" i think, haha)

The only thing, and only thing, that sucks, is there isn't a "version two" of 2c-d, that would last, more like 8 hours, I wouldn't say that the duration is a 'flaw' with 2c-d, because, well, sometimes you just want a 4 hour trip, even intense, and would like it to just drop off so you can be normal again!

It's very deep and thought provoking even at beastly doses. Haven't really explored the upper range, but this chemical is absolutely delectible at low doses.
German doses of 2 CD

I've got a paper from the 80's written by some German shrinks on the use of 2CD (they call it LE25) which recommends doses in the region of 150mg (shulgin mentions the same trials in Phikal). Just wondering if anyone out there had tried this sort of dose? According to the paper there were no illeffects at this level.
Some merging.

I've got a paper from the 80's written by some German shrinks on the use of 2CD (they call it LE25) which recommends doses in the region of 150mg (shulgin mentions the same trials in Phikal). Just wondering if anyone out there had tried this sort of dose? According to the paper there were no illeffects at this level.

Haven't done anything near that dose. 70mg was quite psychedelic for me. But could you tell us more about that study, or where to get a copy of it?
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