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Lysergamides The Big & Dandy MIPLA (Methylisopropyllysergamide) Thread

A new report was posted on Erowid of a higher dose (400ug):

Darwin Smith on Erowid said:
Setting: bedroom with s/o, watching television

8:13: 200ug MiPLA tab under the tongue, no taste, tab larger than most I've received

9:00 their definately is a hint of something coming on, colors are beginning to appear brighter, in better humor than usual, blankets feel extra soft.

10:00: effects havent risen much from last check-in, taking one more 200ug tab

10:30 first tab appears to have kicked in full force, and second tab creeping up behind it, colors are even brighter, very slight visuals, light drifting, heavy tracers, words slightly wiggle on pages or screens, my sense of touch is incredibly heightened, everything feels amazingly soft, I have that euphoric electric body high that I would get from lady Lucy, only less sharp, this is a very comfortable yet powerful feeling compound, it feels important although not as intense as most psychedelics.

11:00: there is no anxiety so far with this substance, and I am a person with very high anxiety and am very prone to bad trips, no changes, just wanted to note that.

11:30: bit of anxiety for about 10 minutes but some high cbd juice in my vape cleared that right up, visuals have become more intense but not by much, the visuals are pronounced yet they dont jump out at me forcefully like more potent psychs, body high is simply amazing almost orgasmic, everything I see is so beautiful, I keep getting stuck thinking about how the body is made to rise in the morning and fall in the evening.

12:00: all of the sudden this substance has gone from stimulating to being slightly sedating, eyes are dry and heavy, I'm very tired yet very wide awake, maybe this is not from the substance? Maybe I am just naturally tired? Who knows. Effects have dropped off slightly. From 10:30 to now I was at +++ on the shulgin scale, now I am ++ 400ug seems to be a sweet spot for me

1:00: I'm quite tired and would like to sleep however this molecule surely won't let me, 7.5mg hydrocodone and I am off to bed.
At almost 2 hours later for 2nd hit I'm going say it doesn't count. Redosing doesn't work well with lysergics, I have never been able to extend an LSD trip doing it, I have come to the conclusion its pretty much a waste and that tolerance has started even before the drug has fully kicked in.

Anyway i did 300 this weekend, loved it again. It seems to make me, aroused? Both times I took it, I don't like to use labels like this but its kind of an aphrodisiac. Still no visuals, and if my 1/4 of LSD strength estimate is correct that isn't unusual for me. Anyway I have like 50+ hits so i plan to experiment with increased dosages over time. Both trips have been positive, no body problems, easy sleep after. I haven't found any downside to it, it's less intense but I know a lot of people for whom LSD is way too intense.
Not sure if you have tried AL-LAD but it sounds even more friendly (although they aren't really related analogues)? Thanks for reporting on this substance :) Like AL-LAD it's a shame that it's not really that economical, although if I had more of an income I would gladly pay for the higher AL-LAD dosages and the same is probably true for these other milder ones.

Also interesting to hear that +++ are achieved. Considering that the report above mentions so little anxiety... does it have a potential for therapy though? I don't think anxiety is a necessity but I do wonder whether a bit of an edge/push isn't preferable? Then again I can AL-LAD being better for therapy than LSD...
I've only tried al-lad but not mipla. AL-LAD is very enjoyable. MIPLA sounds quite boring.
I took 200ug today and it turned out to be a nice dose. I have to agree with the reports that higher doses don't increase the effects much. This pretty much feels the same as 300ug. It's nice stuff for a cozy day at home. Light and fluffy, erotic, with a strong body high. It's not bad if you aren't expecting it to be like an acid trip. It does give me a little nausea though.
It felt more pleasant than a similar magnitude of LSD. You know how some people complain of discomfort at low doses of psychedelics? Well MIPLA seems like it's meant for a softer dose, it feels good like that, not uncomfortable at all. I've only taken it once, at 100ug, which felt similar to 20-30ug of LSD.

It's sounding like 200ug is probably the sweet spot for MIPLA.
MIPLA is more relaxed than even a small dose of LSD. It has an unmistakable acid-like character but it really provides a different type of experience. I would say it's worth trying if you want something that's light and recreational and reminiscent of acid.
tbh I am extremely disappointed that they would make this and 1b-lsd instead of al-lad, eth-lad and ald-52
I'm happy they keep trying new ones, personally, just because I think it's fascinating to see what new variations off existing structures do.
Yeah but they should have kept the best of the old ones.

Cut lsz, 1p-lsd, 1b-lsd, 1p-eth-lad. Keep al-lad, eth-lad, ald-52, 1p-mipla (mipla is an isomer of lsd and illegal in many countries so they are switching to that), slowly add pro-lad, bu-lad, ip-lad, ....

The real magici is in R6 subs which they have abandoned due to yield and legal issues.
Yeah I agree with that, I wish they still found it worthwhile to make AL-LAD and ETH-LAD. I also really wonder why they kept making 1p-LSD instead of ALD-52. Is anyone making LSZ though? I am only aware of them making it once, years ago.
No they made al-lad and lsz first years ago (I assume the same number of blotters). First batch of al-lad was gone in a few months, but the lsz didn't really sell that well. It's not that it's bad it just that for the same price you could get many more doses of subjectively better && cheaper tryptamines, 2c-x, 25x-nbohs (remember back then 2c-e, 2c-p, 2c-c, 5-meo-mipt were still legal in most of the EU and 25x-nboh in the UK), so it was never a huge hit apart from buying some to try. And the synth was harder than al-lad. So they eventually made another al-lad batch (took almost a year because it's not that simple either). Never bothered with another batch of lsz because it just didn't make economic sense.

Then came jan 2015 when 1p-lsd was released and instantly became a hit + unlike the previous ones it was much easier to make. They continued making al-lad, 1p-lsd and eventually added eth-lad and ald-52. Afaik the synths for ald-52 and 1p-lsd are more or less equally hard. This situation continued for a long time but the eth-lad synth was always the hardest and sometimes failed for no apparent reason. Somewhere around that time a certain busted Spanish vendor (mods I hope this is vague enough) started making ald-52 and 1p-lsd too. For that vendor 1p-lsd sold much better until I suggested they call them 1a and 1p lsd because ald-52 sounds like some weird rc to the average person and 1p-lsd like lsd something. After that the sales became basically the same.

Last year (?) that Spanish vendor got busted and the original source decided to stop making eth-lad, al-lad and ald-52. Eth-lad and al-lad due to low yields and legal issues since they had to use a lab licensed to handle illegal intermediate products and that lab didn't want to work with them before. Before being busted the Spanish vendor promised to make eth-lad once the current stock runs out, either as a prestige project in limited amounts or in normal amounts at a higher price. Not sure why they stopped with the ald-52 since their synth route only involved legal intermediaries + the yields were about the same as 1p-lsd. Maybe 1p sold better, maybe they threw a coin, who knows.

Mipla came around later since they apparently can make r2/r3 subs with ok yields and no legal issues. It was quickly discovered that mipla is an isomer of lsd and illegal in many countries + could be misidentified as lsd so they switched to 1p-mipla.

1b-lsd came from 1a and 1p lsd becoming illegal in several countries (although it could have been 1a-eth-lad instead).

The ~6 months before the UK rc ban they made and tested a bunch of other r1 subs, most meh but one very good (imagine a mix of eth-lad and ald-52 with the good sides of both and bad of neither... yeah I got to try that one... amazing I hope they release it one day), 1p-eth-lad (final fuck you to the UK gov since they banned all known lysergamides including a bunch that didn't even exist like pro-lad, but missed combinations of both a r1 and r6 sub) which was basically like eth-lad, 2cb-an (exactly like 2cb, just weaker but the synth needed 2cb so legally it never could be mass produced) and afaik mcpt or maybe 4-ho-mcpt (pretty meh).

The owner/dude in charge coauthored a bunch of scientific articles titled The return of the lysergamides (available on scihub) and afaik is now trying to patent a bunch of lysergamides to tread anxiety, depression, ptsd, .. so the time and money available for making novel ones is limited.

Hopefully once the patents go trough they'll return to making novel lysergamides or bringing back good old ones. That or that the Chinese labs figure out the synths and make them (wouldn't hold my breath, they don't even make 6-mapb despite being legal in China). That's pretty much all the history about this I know.
Yeah I know that, I just thought since you said "cut LSZ" that it meant someone was actually making it still. In which case I would want to find it just because I've always been curious. I actually ordered some of those original LSZ blotters, they never arrived though and by the time they said they'd reship, they were sold out. I bought some of those initial AL-LAD blotters too, my first trip on it I took 450ug and had an amazing time.
If it is any consolation you didn't miss much by not trying lsz. It was a pretty vanilla psy with nothing special about it and it made many people nauseous above 300ug.

If you take some ald-52 or 1p-lsd you'll have much more fun.

Eth-lad (assuming you aren't one of the people who gets a lot of nausea from it) is even better.
I've got a nice stash of AL-LAD and ETH-LAD, and ALD-52. :) I don't get any bodyload from ETH-LAD, the come-up is more intense than the others but I find the lysergamides very, very smooth.
Same here, but many people get horrible body load from it.

For me 2c-e and 5-meo-trypts are the worst.
I get a heavy bodyload on the come-up from 5-MeO-MiPT but then after that it feels perfect. 2C-E definitely gives me bodyload the whole time, but it's a weird one, it feels really good and unpleasant at the same time.

For some reason when I hadn't tripped very much yet, I used to get really intense come-ups and lots of nausea and heavy bodyloads from most things (never from LSD though). But for years now, I basically don't ever get any bodyload from anything and I can't even remember the last time I felt nauseous on a psychedelics. I always wonder if anyone else has that experience.
Personally I plan on staying away from 5-meo-mipt (tbh all of the 5-meo-trypts I've tried were not my thing... 5-meo-dmt has an extremely weird trip, 5-meo-dalt just made me nauseous and gave me slight swirling in my peripheral vision... maybe I'd try 5-meo-met if it was a free sample) and 2c-e (2c-p is fine, no bodyload/nausea as is 2c-t-7) the bodyload just isn't worth the effects.

Perhaps if I had some ondansetron......

I'll stick to the stuff that doesn't give me any nasty bodyload/nausea (4-ho/aco-trypts, lysergamides, 2c-c, 2c-p, 2c-t-7 (if I ever manage to get it), 25c-nboh, ......)
I really love 5-MeO-MiPT, it's worth the come-up for me, it produces a really beautiful and social state where I want to talk and I feel wonderful. And it leaves me feeling great, no drain, and if you push the dose it gets really psychedelic too. But yeah some people I've talked to just don't agree with the 5-MeO-Ts.

Back to MIPLA... I keep thinking about ordering like 10 blotters just so I can say I've tried it, and write a report.