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☛ Official ☚ The Big & Dandy 2C-T Thread

Sorry, Xorkoth, this is the Burple thread. DOEF is two threads up. ;)
2C-T... yeah. One of my labrats came up to me with some 2C-T in its paw, asked me how much to dose. I thought it should go for threshold first. Anyone done that and able to give the rat advice? I guess threshold may be about 30mg (half of what Shulgin's recommended low dose would be).
Looking forward to your lab rat's report! Unfortunately, I have no advice. But since Shulgin has established a dosage range, I think half of the low dose listed would be a good place to start. You will most likely want to go higher the next time by a good bit, but better to be safe.
Ended up measuring out 40mg for the rat. At first it ate just a tiny bit of it, and it found the taste to be incredibly bitter but not lingering. 20 mins later it decided to eat the lot. The rat displayed no changed behaviour and reported a very mild enhancement of contours/colours. Its eyes remained near-normal as well. Everything seemed more interesting, the rat thought, but it couldn't quite explain how. It wasn't truly euphoric, it just felt like everything was all right and that what it was doing (chattingtoa friend while comparing the features of a number of competing electronic devices online for hours in order to make up its mind which one to buy) was very interesting and less discouraging than it might otherwise have been. The rat suggested I dose it with at least double the amount next time as this promising first run was inconclusive at best.

What the rat liked was that it could go to sleep at T+6 and probably would have beenable to do so at T+4 if it had wanted to. And that it had no stomach upset or other body issues whatsoever, and that it has absolutely no hangover today.
Interesting. Well, looks like the dosage is higher.

I just Big and Dandified this since there are now people who have it. Let the reports commence!
^^^^ Sounds placebo. Tolerance/purity issues, or maybe just sub-threshold for the particular rodent's physiology at that dose?
Ximot, please do a full TR once you find an effective dose(please!!). The idea of this one has been haunting me for many years. After reading about it in Pihkal, I have wanted to try it for years, but have had no other info to go by. Keep us posted:)
Could have been placebo, yes. But it could have easily not been. I mean, Shulgin and associates tested it and it was determined to be definitely active.
If I recall, the potency of this one is WAY down......75-150mg or so. And since he tended to go low in many cases...not surprised that 40mg (spaced over time) resulted in little.
From Hugo24:

Theres a book "Psychedelische Chemie", published in the nachtschattenverlag (www.nachtschatten.ch) which covers many of the older RC's...

It's basically the PIHKAL from the german speaking countries, it has many new reports on the simpler psychedelic RC's, including the rare 2C-T-1 which sounds more positive than in PIHKAL, gives a dose of 60-130mg/3-5h duration

If you look at the Mescaline to Escaline comparison, you'll notice that the latter is roughly 5x as strong. This seems to be paralleled by the active doses of 2C-T and 2C-T-2 ... the latter has a 5x increase in potency. Remember that sulfur and oxygen are in the same column on the periodic table. I bet this one gets more interesting around 100 mg.
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Beautiful, simple structure.
dbailey11 said:
How does 2ct compare qualitatively to something like 2ct-2 or 2c-e?

We don't know yet... Ximot's report of barely threshold effects is the only one we have! I sincerely hope that others begin testing and reporting their reactions. I am very, very curious! :)
I could swear I reported here of my experience with I think approx 80-100mg (I wish I had taken notes, I can't remember) some time early this summer. I'd had MDMA twice during the same week and I felt absolutely fine on the 2C-T. It didn't blow me out of the water (festival setting that ended in a rowing boat ride along the river...) but after the somewhat empathogenic and simultaenously quite disorienting come-up (reminiscent of strongish MDMDA or 2CB) it evened out into an insightful yet sociable trip not unlike 2CTFM. A fair bit of empathy remained, and I connected well with a friend's 12-year-old son who said to me that I was the only sane person in the group that day... incidentally I was also the only one tripping. The boy had felt alienated among the drinking adult festval crowd and so I'd taken him under my wing a bit. I felt pretty good all day, unashamedly open verbally (except about my drug use to the boy, I never told him that, for obvious reasons) and having people open up to me in the process of me talking to them so openly. Once the come-up was finished it was easily manageable, quite benign and very friendly. Felt good the next day too. And I remember we had a meal at around T+6 and I was moderately hungry and managed to eat a nice pub lunch (fish'n'chips... 'twas a holiday in the UK) with a couple of nice big beers.

Will use again, mainly for its entactogenic properties. I feel it has lots of potential at 'settling' a person, at 'righting' emotional/spiritual imbalances in a person. I, for one, had a great day, and the feeling lasted a few days.
Does 2CT different than 2C-T-2 or 2C-T-4 or 2C-T-7 or 2C-T-21 ? 'coz I never heard of it.