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Lysergamides The Big & Dandy MIPLA (Methylisopropyllysergamide) Thread

Lazy fuckers... I've been wondering the same. I don't know why I've been procrastinating myself.. no excuses really. It's amazing we have the opportunity to be some of the first people in the whole world to test this stuff out! It's like being on the first moon landing, or the first party to summit K2 or something.
From what I read, it sounded a bit on the tame side. Personally, I'm waiting for some more reports to come out before I decide it's worth investigating for myself.
I just got five hits but its going to be about a month before my tolerance resets from all the ALD 52 I did last week. I assume is it cross tolerates and want to give it a fair shake. Wonder if I should I expect the almost LSD experience of 1p/ALD or if its more like its own unique experience like AL/ETH-LAD.
I was kind of hoping there would be more info on this, I will report back
Shulgin's lab notes have some MIPLA trip reports. He called it "Lamide".


Here's a quote from Ann:
This material, I think, is better than the Great Lucy, just by a smidgen, but a rather important smidgen. It clangs less. It is straighter, quieter and in some ways - no, I was about to say deeper, but that wouldn't make sense. Lucy is as cosmic a path as you could ask for; the Lamide is just a bit less cluttered, and somehow there is more quiet humor, for me, with this material.
Interesting that Shulgin considered it slightly better than LSD. Then again, he considered 2C-B better than just about anything. Thanks for the link, Bluelight is set to not be able to attach files to threads, unfortunately.
Great post cj187 - Interesting and at times cryptic notes. Especially the short form notes (Sasha's?).

What the heck is "Freddie" that AP. compares it to? Some long forgotten slang name for MDMA? I also wonder what is the "Death Valley Material" he mentions.

Definitely positive reviews on the whole from these old explorers.
Interesting that Shulgin considered it slightly better than LSD. Then again, he considered 2C-B better than just about anything. Thanks for the link, Bluelight is set to not be able to attach files to threads, unfortunately.

Kinda make sense though, as some people have described MiPLA as a less headspacey, kinda MDMA-esque lysergamide. Whereas 2C-B is the PEA version of that. Shulgin apparently loved his empathogens. He abused the fuck out of MDMA as a social enhancer, calling it a "low calorie martini" or something like that in PIHKAL.
Not really, I think, but judging for what he said on his books and interviews he was dosing quite casually. Using it as a writing aid and at social gatherings and such. I also recall reading somewhere that he was dubious of the neurotoxicity of MDMA when the first evidence started appearing. He was saying something along the lines that the animal models used in studies were not realiable.

I dont think he was the kind of guy to be dropping heavy doses daily, but wouldnt be surprised if he was taking moderate doses at least biweekly at some point. I also recall reading an interview where Ann said she was using it pretty often for a year straight to help with her writing.

Anyway, sorry everyone for offtopic.
OK .. finally took this for a spin.. I hope I don't disappoint you in saying that I only took a half tab. Being that I tend to be very sensitive to psychedelics and that there aren't many reports on MIPLA, I cut a 200ug tab in half and gummed it.

100ug - Was very, very mild. So light that I feel confident in recommending experienced trippers go ahead and jump in at 200ug. It was very pleasant, felt good in the body and mind even 10 hours after dosing. It had that a certain familiar lysergamide warmth to it that's hard to put into words. Strangely it hit me in a wave about 8 hours in, with one of those moments of .. such-ness? triggered by some beautiful music. Anyways it was extremely light on the whole, very nice. I'll have no hesitation to test a higher dose and am looking forward to 200ug the next time the opportunity arises.
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I took one 200 microgram dose on the weekend, I like it. I agree with everything in the Shuligan notes. It had like zero negativity, no sinister undercurrent whatsoever. No body load or any negative body effects. It felt great. Also short acting, peaked in a few hours and 7 hours after I took it I was going to bed. I am usually an 8 plus hour tripper with 3 hours of post trip glow and the another hour or two after that where I can't sleep. This stuff I was tired after and slept easy. And usually this class of drugs just kills me and I oversleep after, but with MiPLA I didn't wake up the next day exhausted.

I didn't get any visuals, but this is a probably a low dose. I suspect it may be less than 50 percent of LSD's potency. I thought 200 micrograms of this it was similar to a trip of around 50 micrograms of LSD rather than a 100 microgram dose. I could have a built up tolerance, cant say 100 percent for sure. I think most people will agree its pretty mild at this level. Next time I plan to try 300 micrograms though I suspect my own sweet spot with this one may still be higher than that. As a new and untested drug I am going to play it safe and only increase dose by half a hit each time, you never know.

If I had to choose a 200 mic dose of AL-LAD or this I would choose MiPLA, the low dose AL-LAD trips I found lacking and kind of boring. 200 mics of MiPLA was mild but still interesting and fun, like a low dose LSD trip. That's probably the best comparison I could give. It would, in my opinion, be good for one of those times you want to have fun at a show or art gallery or whatever but don't want a full blown mystical experience. The post trip day after glow was nice, it might be a good drug to investigate as a mood enhancer. I will try it again but it's going to be a while, likely in 2019
Nice, glad to hear another report on this one, there are surprisingly few. I need to make sure to get this while it's available, gotta wait a while for funds to get more available though.
Nice one. You're assessment that 200ug is about as potent as 50ug LSD seems right to me - when I took 100ug it felt something like 20-30ug of LSD, so 1/4 the potency seems a good rough guideline. Let's see how it scales though - it's possible that MIPLA stays steeper as you increase the dose, and doesn't saturate as early as LSD. Or, or the opposite could be true. Like you said, best to proceed upward at around 100ug at a time.

I thought my next trial would be 200ug, but maybe I'll try 300ug since we have a report here at 200.
(MIPLA+MDMA trip report from Erowid 's MIPLA experience page)

Extra Ordinary

This past summer I was in one of the most profound and beautiful psychedelic state of my life. The peak plateau lasted for about 5 hours, with hours and even days of afterglow. It’s difficult to discern to what degree this experience is due to set and setting. Maybe in sharing some of its ingredients, repetition is possible. I hope so.

It was the final evening of a festival week and all music had already ended, except at the chill-out area. The past week had taken its toll on me. I was feeling very tired from less sleep than usual, dancing and dealing with the heat. I had also been working daily, as a psychedelic harm reduction volunteer; which gives but can also take.

When my shift was over, I went for a light meal (9-10 pm) and downed 2 coffees after. I am not so used to drinking coffee, but one cup was definitely not enough to get me going. I was unsure if this last festival evening still had something in store, and unsure if I would do any drugs, but food and coffee was a good start. Later in the evening I arrived at the chill-out temple and shared a few sips of my favorite rum (1 am) with a colleague. Earlier on he had confided he loved whiskey and was delighted to hear that I had brought a bottle of fine rum to the festival. (only 12 years old but in finesse easily overtakes others a decade older!) I wasn’t into drinking that night, so, I only had a few sips for taste.
A friend was by that time enjoying some first waves of 2C-B. Normally I tend towards leveling my state with party friends. Instead of taking 2C-B as well, I decided however to dip a bit of pure MDMA in my mouth (1h30 am – 35mg I estimate, in retrospect). It was clear that the festival week was having its positive effects too: I felt in touch with myself and could easily stand in my own truth of the moment.

When the MDMA came on, I swallowed 3/4 of a 200?g tab of MIPLA (2 am – so 150 ?g) after letting the tab sit sublingually for a few minutes. Candyflipping gurus on the internet tell me that I need to be over the peak of the MDMA before adding a psychedelic. Otherwise the effects just fight each other. But it just felt right to do the MIPLA then and there. I had tried 150?g of MIPLA for the first time some weeks earlier, in a safe setting at home. MIPLA was clearly a friendly and easy-going substance that time. Generally, I half my doses on festivals but the fluo flashiness of the trance vibe had already ended and I felt safe enough to do the same dose.

Half an hour later (2h30 am), I started falling into an extra-ordinary state. I looked at people dancing to the slow beats, moving like plants on an ocean floor, and the beauty touched me profoundly; not so in a trippy way ‘moving like plants’ however – MIPLA had only soft visual effects – but more metaphorically, while at the same time feeling the beauty of a person, whoever my eyes would land on. One song was just the perfect match. I went up to the DJ and asked the track title: Paul Schulleri “Sirene (Zen Baboon remix).” It had taken a whole week of cooking in this pot called ‘festival’ to produce this chill-out vibe of people sitting, sleeping and dancing. It felt unique and I was glad to be there. Everybody was in some kind of cocoon, with his or her own festival and life history, and underlying that, in a shared mellow “cooked” state.

Only at the end of the evening did I try to objectively define my state of mind. I hadn’t been inclined to do that earlier, which is unusual for me. But it was impossible to define my state! I would focus unto something, like the morning mist on the lake, and my whole being would just be filled with the beauty of it, overwhelmingly, pushing out any thoughts or thought processes that were going on in my head. I could not analyze. So it was not that I was overlooking a scene and thinking “Oh.. everything is so beautiful”, which can happen in other psychedelic states. It was more a reality in which I became a building block of the surroundings, which at the same time enveloped me in the experience of the whole.

I was in a kind of clear observing, experiencing mode. However self-consciousness was mostly not part of that because everything I did just happened naturally and in tune with reality. When something unharmonious would occur in an interaction with someone, I would just move to harmony with the whole again, without any effort, and I could “solve” the situation naturally without unnecessary feelings of shame in me or giving them to others. At some point I needed to make clear to someone that I didn’t like having her around me. Being assertive was not difficult, and it went in a gentle and caring way.

I felt playful and trippy and went on a discovery mission. Wandering around, I found a group of four people who had created a funny micro-habitat somewhere on the ground of the chill-out temple. They were lying under a blanket on top of an air mattress in the shape of a pineapple. My brain was still relatively sharp and with humor intact, connecting was easy. At some point I enjoyed just listening to them, softly talking into each other’s ears. The intimacy of the dialogue sounds was pure bliss. I wished I had a bunch of friends like that whom I could have an under-the-blanket-session with. (Or probably just a girlfriend.) My only friend there was not in a “cozy around” mood. So, since that was not an option, which was fine, I hung around to the side of the pineapple club for a while.

Joining them under the blanket, becoming part of their festival casserole, did not feel appropriate. To be sure I was not on some ego trip, I checked with them if they minded me hanging around them. They happily said “not at all.” I like to keep an eye on possible ‘ego trips’ because MDMA and psychedelics can put me in touch with the divine, allow me to see through unfiltered eyes, but controlling and conditioned aspects of the ego can still break through that and warp the experience, without me being aware in a blissed state. (Paradoxically from these states, my unconscious ego games are brought more easily into the light than from an ordinary sober state.)

I noticed that only one specific ‘ego game’ could take me out of the amazing mind-body state: the feeling of being special. When I would think I could be of any special meaning to someone because of my unique state, that idea would take me out of it. Or any interacting from that mindset would be unharmonious. If I ‘d just surrender and be and move, the impact of my state on someone would just right. If that happened.

Because of the minimal visual effects of MIPLA it was like moving in ordinary reality. If I wanted to be in a more visual psychedelic reality, I probably could have intensified that. But I didn’t feel the need to focus on the psychedelic alterations. I did only so for a moment with my eyes closed.
I didn’t feel the need to focus on the psychedelic alterations. I did only so for a moment with my eyes closed.
The closed-eyed visuals were peacock feather style, which is just my absolute favorite. I felt blessed with that, because it doesn’t happen often in my psychedelic explorations. Everything that had happened until that moment, the whole festival, had been perfect. In this trip report I can only share a few things, but there were many coincidences and some difficult situations that were necessary to make this evening possible. And I felt deeply grateful.

Towards the morning the chill-out temple had become quite chilly. With a warm chai in my hands I wandered off into the sunrise at the lake (7h30 am). Then to the camping (8h30 am). I lay down in my hammock and started to reflect on some difficult situations of the day before. I could easily move into them, reflect and find resolutions if necessary. At some point, without any sad feelings, tears just streamed down my face, triggered by a memory of the day before. A release from the deep.

I had a meeting to attend at 11am and needed a piece of fruit and a coffee. I wanted to speak at that meeting and the lack of sleep was starting to make my brain fuzzy. I ended up not being able to say things completely in the way I wanted to say them, but it felt okay and ‘just the way it is’. (Hey, that’s Bruce Hornsby, right?! – Sorry guys, I grew up in the 80’ies.)

What was left of me in these last hours, was a deep peaceful joy in being ordinary. Nothing cool or fancy walking on the festival grounds… just me.

This whole trip didn’t leave me with specific “profound revelations,” as I call, a bit ironically, my psychedelic insights. It was the state of being. Days and weeks after, I would be unexpectedly ‘touched by it’ or I could reconnect to it by listening to that Zen Baboon song again. In the bigger picture I have the impression that I‘ve changed a tiny bit, for the better. I have moved a bit closer to my true nature.

I am very grateful to everyone who made the experience possible.
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I took 300ug of MIPLA a few days ago. I spent the first few hours of the trip hiking on some trails near where I live. MIPLA is not very stimulating, and instead has a lethargic nature that made hiking feel like a chore. I kept thinking about how much more enjoyable it would be if I had instead taken LSD or AL-LAD, or nothing at all. In some ways it did feel very much like LSD, but a huge part of the experience was missing and I felt uninspired. Afterwards I found that MIPLA is better suited for lounging at home.

MIPLA is very light compared to LSD or even AL-LAD. It's more comparable to LSZ, but has less body load and is less synthetic feeling. I would say 1/4 the potency of acid is fairly accurate, but they really can't be compared directly, and I don't think going above 300ug would improve the effects. I plan to try a 200ug dose at some point. I'm not sure what to think of MIPLA yet. I wouldn't say I'm impressed with it but it seems like it might be fun in the right setting.