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Tryptamines The Big & Dandy MET Thread


Jan 20, 2004

Does anyone have any experience with this compound?

All I know is that it is orally active.
I]N,N[/I]-MET is N-Methyl-N-EthylTryptamine is a N,N-DMT homologue. One atom of carbon is added to N-methyl groups...making for an ethyl group. N-Methyl-N-Ethyl-Tryptamine. Thus it lies "between" N,N-DMT and N,N-DET



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Tihkal entry for MIPT said:
EXTENSIONS AND COMMENTARY : This is the simplest tryptamine with the somewhat magical pair of nitrogen substituents, a methyl group and an isopropyl group. Why should this combination allow a molecule to be orally active, even though the conventional thinking is that if there is a methyl group there, the amine oxidases will destroy it? My sense is that it is the N-small-group that does the job in the brain, and it is the N-big-group that keeps the inactivating oxidase enzymes away from the nitrogen atom. This is consistent with the N,N-dimethyl compound (DMT) not being orally active. Lying midway between DMT and DIPT is the ethyl compound, N-ethyl-N-methyltryptamine, or MET. It can be made by adding ethyl acetate to a reaction mixture where the formamide of tryptamine (see under NMT) has been reduced to NMT but there is still a goodly excess of hydride still remaining. The free base, as an oil, shows oral activity in the eighty to one hundred milligram range, so going from a methyl to an ethyl does indeed protect the compound from total enzymatic annihilation when taken orally.

This is no DMT mimick, unlike 4-HO-MET is to 4-HO-DMT. The ethyl group is serving a purpose here ... it is not just quasi-legal substitute for DMT. The oral activity of MET makes it unique. Sounds like a good candidate for exploration into mostly uncharted territory.
Trial 1:

Insufflated 15 mg MET freebase

I was initially told that this was the HCl salt, but after my first trial, I was informed that it was the freebase ... which may have been why it burned like hell. After about 5-10 minutes of an agonizing burn, I felt a definite alert. It quickly escalated to a somewhat DMT-like state. It was much more than I expected from such a low dose. I was planning on insufflating a small amount and going to hang out with some friends and maybe have a nice buzz. Well, that didn't happen.

I spent about 15 minutes examining the walls in my new apartment, as I had become convinced that they were blue ... they are completely white, but I couldn't convince myself otherwise. There was also some noticable wave-like motion on all flat surfaces. Other than that the visuals were not too impressive, but I felt like there was a lot of potential. It was similar to maybe 10-20 mg DMT smoked, except much more gradual in and out. My balance and motor skills went downhill pretty quickly, but it wasn't really uncomfortable ... kind of like DMT. I was somewhat annoyed that I was feeling the effects this strongly, when I wasn't expecting it. I finally got around to putting on some music, which really helped out. Overall, the plateau lasted for about 45 minutes, with a gradual decline ending at about 3 and a half hours.

Now that I know it is a freebase, I may try smoking it next time. I'm guessing that it would be more like DET smoked since it doesn't get broken down as quickly as DMT.

Am I right that the HCl salt would burn less insufflated? I doubt I will try insufflating again, so I guess there's no point in converting it. And I'm guessing that the freebase will work fine orally, although it seemed pretty caustic when I put it on my tongue. Maybe capping it would be a good idea.

I'll write a full report when I take this to interesting level ... this was just an introduction. ;)
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Wow, great work Dondante. This sounds like it may hold some promise and I'm glad to see that there are still some that are exploring where few have gone.

How was the headspace? How was the body load? How did you sleep afterwards?

Keep up the good work and stay safe. I look forward to the full report ;).
Tiapan said:
From Erowid report for DET
The best comparison would be to that of a very high dose LSD or Psilocybin experience, entering at the peak immediately, rather than waiting for 2-3hrs. The initial DET effect is far stronger than anything experienced with high LSD doses. The initial effects begin within 30secs increasing in strength at a massive rate reaching peak of maximum effect within 5 minutes The 'non-compus stage' (immobile stage - you really dont feel inclined to move much) this part of DET peak lasts around half an hour gradually weakening in effect to the level of a high LSD peak after about an hour. (One could walk relatively easily again). The effect diminished gradually for a further 2-3hrs, fading back to normality and ending with virtually no indication the experience had occured - very clean finish.

I am basing my predictions on MET off of DET experiences. The pharmacology of MET should be much more similar to DET than DMT, because of the protection from MAO enzymes, but the effects might lie somewhere between the two. There's only one way to find out ... except I can't compare it to DET.

I think the body load could be quite strong, as in loss of motor coordination at higher doses, mild vertigo, etc., but I don't expect that it would be too uncomfortable. The reports in Tihkal on DET range from disappointing to profound and enriching, with the majority being positive. I have a feeling that MET will be better all around.

The headspace is hard to define since it was such a low dose and I was kind of annoyed that there was no way I was going to be driving my car to my friend's place.

As far as sleep, I took it at 9:00 p.m. and was sleeping before 1:00 a.m. ... and normally I have trouble getting to sleep after taking psychedelics.
Mods, can we make this a 'little and dandy MET thread"?

So I've obtained a sample preported to be MET. It has not been through any analysis, but it seems a reliable source.

Unlike DMT, DPT, alpha-MT, and DiPT...this one does not have any of the indole smell. Neither does MiPT. Any reason the asymetrical nature of these two molecules would hinder any odor?
No smell?No way!MIPT and MET as base smell clearly "indolic".The MET I have is the fumarat salt, wonderful crystals and has no smell.Guess you have a salt as well.I think the freebase is not easy to crystallize.
Yup... all the freebase tryptamine compounds I've worked with stunk, but all the salts were scentless, with the exception of 5-MeO-Ts and 4-AcO-Ts (never smelled much either way).
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Maybe the company made a new batch / decided to make it a salt form now or if from a different source did make it into a salt.

DonDante does yours smell?

Yes it would be very interesting to smoke some, if 15mg snorted did that then maybe its much more potent smoked than say DMT.
I'll do a rough MP analysis when I get the chance. Assuming it's MET, I can easily tell if it's the salt (MP: around 170 deg C) or freebase (MP: 50-60 deg C) by seeing if the substance melts in boiling water. I'll see if I can do that today.

Oh, and there's no strong odor.
I would have to agree that DMT smells quite a bit different, as compared to the other tryptamines. It almost smells incense-like. Actually, it smells the same way that 5-MeO-DMT tastes...while 5-MeO-DMT has little odor.

In a few weeks, I hope to learn if this "MET" is authentic. The problem is having a reference standard to compare with. Though he thinks he will be able to figure it out. Hugo, do you have the specs for MET? THis would speed up the process.
GUYS!.................Damnit. This is just like DMT except it has a methyl and an ethyl group instead of two methyls. You don't need to go slack jawed, googly-eyed, and drooling when you see something a tiny bit different. Use some sense! MAO does not break it down so it can be taken orally. With the suggestion of the old Shulger start at maybe 90mg. Smoking dosages are obviously much lower. Start at perhaps 20mg to be on the safe side, unless you want to make it your last trip eva!
Psychedelics_r_best said:
GUYS!.................Damnit. This is just like DMT except it has a methyl and an ethyl group instead of two methyls. You don't need to go slack jawed, googly-eyed, and drooling when you see something a tiny bit different. !

The tiny differenes are what make me drool. Something about that mystery of comparing how the presence of an extra carbon can change so much.
hugo24 said:
-If its a salt,it will go into solution before it melts...

I didn't mean I was going to put it in water. I just meant I was going to heat it to 100 deg C from the heat of boiling water. I finally got around to doing this simple test and it melted easily so it's definitely MET freebase.

I was planning on taking 80 mg MET freebase yesterday, but decided to go with 170 mg Ketamine for my first time with that substance instead ... very interesting drug. I wouldn't call it enjoyable, but definitely interesting.

BTW, MET is the black monolith goddamnit! :X I want to try it at a full dose, but for some reason it's intimidating. I'll get around to it sometime. I just need more free time.
Good,so it can be smoked as well...unless the salt made was very hygroscopic which implies melting.Ah,the jury on the smell is still out,does it smell?
For most of tryptamines without 5-meo and 4-ho group, best ingestion I think way is IM injection. I believe im'ed MET should work perfectly.
>the jury on the smell
> is still out,does it smell?

Like MiPT, MET does not smell. Perhaps the asymetrical ones don't. Anyone remember an odor with EIPT?

>best ingestion I think way is
>IM injection. I believe im'ed
>MET should work perfectly.

Agreed. Then again, DiPT was best orally. I'm going to try MET orally first...it is nice to have a tryptamine last less than 4 hours.
Psychedelics_r_best said:
Oh yes, me too, but that doesnt mean we need to gather in a circle and stare up at its heights like the black monolith.

yes it does. i challenge you to give me a reason not to. :|