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Dissociatives The Big & Dandy Diphenidine Thread

Very interestingly but pointless....

The unremarkable nature of diphenidine must add some merit to any and every other disassociate!
Or said differently, the ideas produced on other dissociatives are actually of some logical merit.... but not those from diphenidine!
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Reading this sober or under diphenidine is the same.
Im very bored with this... it has one consistent value and that is unique to this drug but pointless
Clearly im the only one still posting about this chem.
Ive tried this chem about 5 or 6 times over last month.

Tolerance also builds so 70mg plus 20mg 40min later has not much effect now.

Slight slight disassociation but very minor. The whoosh at the start is gone too.
Think this only has some fun in first few goes, and using lowish doses to even appreciate it.
Wow, you really are lol. Yeah, I never heard of very many people being blown away by diphenidine.... Seems to have had its go before people moved on to the other options out there, which to be fair often seem to be more well-received and also have slightly better understood safety profiles. I have to say, it doesn't sound that fun either based on your descriptions, haha.... Confused, amnesiac, and boring after a few runs.... I'll probably end up saving my money for something else! Thanks much for all the info, though. :)
It isnt worth seeking in all honesty. I have tried a few different rcs in my years and this is all i have in stock currently so ive explored it wholeheartedly and as pragmatically as i can.

It aint a great drug. It is a drug. Thats the point i guess lol
I actually enjoy diphendine: ( http://www.bluelight.org/vb/threads/819706-Diphenidine-experiences-(low-dosage) )

I also did higher dosages now, 70 and 90mg. I still need to write a report of it. I somehow really enjoyed it. It isn't a wild ride, just a peaceful blankness with those dosages. Little thoughts. Really dreamy, easy to lose time. The world is utterly alien. You just sit or wobble a bit, while the scenery becomes chopped up and pixelated. It goes well with small amount of opiates. Then you will sit in a warm void.

For some reason I made on both instances a cup of coffee with milk and lots of sugar in it. That went really well together. It was a hassle though to do, but it makes the experience clearer.

I cannot explain why I like this drug. I just really enjoy it. It is not even that moreish. I never redose. I would like to try a bit higher, say 120mg. But need to wait to bring the tolerance down again. NMDA-antagonists take a bit of time to lower again.

Another thing: On low dosages it is really effective of suppressing opiate withdrawals. 10/20 mg is enough, you can still function normally. It just stops the RLS, however your mood will be quite gloomy. (But still better than plain withdrawing).

It really reminds me of the the trip reports of mk-801. I know, that it is difficult to bring over mental states by words. But from what I read it is close, just shorter. It is not as creepy as it sound though. The whole experience is serene on the gloomy side. Like being utterly alone in the universe, but somehow enjoying it. It has a dark edge, but still I really like this stuff.
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where to get it from?
it seems to be gone forever, searched everywhere.
I miss it very much.
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Diphenidine was great at 200mg, sounds a bit much but was perfect for me. I believe I had pure stuff from one of the first shops that sold it in the uk. It seems to have vanished by now, only the methoxy version is sold which is crap. I believe ephenidine is somewhat similar to diphenidine but haven’t tested it yet.