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☛ Official ☚ The Big & Dandy 2C-T Thread


Mar 31, 2007
Has anyone had any experience with this one? Can't seem to find any other info on it apart from pihkal
I have no experience, but I believe all 2C-T-* compounds are beleived to have some MAOI action, so keep that in mind when experimenting.

If its anything like 2C-T-2, it would be a winner in my book, that substance is a multi-purpose workhorse for me.
In Burples report on 2C-T-2 and 2C-T-7, it is mentioned as being a wonderful material. I myself have always desired to try this one. I imagine it would be similar to 2C-D, but with the 'sulfur warmth' the 2C-Ts provide.
I may be getting my hands on some along with some DOEF in a couple of weeks so ill consider writing a trip report on them, seen as there is hardly anything else available on them
morninggloryseed said:
In Burples report...
A little friendly rivalry goin' on here?

He doesn't call you BoringGlorySeed, does he? =D
may i just jump in here and say that MURPLE IS GOD.

now, which part of GOD don't you understand, fool?

thank you, we now return to your regularly scheduled programming.
Read some old erowid reports. He used to write alot of experience reports there. I haven't read anything about him recently though. Maybe he's dead.

This Murple/Burple/Marple guy really doesn't keep the same name for long does he??