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The Big & Dandy 5-MeO-DMT Thread - First Launch

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Aug 22, 2000
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Welcome to the Big & Dandy 5-MeO-DMT Thread




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Just a little post to get some interesting discussion going in the new psychedelics forum. Who has sampled 5-MeO-DMT? Who wants to share their experience? Who else thought it smelled like opium incense and tasted delicious? Anybody else have intense visual effects and notice a somewhat MDMA-like quality to the experience? I did.

For those that don't know, 5-MeO-DMT is a powerful psychedelic known to occur in dozens of plants and one species of toad. It is also a normal component of the human brain and it is produced by the pineal gland, an organ also known as the "third eye." We are not sure what purpose it serves being there.
Low doses have that characteristic tryptamine feel with a strong body-buzz, enhanced colors, and trails on moving objects. In my experiences, a small amount of nausea without vomiting is to be expected. Not much goes on with low doses, but I could see a few milligrams being very interesting during the comedown of something like 2C-T-7.

A full dose is very different from a low dose. There seem to be two different camps on what a full dose of 5-MeO-DMT is like. Some people feel it is a mystical 'one with the universe' experience that is very rewarding. Others feel it is like a psychedelic baseball bat to the head with little or no redeeming qualities. I've given it to three others; one experienced the former effects while the other two experienced pretty much the latter description.

I estimate that only 3 of the 10 mg I had placed in my trusty pyro analytical device vaporized that first time. I was under the sky near some trees. I noticed similar effects to a small dose of mushrooms, but with more nausea. I was told by the voice within that my soul was not clean. The reason was due to my on-again, off-again relationship with pain pills. I was also told that I was not ready for regular DMT, having recently acquired some. I felt a distinct spiritual aspect to the material, and I was very impressed.

I decided that was enough for the night, but my friend encouraged me to finish what was left in the pipe and I agreed. This time I was inside on a chair. Within 10 seconds of taking in the delicious smoke, I knew I was in for something intense. I first heard these weird 'buzzing and ringing tryptamine noises', and those sounds began to rip my vision open. I felt that commonly described feeling of riding a freight train/rocket ship and I lay down on the ground. My friend turned of the light for me and I was then in complete blackness.

I was instantly immersed in a world that consisted solely of my ego. It was as though I was swimming in an ocean of myself. The intensity was beyond belief. I was giving the choice of accepting all that is about me, or facing utter terror. I chose acceptance and instantly I was held in the arms of god and told all was good! Basically I surrendered myself completely to the experience and just let go in faith. I then swam through this universe of love, white light, and visions that I can not possibly describe. All I know was it was all beautiful. A lot happened to me there, but I can not possible say what. The words do not exist. This experience, which I call a flash, lasted only about ten minutes. After the peak, the effects resembled those of any other psychedelic. There were intense trails, detailed color, and a generally 'trippy' look to the world. I felt a distinct MDMA-like quality as well because I had a distinct feeling of oneness with everything. It was very, very spiritual.

All in all, 5-MeO-DMT was nothing like I expected. This is no doubt good material and I am very impressed. At no time did I feel even a hint of fear, though I could see the experience being quite terrifying if I resisted the effects.

So what about you? Mystical sacrament or psychedelic baseball bat to the skull?
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Oooh very nice post!
I've recently procured 150mg of this, trouble is I'm on a self-imposed drug break so I'll have to wait to post on this.
Do you feel that even if the experience were a baseball bat to the head, one could work with the substances over a few occasions and work towards a mystical experience?
Very keen to try this. . . . nice report!
To answer your question, I think every substance is capable of inducing a mystical experience. A lot has to do with the set (your state of mind) and setting (where the experience takes place). I also believe mystical/spiritual experiences occur when it is your time. If that experience comes to you, it won't matter what substance you have taken.
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Injected 50mg of it, IV ... I would say it was a "life changing experience" .. without doubt .. I saw myself die, then existed in the most evil hell for what seemed like eternity - it was about 3 minutes ... I ended up puking all over myself... when I finally "came to" and realized I was NOT DEAD and WAS ALIVE, well, THAT was an incredible euphoria...
I would post a more detailed trip report describing the visions I had and the sounds I heard, but I am not good with trip reports..
I later smoked 5-MeO-DMT (about the same dose) and it didn't evne come close to providing the same trip...
To recap - IV 5-MeO-DMT = death trip = life changing experience
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i did it twice.
my friend gave me a small dose to start, smaller than she had done, and it didn't do much for me in the psychedelic sense, but it was an almost overwhelming "high" feeling. i hesitate to call it a high.. it was just a feeling. i felt that if it was the slightest bit stronger i would have been sick.
the second time i did a lot more, more than had pushed my friend over the edge into fairyland. same effect, though when i closed my eyes i could see patterns. they weren't very interesting though, it was as if i was looking at an interesting colourful grid pattern but from too far away to make out the details. i was dissapointed but i would like to try it again someday, with a lot more.
something else.. for a few hours after trying it i felt as if it was much easier to communicate.. what i meant to say came out perfectly and instantly.. anyone else experience this?
I quite like 5-meo-dmt but not really because the experiance is actualy enjoyable but just purely because its intense. Its like nothing else and really does batter me.
I MUCH prefer proper DMT but that is very hard to get and is illegal.
If you are trying this for the first time be VERY careful, if you are eye-balling the dose remember 5-10mg of powder is really small.
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Do not eyeball 5-MeO-DMT. It is impossible to do it accuratly given the fact that the dose needed is so small, 10 mg is more than enough, and the crystals tend to vary in size so much, from salt-grain size to a finely ground powder.
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Eye-balling 5-meo-dmt is not totaly impossible. I have and do do it myself, if you are going to attempt it my advice would be to start with the smallest grain you can and then figure out how much you want.
This route could well lead to you fucking up but out of quite a few people who have tried 5-meo-dmt most couldnt be bothered to dilute it in a solvent and then vapourise some.
Just my thoughts though this chem will fuck you if your not very careful.
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i recommend wieghing out 100 mg and dissolving that in hot alcohol, then adding an herbal carrier (mint leaves, mullein, ganja, whatever...) to the shotglass, stirring well with a toothpick, and allowing to dry... a few flakes of leaf will be enough,a nd it is easy to "eyeball" the pile of dosed leaf into eights (for piles containing ~ 12.5 mg 5md... and once you know what 12 mg looks like, you can easily guesstimate 6 mg, 4 mg, 3 mg, whatever...)
well, it works for my friends who are into the white light express...
Had my First, 5-meo-dmt tripp last week. Other then Absolutly amazing I got 3 other things to say about it. I took me 1 week to come up with a definate answer on what I felt, here goes..It is as if, out emotions are fake, out vision is false, and our thoughts dont exists, sound and matter are nothing, energy is nothing as well, when we are here, we are there as well, we just dont know it. I have no Idea what that means but thats what I felt, my body rush was just WOAH, like everyone says blown out of a cannon, plus I noticed that even tho there are no opened eye visuals, if you close your eyes, you seem to transfered to a world were darkeness rules vision, where you dont need light to see.
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Haha K9, sounds like you had a nice trip. How many mg did you do?
In a dream, I tried it for the first time last week too, but still nothing I can put into words. Kinda like an emotion you feel but there is no way to describe that emotion because it's unlike anything you ever felt before. However, I DID have open eye visuals; everything in my view "broke down" and was moving (much more so than on LSD).
5-meo DMT

just wondering if any of yall tried this, and at what dosage? Tryin to get some experiences. I find that this is THE craziest drug out there. How u guys measure up such small amounts? Just tryin to see whats up at other areas. peaCe
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I wouldn't necessarly say it's THE craziest drug, but it is QUITE powerful, and very world shattering. I usually use 5mg, measure it with a scale, don't eyeball this stuff. Effects of 5mg varies quite a bit from person to person and from time to time, some people need more, some less. This is not something to be taken lightly (Its not particularly "fun"), but it is something to be taken :) it's kind of hard to describe what it does, and I think that everybodies experience will be quite different.
Originally posted by hash420x:
just wondering if any of yall tried this, and at what dosage? Tryin to get some experiences. I find that this is THE craziest drug out there. How u guys measure up such small amounts? Just tryin to see whats up at other areas. peaCe
This drug is impossible to measure without an expensive scale. Also, there is absolutely nothing "crazy" about it. If you are able to measure it, start with 5mg.
How would you explain the difference of 5-meo and regular DMT, regular is a little harder to get in these regions, I am basically the only supplier i have ever seen...and at $100 for 250mg....$20 for 5mg is quite a profit...hehe
Originally posted by hash420x:
How would you explain the difference of 5-meo and regular DMT, regular is a little harder to get in these regions, I am basically the only supplier i have ever seen...and at $100 for 250mg....$20 for 5mg is quite a profit...hehe
5-meo-dmt is about 10 times more potent than DMT.
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